Monday Sen. Kay Baily Hutchison officially jumped into the governor’s race against Rick Perry. We told you a year ago it was coming and would be bloody and nasty. It’s now been taken down but Kay fired the first shot with a short message on her Web site titled “Rick Perry is gay.” That’s not a new claim and it doesn’t matter if he’s gay or straight. For too long he’s done a less than adequate job of governing besides being the architect of the nonsense redistricting with Tom DeLay. I believe Rick still has dreams of grandeur, to be on the national ticket if he can stay on top in Texas. I’m afraid Kay let him take the upper hand with the extreme right. He’s been again playing the Jesus card attending different churches around the state. It looks like there will be a hotly-contested Democratic race to fill her seat. Perry will appoint Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and the Democrats will have a good candidate in Houston Mayor Bill White, who made lots of friends here after Ike for his unpublicized help. John Sharp also has many friends here, going back to the days of Rep. Wayne Peveto. The point is that the crossover votes Kay was hoping to get may not materialize as voters stay in the Demo primary. If Kay wins the Repub primary she may have a problem in the general election in November because of her vote against Judge Sonia Sotomayor, the first Hispanic Supreme Court justice. Kay may never again get votes of Latinos. Christmas may be coming early for Democrats. The right Demo candidate for governor could take the general against either Perry or Kay. They would rather face Rick Perry. The Kay and Rick fight will be the most brutal we have seen in many years. Who survives? Right now I see it as a toss up.*****Through the Ike recovery we had the occasion to witness the good in people and how willingly people gave a lending hand. One couple, Karen and Tony Fuselier from the Cajun Corner always went a step further. They are good, down-to-earth folks who are proud of their Cajun heritage. Karen is a great cook who invites the world to her table. Tony is a longtime businessman but also a good man who never turns anyone down that needs help. He doesn’t do it for publicity; he loves the Bridge City community he and Karen call home. The town is full of good people who would testify any day to their goodness.*****Don’t forget the big re-grand opening of Family Pharmacy, Bridge City’s only independent drug store. Come out and support this locally-owned pharmacy Saturday, 9-11 a.m. Enjoy the fun with links, boudain, door prizes and a big moonwalk for the kids. Meet up with old friends Doug Harrington and Jerry Stone.*****I’ve got to move on. Come along I promise it won’t do you no harm.


The Bridge City 12-year-olds brought a lot of positive publicity to their community. What’s most unfortunate about missing the Little League World Series by only two runs is the national attention it would have brought to a town on the Gulf Coast that was practically wiped out by a roaring ocean surge caused by Ike. It is my belief that had their team, Texas East, played Texas West five times, the Bayou Boys would have won 3 out of 5. I believe they were the best team and best-coached. Anything can happen in a one-game-takes-all. The Bridge City team made up of youngsters from West Orange, Mauriceville, Orangefield and Bridge City have accomplished more than any area team in the 50 years history of area Little League. To come in second in such a large state and to be one of the 32 best teams in the nation ain’t bad. Congratulations, it was exciting. Thanks for the memories. We won’t soon forget team members Ryne Shugart, Kolten Bergeron, Tryce Howard, Corbin Voegel, Dillon Taylor, Blaine Slaughter, Jonah Watts, Chase Shugart, Bryce Carey, Coby Roddy, Mathew Kress, Chase Rutledge and Blake Pruett. The team was coached by Ronnie Shugart, assistant managers were Mike Taylor and Mark Watts. It was a great team effort that all of the above contributed so much to. A special thanks to the parents of those wonderful youngsters, it took a tremendous effort on your part. Bridge City Little League reached a milestone in 2009 despite Ike. Now let’s pull for Texas West to win it all and Germany, coached by BC native Ed Prince, to come in second.

We were saddened to learn about the death of J.B. Walker, 72, longtime Bridge City resident of Dugas Addition. J.B. passed away Aug. 14, A service took place Monday at Claybar in Bridge City. He was a native of St. Joseph, La., and raised on the banks of the Mississippi. He moved to Texas many years ago and helped to make the town on Cow Bayou he adopted a better place. He and wife Joan raised a great family, James, Jane, Joey and Jennifer. To them, their spouses and offspring we send our deepest condolences. *****Our sympathies also go to the family of Nathan Ray Bendy Carrico, 47 who died Aug. 15 in Hemphill of an apparent heart attack. We had known Nathan since he was a little guy. As a teenager he was on the Bridge City Boxing Club, fighting under the name of Nathan Bendy and coached by his stepfather Roy Bendy. He was a good fighter. We have known his mom Pat Bendy and dad Bertis Ray since 1960. Nathan was known as a hard worker and ran his own plumbing business. To his wife Kerry, children Destiny, Sherry, David and siblings, parents and the rest of his family our sincere condolences. Services will be Thursday in Claybar Funeral Home in Bridge City, 2 p.m. Visitation is Wednesday, 5-9 p.m. (Please see obit.)

35 years ago

Clint Belk and Linda Trahan have announced they will wed Sept. 21. (Editor’s note: They did and this great couple is still together 35 years later.)*****Wayne Rose, Bridge City policeman, opens a gun shop. It’s called “The Rifleman.”*****Bonanza Sirloin Pit hosted a get together for all coaches and sports writers. Seventy people attended. Each Wednesday throughout football season Bonanza will host a luncheon and press conference. (Editor’s note: Kaz and I remember those times. I wonder why that couldn’t happen today.)*****Marilyn J. Freeman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Freeman, came home from Roma, Italy with a bachelors degree in special education which she received from Lamar while she was in Roma.)*****Mary Ann Winfree Peveto will be honored with an open house at her Winfree Community home. She will be 90 on Aug. 22. *****Dr. John Greco, Republican candidate for Orange County judge, called for the establishment of a halfway house to combat the growing drug problem in Orange County. (Editor’s note: Not even Dr. Greco could have imagined how bad the drug problem would get over the next 35 years. Dr. Greco, his wife and another couple were killed in an airplane crash some years ago.)*****Susan Perkins is bride-elect of Tommy R. Travis. A shower will be Aug. 25.

30 Years Ago-1979
State Sen. Carl Parker and Sue Pate of Bridge City attended a White House conference with President Jimmy Carter to discuss foreign and domestic problems as they effect Texas. *****Will Frey, guest chef at the Boardinghouse Restaurant, drew a large and hungry crowd. Among the many enjoying the food were Mavis and Joe Powell and daughter Holly of New York, June and Jesse Gunstream, Claire and Don Covington, Rex and Betty McCorquodale, Houston and June Baker, Elizabeth and Stonnie McBride, Eddie and Martha Blankenstein and her father, Tom Phelan, Sharon and Lynn Fuller, Janet and James Fontenot and Beth and Louis Dugas and her brother Ed and wife Gladys, from England. ***** Delores and William Jackson celebrated their 17th anniversary. *****Roy Wingate is in Florida on vacation. It’s the first in years. *****County District Attorney Bill Wright is in Houston in connection with the Billy Wayne Dowden capital murder case. The case will be heard in the 182nd. District Count on a change of venue. *****Due this week in the David and Debbie Fusilier home is their first born, David Jr., who was born on Aug. 19. *****Bill Clark celebrates his birthday. Also celebrating are Dallas Guidry and Eric McHammons. *****Tina Gail Walley turned seven on Aug. 18. *****Judge Don and Bobbie Burgess celebrate their anniversary and are still together, as are Richard and Rose “Belly Dancer” Davis. *****Karl Kleinknecht wins seat on Orange City Council over Hebert Meadows. *****New Bridge City Bank on Roundbunch and Ferry opens. It’s Bridge City’s most modern building. (Editor’s note: I believe it has been totally remodeled at least three times in 30 years. Twice due to hurricanes. *****Three Little Cypress-Mauriceville grads enlisted in the Air Force. Recruits are Lloyd Blanchette, Ronald J. Atleman and Alan R. Powell. *****The new Charlie’s Bar-B-Que opens at 409 Fourth St. Charlie Sprott, who will be 81 years-of-age come Sept. 16, is a descendent of slaves from San Jacinto County. His father hailed from Germany and was mostly white. Charlie is very white but considers himself black. Dr. Maxie Sprott and Dr. James Sprott of Beaumont are his brothers. Charlie has a Ph.D. in barbecue. He claims to have the world’s best sauce and the best pit-cooked meat. (Editor’s note: I, along with a lot of other old timers can attest to that.)

On Sept. 8, after 72 years on the air, “The Guiding Light” is going off. The show began on radio in 1937 and moved to television in 1952. “The Guiding Light” has been around throughout the entire life of anyone who is 70 or younger. *****Forty years ago this past weekend, Woodstock took place in Bethel, New York. Fees paid to bands saw Jimi Hendrix, highest paid, $32,000, Janis Joplin and band got $15,000, Canned Heat, $12,500. Joan Baez, Credence Clearwater Revival, Crosby, Stills and Nash and the Jefferson Airplanes all got $10,000. Grateful Dead, were paid $7,500, Richie Havens, $6,000 and Arlo Guthrie, $5,000. The Incredible String Band, $4,500, Ravi Shankar, $4,500, Tim Hardin, $2,000, Santana got only $1,500. Thirty thousand loaves of bread were served; 20,000 gallons of milk and 450,000 pounds of ice were used. Out of the half-million people attending only 109 were arrested the concert took place without violence. *****Tim McGraw and the Black Eyed Peas are set to kick off the NFL football season. Each will perform a free concert in Pittsburgh for the start of the season. The performances will air live Sept. 10, 7 p.m. E/T, on NBC. The Steelers will face the Titans. *****Patrick Swayze recently spent a week in the hospital. He is battling pancreatic cancer. He has been splitting time between his L.A.-area home and New Mexico ranch. The brave actor and Houston native has been using medical marijuana to ease the pain. *****Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn decided to call it quits after they realized they had begun to run out of ideas after 20 years of making country hits together. *****Special folks celebrating their special day. Happy birthday to all. The “Tall Texan,” former Orange County deputy sheriff, under longtime sheriff Chester Holt, our buddy Tucker Clayton will be 88-years-old Aug. 21. Tucker is doing good and keeps on keeping on. *****Our special sweetheart, the lovely Annabel Anderson, will reach her 88th birthday on Aug. 23. This special lady who raised such a good family, has been displaced from the home she and Arthur shared for so many years. Ike repairs are being made and she is looking forward to returning to Cherry Street, across from St. Mary Catholic Church soon. *****Also celebrating this week is Bill Clark, longtime radio personality and our friend of many years. We were celebrating his birthday 35 years ago when we were all much younger. *****Happy birthday to Milton Briggs Jr. and Ron Cowling and to David Fusilier Jr., who has spent the last six years in the Air Force. *****Happy anniversary to Bobbie and Judge Don Burgess and to Theresa and Frank Beauchamp. *****Special good wishes to Elizabeth and Dr. Howard Williams who celebrates on Aug. 21. Also to Elaine and John Cooper celebrating on Aug. 22. We haven’t seen them in a long time. Hope they are doing well. Best wishes to all for good health and great days to come. *****Donna Scales, as of this writing, was with her mother Vivian Dorman in Houston where Vivian again had brain surgery Monday. We understand she’s stable and everyone is optimistic she will be just fine. Our prayers go out to this fine lady. *****Also in Houston at Methodist Hospital is Walter Wilson who underwent heart surgery. He had a difficult time but is out of ICU and headed to a recovery house for the next six weeks. Best wishes for a complete recovery. To his beautiful daughter we say hang in there. *****According to a story in the New York Times researchers have discovered a more potent drug that will kill the cancerous stem cells that can resist chemotherapy. Ninety-nine percent of the cells in a tumor are killed but the stem cells that remain can make the cancer reoccur. Kill the stem and the cancer is gone forever. What a great discovery that will be when put in practice. *****Dick Cheney’s book will detail rifts with President Bush. He expresses disappointment with the president. In the late second term Bush moved away from him Cheney says. The implication is that Bush went soft on him. Bush’s friends say he didn’t soften but rather hardened against Cheney’s advice. The country would be better off today if he would have never taken Cheney’s advice. *****It’s a small world. Recently while attending a wedding in San Antonio, Sharon Dunn ran into Gary Roy, a Bridge City native attending the same wedding. His son was serving in the wedding; her son was the groom’s brother-in-law. Sharon and Gary were classmates in Bridge City 31 years ago and as eighth graders were considered an item. (You never know where old boyfriends end up or girlfriends for that matter.)*****Tampa Bay has signed free agent place kicker Mike Nugent who is several years younger than Matt Bryant. Matt, a Bridge City boy, has done a yeoman’s job, gone above and beyond for the Buccaneers, now they bring someone to camp to make him earn his own job. Matt has been bothered with a hamstring problem but it’s minor and not career ending. Pro football is a cold and ungrateful business. ***** We wish a speedy recovery to our friend Debbie Britnell of the Orange County Navigation and Port District. Debbie had surgery last week and is recuperating comfortably back at home. Besides volunteering with various civic organizations, Debbie is a valued member of the Executive Board of Directors for the Bridge City Chamber of Commerce. We hope to see her up and around again soon.


On Aug. 19, President Bill Clinton will be 63, Tipper Gore, 61, Jill St. John, 69, Peter Gallagher, 54 and Leann Womack, 43. *****Aug. 20, Connie Chung, 63. What became of her? Al Roker will be 55. *****Aug. 21, Kenny Rogers, 71. When did he get so old? *****Aug. 22, Valerie Harper, 69 and Cindy Williams, 62. ***** Aug. 23, Barbara Eden, 75 and Koby Bryant, 31. It seems like he’s been around 20 years. *****On Aug. 24 Cal Ripken, Jr. will be 49. *****Aug. 25, Billy Ray Cyrus, 48, Elvis Costello, 55, Regis Philbin, 76, Sean Connery, 79, Rachael Ray, 41; and Monty Hall, 88.


Helen McCardle, David Fusilier Jr., Linda Tibbitts, Maggie Joubert, Nancy Weidner, Ryan Prejean, Ted Shensky, Terry Ford, Braydon Denison, Brett Heil, Brett Johansson, John Forsythe, Kelsie Matlock, Melinda Ja’arah, Sam Fulderson, Sarah Byers, Dorothy Lee, Frances Delcambre, Jimmy Findlay, Marilyn Guerrerro, Olga Graham, Bill Clark, Kimberly Hubbard, Shirlyn Findlay, Alexandra Wild, Brian Sheppard, Connie Forse, Jason Delano, Mae Rollins, Michele George, Pat Gunter, Ron Hopperton, John-David Walles, Ryan Moreau, Zach Jeter, Amber Juneau, Ben Ezell, Carol Cupe, Debbie Adaway, Glynis Gothia, Ken Kreger, Milton Briggs Jr., Ron Cowling, Scott Deppe, Shanley Hubbard, Trevor Schaffer, Johnathan Aldridge, Michael Philen, Phelecia Rucker and Bree Fontenot.
Alex Boudreaux went to see his pastor Brother Gaspard and he tell da reverend, “Something terrible is happening and I have to talk to you me.”
“Wat’s wrong,” Brother Gaspard axe.
“My wife Clotile is poisoning me her,” said Boudreaux.
“How can dat be?” da preacher axe.
“I’m telling you Brother,” said Boudreaux, “I’m certain she’s poisoning me. Wat should I do hanh?””
Da preacher said, “Let me talk to her me, I’ll see wat I can find out and I’ll let you know.”
In a few days Rev. Gaspard called Boudreaux and said, “Well Alex, I spoke to Clotile me, I was on da phone wit her for tree hours. You want my advice?”
“Mais yea, dat’s wat I came to you for,” said Boudreaux.
Da preacher him replied, “Take da poison.”

We are extremely fortunate to have those serving on our commissioners’ court. I have found that you can’t put them in any political box. All members could pass for moderate Republicans or conservative Blue Dog Democrats, who fiscally lean to the right. The county and commissioners face some rocky roads, primarily due to a big drop in valuation because of Ike. I’m comfortable that we have the right people in office to handle it. Judge Thibodeaux would like to keep the court intact. That will probably happen. Two of the conservative members, Owen Burton and Beamon Minton are both believed to be running for re-election. Other entities are facing some up-hill battles also and hopefully they can overcome them without too much pain to the citizens. *****A tornado hits Parkdale Mall, shaking up cars and citizens. I’d better wind this up before the lights go out.*****Closing on a good note, Friday and Saturday, from 5 p.m.-until, Lyle Overman will entertain at Peggy’s on the Bayou. He plays almost any request. A big fan is lawyer H.D. Pate. I bet I see him there. I’ve come to the end, thanks for your time and making us the most read column in three counties. Good-bye, good luck and God bless you.