For the first time in many years I didn’t go into the office on Sunday morning. I will try to write from home.  Long ago when I tried it, I didn’t have much luck. It’s too easy to get distracted and usually information needed is at the office. We’ll see. It would be nice to have one morning at home. I haven’t seen the sun rise at home in years. It seems to be farther north then I remember it. The first two weeks of August are usually the hottest. I don’t believe it can top the heat and blazing sun of three weeks ago. I do look for the weather to be back to normal, 95-  to 97-degree days with less humidity. ***** James Rainwater has been keeping the works of his dad, Rev. Dewitt Rainwater, alive on the Sunday morning radio program by featuring Brother Rainwater in gospel and song. The last few weeks he has been featuring the music of his dad picking and singing Jimmie Rogers-style. Good gospel music. Today he featured new songs by Rainwater that I don’t recall hearing. It’s commendable of James to keep this great preacher’s memory and work alive. I really liked Brother Dewitt, a good man and a true pioneer, building several large churches. He was just a dedicated country preacher who left his impression on many others and myself. He can be heard Sunday at 8 a.m. on KOGT-AM. *****I take a break outdoors to watch two tiny hummingbirds fight over several feeders. They hang together but fight constantly. Most of the butterflies have left. I see very few, however there’s a new big, brown one with gold-tipped wings that works the several lantanas, their favorite plant. A squirrel sits in a bird feeder. Several cardinals hit the other feeders. There are always more girls than boys. I wonder why that is? I also wonder why the morning glories, with beautiful purple blooms, don’t attract anything. At 4 a.m. I fed the coons, one I call Rocky. Not very original I know. He is so spoiled he stands at the door, peeping around the corner at me, as long as I feed him. The twin coons, who came as babies with their mom, are grown now but are still regulars. Their mom must have been a victim of Ike. Those twins really look after each other. It’s them against six or eight other raccoons. Four big white cranes and one gray one walk the yard feeding. I have no idea on what. Many leaves are falling from the camphor trees. That shouldn’t be should it? *****Already I’m getting behind. You see why it’s hard to consternate at home. I’ve always believed you should play at home and work at work. I believe that’s probably still right but let’s try it. Come along, it won’t do you no harm.

This coming Saturday the “never say die” 11-12 year old Bridge City Little League State Champions take the field in the seven-state regional play. Their first game is Aug. 8 against Arkansas. Game time is 1 p.m. in Waco. They will face New Mexico Aug. 9 and Colorado Aug. 10. Coach Ronnie Shugart, assistants and team will take it one game at a time. The big goal being a trip to the World Series in Williamsport on Aug. 21-30. We wish our local youngsters a great outing. Stay focused and keep battling. More on this fabulous baseball team. See sports for photos and information.

It’s with deep sadness that we have learned of the death of Becky Hatfield, 57. The longtime Leader employee was a delightful lady and easy for our staff to work with while exchanging advertising information between our newspapers. She also was the sister of our dear and special friends and employees Frances Hogg and Tina Delt. They loved their sister very much. We send our sincere condolences also the husband Steve, daughter Megan and the rest of the family. Services are Wednesday at 10 a.m. in Claybar Funeral Home in Orange. May she rest in peace.

35 Years Ago-1974

Weddings coming up … Rebecca Duhon will wed Stephen Wolfe on Aug. 10; Pam Romero will wed Stephen Smith Aug. 16; Lizbeth Morrison and Robert E.L. Jones will tie the knot Aug. 17; Donna Cormier is the bride elect of Greg Robertson. Date set for Aug. 17. *****Ames Fried Chicken on MacArthur Circle has something to crow about. Three pieces of chicken for $1.16, two pieces for only 79 cents. (Editor’s note: I recall that place, best chicken I ever ate next to grandma’s fried chicken.)*****Paul and Janice Malagarie own the Hair Scene Beauty and Barber Shop. Hairdressers are Faye Beth Huckaby and Linda Soloman. *****Harmon Chevrolet offering special deals on Vega models. Vega Station Wagon, $3,349, Vega Hatchback coupe $3,303; Vega Hatchback with radio, $2,810, $150 down plus TTL. Only $87 a month. *****Sneed’s Auto Salvage is located on Highway 62. *****The Bamboo Club, where friendly people congregate, on Texas Ave. in Bridge City, is offering homemade pizza. (Editor’s note: That was before all the pizza places.)*****James Lee, who owns Lee’s Phillips 66, 2209 MacArthur, received the Gates “Mystery Car” award. Lee was given a plaque bearing three Eisenhower dollars and two Kennedy half-dollars, awarded for exceptional customer service by Gate’s Rubber Co., Denver, Colorado. *****Swenson’s Garage and Auto Parts, used and new, owned by Rusty Swenson is located at Hwy. 105 and Hwy. 408. *****Texas Avenue Grocery specials are Folger’s coffee, 99 cents; Pabst beer, 12 ounce cans, 12 pack, $2.29; sirloin steak, $1.39 pound; T-bone steak, $1.49 pound; hamburger, 69 cents pound; pork roast 59 cents pound. *****Winners of OCBC tourney were Troy Woodall, with a catch of 18.3 pounds, big bass 4.7 pounds; Gary Glende, 12-1; Preston Prince, 9.11; and Willie Hayes, 7.10. *****John and Joyce Dubose celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary. They wed in 1968.

30 Years Ago-1979
Tropical storm Claudette dumped a lot of limbs and a bunch of water on Orange County. Several big oaks and other trees were uprooted in many yards. *****Craig Fisette is having the time of his life in Strausburg, France for six weeks of study. So far he has visited Switzerland, the French Rivera and Venice. He plans to visit Brussels, Belgium and hopes to visit the Netherlands before returning home. *****Julia Fudge is back working at the police department. It also is the week new Bridge City Police Chief Andy Varrett takes over the department. *****Jean Lapeyrolerie turns 20 on Aug. 2. *****Millie Lemoine celebrated her special day last week. *****Mrs. Euphamie Bonin turns 91 and still enjoys playing poker. (Editor’s note: Thirty years ago making it to 91 is like making it to 100 today.)*****Top country songs: “You’re the Only One,” by Dolly Parton. #2, “Ghost Riders in the Sky,” Johnny Cash; #3, “Shadows in the Moonlight,” Anne Murry; #4, “Save the Last Dance for Me,” Emmylou Harris; #5, “Suspicious,” Eddie Rabbit. *****Gary Worster, 21 years of age, died from injuries sustained in a cycle / truck accident. He is the son of R.B. and Louise Worster and the brother of Steve. He and Kim have one son, Jacob. *****Fannie Beaty was spotted riding a yellow Moped down Orange streets. *****Joe Kazmar sinks his first hole-in-one ever. In fact, it’s the first one he has ever seen. *****Valerie Lusignan, owner of Fashion Scene, celebrates another birthday Aug. 6. *****Janet and James Fontenot will celebrate their anniversary on Aug. 13. (Editor’s note: Thirty years later they are still married and I believe they live somewhere in the Austin area, either Georgetown or Round Rock. *****Beautiful Vickie Drake Curtis is engaged to Frank Brown, son of Edgar and Betty Brown. (Editor’s note: These fine folks are still together and for many years have lived in Lawrence, Kan. Her mom and dad, Betty and Earl Drake, still live in Orange. *****Frank Manchack Jr. will wed Lara Ann Pachar on Aug. 18. *****Karen Leslie Smith becomes the bride of Mark Hryhorchuk. They are both A&M graduates. *****Mary Theresa Mott becomes bride of Mark Couvillion.


When Margie Stephens called to say J.B. Arrington and Nolan Forman were lost I laughed. Those two rough old codgers are not lost, they know where they’re at. If anyone had to be stranded in a boat you couldn’t find two better, more knowledgeable boaters than J.B. and Nolan. I asked Margie if they had any beer? She said, “You know they do.” The whaler boat was unsinkable and J.B. would skin and eat alligator tail if he had to. The two guys, known for their cooking, downed Vienna sausage and Black’s Bayou had plenty of fresh water. I wouldn’t have started worrying for at least a week. They got a lot of skeeter bites. I don’t know about Nolan but the bites on J.B. were payback for all those times he stung poor Red Garrett with that cattle prodder. All is well that ends well. Two of our colorful characters live to fish another day. J.B. wouldn’t leave his boat. If he had it still would be stuck out there and he would have had to worry about getting it home. Never doubt that he’s not a sly old fox. Channel 6 and Channel 12 borrowed pictures from our Web site and gave us credit for the pictures Robert had taken and we appreciate it. *****Speaking of old rebel-baits, we understand our buddy Bobby Shugart is back in town after working six-months in California. I hope he didn’t pick up their ways. I’d rather be around 10 Yankees than one Californian. *****We heard from Jack Luther, who is now 85 years old. He’s back living here after several years in Mississippi. He did own Nelson’s Automotive in the 1970s and later owned a first class tour bus service. His heart is still in the right place when it comes to helping people. His wife says he’s gotten too old now to do some of the things he would like to do to help people. A good guy. *****Speaking of that, we haven’t heard from Franklin Scales in nearly a year. I wonder about his health. *****Miss Peggy on the Bayou, who always goes 90-miles per hour, is slowed down with a lame ankle. Don’t shoot her yet. *****Babette and Mark Philpott are now the proud grandparents of a new baby boy. Wyatt Dean Ernest weighted in at 8 pounds, 13 ounces. Wyatt’s parents are Brittany and Ben Ernst, two sisters Kate and Abigayle. *****The NBC Today Show conducted a search for the best burger in America. The judges were Matt Lauer, Hoda Kotb and Natalie Morales. They picked the Ranch Burger from Perini’s Steakhouse in Buffalo Gap. That’s just out of Abilene, where Parker Thompson and his folks came from. The foundation of every great burger is the bun plus, I like mine grilled. Anyway Perini’s Burger is made with a sweet sourdough bun, baked in Houston by Sheila Partins and shipped daily to Buffalo Gap. Second place was called, “Heart Attack on a Plate.” The judges didn’t try Peggy’s Bayou Burger. It’s a family meal. *****Speaking of Peggy’s on Cow Bayou, we dined outdoors on the dock, watched the fish jump, cranes fish and crabbers prepare bait on their boats for the morning run. I took in the steamed snow crabs. Also, don’t miss the pistolets, crawfish and shrimp, made with a special sweet and sourdough. It’s nice and quite on the bayou. A docked shrimp boat furnished the music. A different, very casual outing with someone or alone. ******Thanks to some friends I’ve been eating good. Special items made from scratch, like our buddy, 92-year-old King Dunn’s hand-picked blackberries, cooked down into jelly, that is superb on a hot, home made biscuit. *****Jim Pruter is really a nice guy even though he sleeps on the Far Right of the political bed. He made Mayhaw consternate using three gallons of berries cooked down to one gallon of juice. The best Mayhaw jelly I’ve eaten in 50 years. I always thought Archie, the old Kountze News publisher, was the best Mayhaw jelly maker, now I’m not sure. Pruter’s jelly is full bodied, with the pure taste of Mayhaw. The Mayhaw juice makes the world’s best jelly. I put it on some of Robbie’s hard crust Cajun bread after putting it in the toaster over. I’ve just got to stay friends with Jim. *****Ms. Margaret Louviere sent a couple loaves of pumpkin bread handmade with raisins in it. The guys at Harmon’s and I devoured one loaf, I hid the other. I’m not sure how old Ms. Margaret is, I’d guess 80. Thanks to all you great senior citizen cooks, you can’t buy that great stuff at the store. *****The seafood at Van Choate’s Tuffy’s last Wednesday was as good as it gets. Fresh shrimp, oysters and catfish cooked the Choate way served with seafood gumbo for an appetizer. Also served was Tuffy’s famous homemade rolls and to top off the meal, a slice of pie. I nearly hurt myself.*****Happy birthday to a few special folks. To our longtime friend “Sleepy” Smith who turns 75 on Thursday, Aug. 6. Stop by his real estate office and offer your condolences. ***** Dr. Mike Shahan, Lamar prez; coach Dwight Thacker, the B.C. terror; our old buddy, the real estate man, Dean Grant will all celebrate come Aug. 13, also celebrating O.C. Gunstream and Edith Webb. *****Happy anniversary to David and Linn Cardner and Ken and Judy Pittman. *****Celebrity birthdays. First man on the moon, Neil Armstrong will be 79 on Aug. 5. *****On Aug. 6, had she not been murdered, Jon Benet Ramsey would be 19. ***** Lucille Ball would be 98 on Aug. 7 and the amazing James Randi, 81. ***** Aug. 8, Dustin Hoffman, 72, Mel Tillis, 77 and Esther Williams, 86. ***** Aug. 9, Deion Sanders, 42 and Whitney Houston, 45. ***** Aug. 10, Jimmy Dean, 81, Eddie Fisher, 81, and Rhonda Fleming, 86. ***** Aug. 11, Hulk Hogan, 56 and Arlene Dahl, 81. *****Joyce Poche Bernard, 88, will be given an award Wednesday, Aug. 5th during an Acadian Memorial luncheon to mark her continuing effort to promote and memorialize the Cajun experience in her writing. Brenda Comeaux Trahan, in St. Martinsville, La., will present the award. Most of Mrs. Bernard’s writings have been published in the Opportunity Valley News or The Record Newspapers. She a native of Poche’ Bridge. *****Cajun jockey Calvin Borel won again aboard Rachel Alexandra at the race in Saratoga. She is the first filly to defeat the boys twice as a 3-year-old since Serena’s Song in 1995. Borel won the Preakness with Rachel, the first filly to win that race since 1924. *****The first thing the city of Bridge City should do with the $9 million is clean out the culverts and ditches. Last week’s rain caused home flooding because the water just can’t run off. Nine million sounds like a lot but it’s not when considering all that needs to be done. *****The “Plane Boss, The Plane,” where is the plane? Skeeters along the marsh and bayous are carrying off anything with blood. *****Our bud Johnny Montagne has resurfaced after being underground. He left a message he has purchased fresh kidneys and is ready for Roy’s annual kidney stew. I sure hope they don’t invite me. *****Later this week, Sonia Sotomayor will be confirmed to the Supreme Court. The only question is the margin of victory. I look for her to get at least 66 votes. *****Health care legislation will be approved before the end of the year. Some of it we’ll like, other parts we will not, but it will be a good start to reforming health care that is now a disaster. *****Boxer Jack Johnson, the first black heavyweight champ in 1908, was imprisoned because of romantic ties with a white woman. Sen. McCain is asking President Obama for a posthumous pardon for Johnson. *****Bill Clinton is the right man at the right time to deal with North Korea.*****Betty Harmon has Corky building a 40-foot long pergota. He says, “Honey Do’s” never stop.”***** Time magazine’s in the Aug 3 issue, ran a special report called, “The Final Day of Bush and Cheney,” the tale of the rift between George and Dick. It’s a fascinating read. The final split came over the full pardon of Cheney aid Scooter Libby. Bush had decided that Libby was undeserving and told Cheney so, only to see the question rise over and over. It reveals a gap in the two men’s views of crime and punishment. Cheney pushed and pushed and got close to crossing the line. Bush felt he had done enough for Libby. The Libby investigation went to the heart of weather the administration misled the public in making the case to invade Iraq. Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald said Libby had obstructed justice to hide the truth about Cheney’s involvement. Cheney had placed allies who would alert him in advance about Bush wavering on policy. That would help him influence the debate at key moments and give him a leg up on selling Bush. Cheney had uncanny ability to guide Bush’s decisions. The split started between the two when Bush named Condi Rice secretary of state and also when he cut Donald Rumsfeld. Unknown to others Bush started getting his own advice from private lawyers. He despised inside favoritism, he also did not approve of lying under oath by anyone. Bush has retired to Texas to write his memories. Cheney is in Washington where he will soon be installed in a conservative think tank and will pull levers on Capital Hill to make his voice heard. He hid a lot from the president and the congress. Bush and Cheney haven’t spoken since Jan. 20. They are selling different views on what the Bush / Cheney legacy should be. There is so much in this story about the awful things that went on and all confirmed, somewhere deep in there, that there was plenty of cover up. In the end, Bush decided alone, in private. My take on the entire eight years is that President Bush was taken and used. Cheney is responsible for much of the scrutinizing about devious, deceitful, dishonest and illegal things that were done that left this country in the mess it’s in.

Katelyn Defrates, Mike Shahan, Nan Briggs, Paul Jagen, Garhett Bonneaux, John Holm, Mike Preston, Mitzi Peoples, Pam Boehme, Randy Hickox, Sarah Fisher, Sonya Villanoueva, Anita Decker, Jill Rowley, Melanie Braus, Clare Calahan, Don Lyons, Edith Webb, Kimberly Sensat, O.C. Gunstream, Dwight Thacker, Fred Brent, Jim Finklea, Billie Carter, Clarice Miller, Edie Anthony, Ken Hartley, Leslie Smith, Max Powell, Timmty Byrd, Bill Loyd, Bill Smith, Bree Anne Collins, Louise Kent, Susan Eby, Morgan Taylor, Rene Danna, Dean Grant and Deborah Bayliss.

A Louisiana State trooper pulled an old boy over what had Nevada license plates on his car. Da trooper axe da driver why he was speeding him. Da driver said he was a magician and juggler and was on his way to Kinder to perform at da Coushatta and didn’t want to be late.
Dat Cajun trooper was fascinated by juggling and told da man if he did some juggling, he wouldn’t give him a ticket.
Da juggler said he had shipped his equipment ahead and didn’t have anything.
Da trooper said, “Me I got flares in da trunk, could you juggle dem?”
While da man was juggling, an old pickup truck pulled up behind dem. Clovis Broudreaux, drunk as a skunk him, watched da performance. He staggers over to da patrol car, opened da rear door and got in. Da trooper him went to his patrol car an axe da drunk Boudreaux wat he was doing him?
Clovis him replied, “Mr. policeman, you might as well pass my ass to da jail, dere ain’t no way I can do dat test me.”

My buddy Joe says, “Just once I wish I would have to call the doctor after four hours.” Say bud, a lot of people say sex gets better when you get older. Hold on to that dream. *****Another Republican who for years said he was opposed to sex outside marriage has been caught having an affair with his 22-year-old intern. Tennessee Sen. Paul Stanley, 47, resigned when an extortion plot exposed the affair with McKenzie Morrison. Her boyfriend, Joel Watts, is accused of trying to extort $10,000 from the senator. Stanley believes his intern was in on the plot. Stanley, a married father of two, taught Sunday school and says he is a victim, even though he admitted to the affair. A victim of stupidity and being a hypocrite. *****One thing you can bet on, city dogs are being dumped in the country. However, there are a lot of major problems to be solved before attacking that one. *****Judge Thibodeaux’s old faithful truck Blue – which had made several campaigns with him at the wheel – has gone to the “Clunker” wrecking yard pile. Judge Carl turned “Old Faithful” in on the clunker program for a new Chevy truck from Al Granger. All good things finally die. *****Remember it’s nice to have a lot of friends but everybody should have one like Quincy Procell. *****Well, working at home wasn’t so bad. Please read us cover to cover. Patronize those in our advertising family. Take care and God bless.