After less than stellar performances by the riders of the All-American Series, the last night ended with full pockets for one cowboy  and  a custom buckle for another.

Going into the last session of the All-American Series at the Texas Longhorn, Dawson McKee and David Pickard were in a tie for first place and Timmy Faul was only one point behind in second place. A covered ride by any of the three would have given them the $500 custom designed Broken Arrow Buckle and possibly the $2,000 added money to the winner of the finals.

Rodeo Director Coleman Peveto went to the PBR format of letting each rider pick the bull he thought he had the best chance of riding.

As he introduced the riders at the beginning of the show he gave each rider the list of bulls and let them pick their opponent for the night.

 Picard and McKee were the first two to pick followed by Faul; the picking of the bulls went in order of standing for the series. There were more bulls than riders, so no one was forced to take a certain bull, they all had their choice.

Joey Bergeron led the show on Texas Cyclone. It was indeed a storm that blew Bergeron out of the chute. Two moves by Cyclone and Bergeron was on the ground. That was a pick that went bad.

Lucas Hays followed on Spooky and it was scary. Spooky blew out with his behind high, stomped his front hooves down hard and Hays crumpled like a wet sack and met the dirt.

Dillon McNeil picked Scooby Doo. Bad choice! The big black bull bounced out with a hump in his back and McNeil only made that one hop. Scooby Doo came down in a pile-driving move that McNeil could not hold on through. Two seconds was all McNeil lasted.

Before the show Timmy Faul had decided that Y-20 would be his bull. Faul lost his right leg on the get-out, Y-20 popped Faul off and when the cowboy was on the ground, Y-20 made a move to hook the ex-rider. Bullfighter Bubba Tacker moved in for the save, Faul got away clean and Y-20 went to the back pens.

Josh Barrentine decided that Black Magic #3 was the bull he could handle. The big, black bull gave a great performance and Barrentine had a good night. In spite of the spins and bucks, Barrentine made the eight seconds. Judges Jimmy Bergeron and Dickie Richards put their heads together and when the points were added they came to 83. That was the best ride of the entire series. Among the 12 riders this would be the only covered ride of the night.

McKee and Picard were tied for first place going into the last night. Peveto told his judges to watch the watch on both riders and note the times. If neither rider made his eight seconds the championship may have to be decided on who rode the longest. That is what happened.

Picard rode a fraction of a second longer than McKee. After the show ended Picard had the Broken Arrow buckle to add to his collection.

Barrentine won the night. His 83 point ride made him the winner of the finals. He won $480 from the pot and $2,000 of Tina Cotton’s money, going home with a total of $2,480, and a lot of friends.

The night was special for another reason. There were two visitors from Spring Hope, N.C. Fran Bunn and her husband Bob had ventured south for Fran’s high school class reunion. They were the special guests of the Longhorn staff and observed their first live bull riding. Before the show they toured the back pens and the arena and got an up close and personal look at what they had only seen on television prior to Friday night.

After the show, the Bunns were treated to the good food and great service in the Longhorn’s restaurant.

“We really enjoyed our night, it was a lot of fun and we hope that on our next trip to Orange we can do it again. Thanks to everyone who treated us so well,” said Fran Bunn.

Rodeo action is in full swing at the Longhorn. The next indoor bull riding will be on Sept 4, followed by an open rodeo on Sept 12. Scattered among the rodeos and bull ridings are several team roping competitions. There is action nearly every weekend in the new arena, and the indoor bull riding series go on year round.