What are the odds two Little League coaches from the same small town, coaching on opposite sides of the planet, making it to the Little League World Series? Better than you might think.

If Bridge City Little League All-Stars win the Southwest Regional Championship game Thursday, they will be headed to Williamsport, Pa. for the big prize. When they get there, an old friend and former Bridge City All-Star teammate of Coach Ronnie Shugart will be waiting.  

Former Cardinal, Ed Prince, is coach of Ramstein, Germany’s Little League 12-year-old All Stars. 

According to Prince’s mother, Patty, Ed and Shugart graduated from BC High School together. Ed joined the Air Force shortly after graduation and is a Master Sergeant stationed at Ramstein Air Force Base.

Prince’s team took the European Championship Tuesday winning against the Ukraine, 10-0, securing their seat in the series.

“Ronnie and Ed have kept track of each others daily progress and post notes on Facebook to encourage each other,” said Patty. “They are continuing to cheer each other on, even though they’re a continent apart. One of Ronnie’s recent posts was  ‘we are both one tournament away from two guys from little ole Bridge City crashing the big party.’ How true that is!”

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