An end to summer indicates the beginning of a new season for the Lutcher Theater in Orange. With the 30th anniversary of the theater approaching, the service guild will be celebrating their 30th anniversary as well. 

The service guild is always looking for individuals interested in volunteering their time and talents in a variety of ways. The guild is a non-profit organization whose main objective is to promote public interest in the support of the theater’s performing art series.

Annually, the theater provides entertainment to approximately 30,000 adults and children from southeast Texas and southwest Louisiana. 

Betty Bauman, last year’s president says, “I received information concerning the service guild while standing in line for tickets to see Larry Gatlin. Nearly 30 years later, I am still an active member.”

Another longtime member, Cecil Broom, joined the guild in February of 1980. She worked two years as a volunteer, an additional two years working in the box-office, before becoming the full-time house manager. “I have always enjoyed working with the Lutcher Theater and the guild. They are both like family to me. I am really excited about our 30th season for the theater,” says Broom.

 Bill and Malissie Bailey are also longtime guild members. Bill joined the guild in 1981. He became assistant house manager to Broom in 1993. “I have always been a people person and enjoy being able to see and talk to all the people who come through the theater.” 

Individuals interested in volunteering can be involved in one or more committees which represents the different aspects of the theater’s needs; based on his or her interest or abilities. For example, sets, lights and props would appeal to a person interested in experiencing the technical aspects of the show. This may involve loading in and out for show performances, as well as setting up the stage for touring children’s performances. Assisting in hanging light plots, running spotlights and working as stage-deck hands during certain performances are also associated with the SLAP committee.
Want to work backstage and have the opportunity to meet and greet the cast? Hospitality may be for you. Volunteers in this area provide catering for the cast, crew, and technical members of touring shows. Our guild has earned an excellent reputation for providing exceptional service to cast and crew members during their stay in Orange.

Guild members involved with patron services work as ushers, ticket takers, ticket counters, coat room attendants and in concessions. Providing assistance with binocular rentals and hearing assistive devices are also included in patron services.

The administration committee handles mailings relating to board meetings, general membership meetings, and invitations to special events such as the guild’s Christmas dinner and installation of officers dinner.

Distributing materials such as posters and flyers around the Golden Triangle promoting the theater events to the public is the responsibility of those interested in audience development. 

Membership committee volunteers organize and conduct the annual membership drive. Their duties also include collection of dues and maintaining a current membership list for the guild.

If you are interested in volunteering, please join the guild during the annual membership drive to be held beginning at 3 p.m., Sunday, Aug. 23,  at the Lutcher Theater.  Annual dues for members are $10. “We are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers who have a passion for helping others and our community,” says membership chairperson, Jennie Hutchison. 

The next general meeting will be at 5:30, Sept. 17 . All ushers will need to be present for this meeting for a workshop. Check out the Lutcher Theater Web-site for dates and information at or call Jennie Hutchison at 735-5187 for more details.