No one likes the hassle of buying new health insurance, but at least, we can shop around.

But no more! The House Bill doesn?t give you a choice, not really. If you like to comparison shop, forget it. There will be nothing with which to compare the benefits.

On page 65 of the Health Bill, it states that the ?Secretary of Health and Human Services? shall establish a temporary reinsurance program to provide reimbursement for participating employment-based plans with the cost of providing health benefits to retirees and eligible spouses, surviving spouses, and dependents of such retires. To me, and probably also to you, health benefits means medical, surgical, hospital, prescription drugs, and such other benefits as shall be determined by the SECRETARY whether?(read this carefully), whether self-funded or delivered through the purchase of insurance or otherwise.?

In other words, as I see it, that means even if I have the funds to pay for a high-dollar operation or procedure, unless the Secretary of Health and Human Services approves, I cannot get it.

Read it. Tell me if I?’m wrong. I hope I am, but I don’?t think so. It appears to me, the older folks are bearing the brunt of this savage attack on our welfare. Of course, you are well aware the Obama administration had suggested taking 500 billion from Medicare to help pay for this all-encompassing health bill. With that much ripped from Medicare, I can only imagine what benefits will necessarily not be available any longer. How about you?

A friend of mine mentioned a movie from years back with Edward G. Robinson, ?Soylent Green.? Soylent Green was the food the government of the future provided for the population. In the movie, the government runs your life to the point of telling you when it?s time to die. The death is peaceful and serene, and then the body was dumped at a processing plant that produced?what else? You guessed it, Soylent Green.

Now, I?’m not suggesting anything like that, but this section of the bill will dictate procedures you, depending upon your age, will be eligible to receive? or not.

On page 72, a government Health Exchange is being set up to establish standards for all insurance companies offering health benefit plans through the Health Insurance Exchange. In effect, the government is bringing private health care plans under its control. It mandates?as in NO CHOICE- mandates ALL benefit levels for all plans. It other words, they are telling us what we can get in our healthcare plans even if you buy from a private company.

During World War II, we were told what we could buy and could not buy. That was called ?rationing?, a word that has been popping up more and more frequently in regard to this bill.

On page 91, lines 4-7, the bill states that each insurance company will provide for culturally and linguistically appropriate communication and health services. That means only one thing to me–this plan is designed to cover the twelve million (who knows how many?) illegals still in our country.

Sure, there are many folks without health care, but illegals, using the gov?t?s own figures, make up twenty-five percent of that number, while the shiftless, the potheads, the indifferent, the cheats, the-get-something-for-nothings also make up a large part.

How many of us had the initial impression that this bill would treat everyone the same, benefits, etc.? Guess again. There are five different levels of participation in regard to cost-sharing. Uh, oh! Cost Sharing? Horrors! You mean we?re going to have to fork over cash?

You got it. Five different levels with five different cost-sharing provisions. You have more money, you buy a better plan.

Strange, that seems like what we’?re doing now.

They even tell doctors what they can and cannot charge by relegating them to ?preferred? and ?non-preferred? status.

Welcome to the future.