Marriage License Issued from
The Office of Karen Jo Vance, Orange County clerk
for August 17, 2009 thru Augsut 21, 2009

Shay M Powell and Kari L Peet
James D Willis and Carol E Spooner
John C Broxson and Diana D Schrader
Steven D Kimbell and Lenzi R Childress
Robert L Scott and Nikki M Clark
Todd L Barker and Jessica L Peyres
Damon L Vilo and Brandi M Brones
Joseph C Villarreal and Shontel L Sonnier
Enorman J Hanks and Juanita L Gillespie
Joshua L Sliman and Katherine L Myers
Jim L Zoch and Roma S Aguilar
Jay A Young and Karen A Young
Roy E Rutherford and Chrislie M Wilfer