The Professional Bull Riders / Young Man’s Business League Chute-Out Bull Ride returns to Ford Park this weekend. Last year’s performances were all sell-outs and this year’s show promises to be better than ever.

Bulls will be furnished by Jerry Nelson’s Frontier Rodeo Co.
Nelson is a local bull breeder based at his ranch in Hamshire. Frontier was formed in 2000 after Nelson had been furnishing bulls to the PBR since 1995 and breeding bulls since 1996. Nelson studies genetics and breeds some of the leading bulls on the PBR tours.

Bulls that may be in Beaumont this weekend could include Woodstock, with a 40-percent buckoff rating. Woodstock has been out 25 times, but only ridden 10. The average time a rider has stayed aboard is 5.14 seconds.

Nelson could also bring the famous bull Alligator. Alligator has only been ridden nine out of 44 times. His buckoff rate is 79.5 and the riders have only hung on an average of 3.84 seconds.

Sudden Impact could be an even bigger headache for a bull rider. Sudden Impact has a buck off rate of 88.2, only allowing a rider to stay aboard and average of 4.02 seconds.

These three bulls have scored over 42 points on the average. With the ability to score 50 points on their performances these bulls will give the rider ample ability to win money if they can stay aboard for the required eight seconds.

The bull riders on the books Friday and Saturday nights have the ability to match up well with Nelson’s bulls.

Brazilian bull rider Ednei Caminhas is currently ranked in the number two slot among the more than 400 riders on the Challenger Tour. Caminhas is on the books to ride Saturday night.

Skeeter Kingsolver, from Mclouth, Kan., the number four ranked rider will match up with his draw Friday night. Also riding Friday night will be sixth ranked Reese Cates, based in El Dorado, Ark.

There are 30 riders on the books Friday night and 27 booked Saturday night. In addition to the top ranked riders there will also be some local riders showing up Saturday night to match their skills with the Frontier bulls. Local riders include Randon Cherry, Sean Palumbo, and Boot Mitchell all of Beaumont and Doug Garness of Hardin. In all there will be seven local riders in the open category.

There will also be riders riding on a World Card. There are riders from Guatemala, Mexico and Australia.

Protecting the bull riders will be Blue Jeans. Blue Jeans has a made a professional career of protecting bull riders and getting riders out of trouble that get into trouble. Blue Jeans is from Anahuac and can be found at nearly all of the Frontier Co. events.

Announcing for the Chute-Out will be done by Donnie Gay – one of the best bull riders of all time. Gay has eight world championship buckles to prove his ability. He is a leading authority on bulls and bull riding and the best announcer in the business. Gay has a relaxed friendly style of keeping the show moving and the audience informed that is the envy of anyone who ever approached a microphone. Any event the Gay announces is entertaining and informative for the audience.

William Michael Morgan will start the entertainment at 7 p.m. Morgan will perform until the bulls are loaded for the 8:30 performance.

After the bull riding Roger Creager will take the stage with his rabble-rousing style of Texas Country music. Creager has a full-bodied voice that belts out hard core Texas music. He has a new album, his first in five years and the album features his hit single “I Love Being Lonesome.”

New to the music scene is Ariel, described as “Patsy Cline and Sheryl Crowe in an 18-year-old-body.” She will be the show opener at 7 p.m. Saturday.

Saturday night the bulls will buck then Robert Earl Keene will hit the stage. Keene has become one of the country’s most prolific Texas Country music singers and songwriters. His style goes between the sensitive, “Corpus Christi Bay” and the raucous “That Buckin’ Song.”

Keene has a new album coming out this fall titled, “The Rose Hotel.”

Tickets are $40, $25 & $15, available at the Ford Park box office and all Ticketmaster outlets.