It’s always good when we make a prediction and we are proven right but it’s always better when it’s confirmed by other sources. We stated in this column a few days before the Kerry/Bush election that Attorney General John Ashcroft would raise the security level from yellow to Orange just before the election. We urged you not to buy into it because it would be a political scare tactic to win the election. Two days before the election that’s exactly what happened and Bush won. Well, now Tom Ridge, the first Homeland Security Czar, in his new book “Test of Our Times: America Under Siege … And How We Can be Safe Again” says raising the color level was designed to boost support for the Bush Administration. He publicly attributes the pressure to politics. He urged that the alert shouldn’t be raised but Donald Rumsfeld and Ashcroft overruled him. Ridge says the political maneuver and episode convinced him to resign on Nov. 30, 2004, following the election.
Also, some of you will recall that we bet the biggest steak in Texas that Iraq didn’t have any weapons of mass destruction and the Bush Administration used it as a reason to invade Iraq. There was no one in Iraq that had anything to do with 9-11. It was easy to see when Colin Powell testified that he was being took. He claims today it was his biggest mistake. He resigned as soon as he could. He felt we should be cleaning out Afghanistan but instead we let it fester into a big problem. All that plus, doubled the national debt and left our economy the second worse in our history, upstaged only by the Great Depression that took 10 years to turn around. Today, in just six months all economists say the recession that started in 2005 has ended. The market in four months is up 53 percent. It will take time to get people back to work but the country was close to going over the edge. It will take a lot of money also to get it back to where Bill Clinton had it when he turned it over to Bush/Cheney. The Republicans are out preaching the stimulus has failed because of unemployment. It’s only been five months; the negatives are about the mid-term elections coming up. Most of them were a part of the second worse administration in our history. Election first, county second seems to be a creed. *****I’d better get going. Remember we don’t call shots because we are wild-eyed liberals; we call them like we see them. Come along, I promise it won’t do you any harm.


Helene Litton, age 78, passed away Sunday at 2 a.m. Aug. 23. Service will be Wednesday at St. Henry Catholic Church. Visitation was Tuesday in Claybar Funeral Home in Bridge City. Helene had fought a tough fight for several months and she is at peace now – the suffering is over. She and Moe married 61 years ago. She was his sidekick and soul mate. Moe told everyone in Gladewater she was his girlfriend when she was a teenager. Everyone knew not to mess with the “Little Bulldog’s” lady. Moe dragged his bride around until settling in Bridge City 43 years ago where they raised their girls, Mickey and Sherry, and watched their grandchildren and great-grandchildren grow up. Our hearts are heavy with sadness for Moe and this great family. Helene was one of the nicest, sweetest ladies you could ever hope to know. After 37 years as the Bridge City librarian she leaves behind many students and teachers who loved her. May she rest in peace and may God place his hand on Moe’s shoulder and bring back the memories of all those great times with his love over a lifetime. Please see obit.

35 Years Ago-1974

Attorney H.D. Pate claims he can run the mile in under eight minutes. Meanwhile druggist Doug Harrington claims he can run a mile and a half in under 13 minutes. (Editor’s note: Boy, time changes everything, those two old boys would need a week to cover that distance.)*****Jack Nance was hospitalized after fainting in an east Texas restaurant. Someone asked Jack if it was the heat and he answered, “No it was the check.”*****Faye Linscomb and daughter Kathy were in the Dallas area to watch Jimmy Lacombe and Mark Dunn play in an inter-squad scrimmage at UTA where the Bridge City football players are freshmen. *****Newly weds, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Easterling, were winners of $150 in groceries from Howard’s Grocery Market. They won KOGT’s “Dial a Door” contest. (Editor’s note: I wonder what became of Roger, a star athlete at Bridge City. He had a brother named Ben and his dad was former boxing star George Easterling, who last we heard still lived in Mauriceville.)*****Sue Cormier Matthews, a 1967 graduate of Bridge City is now associated with Ingram School of Dance in Orange teaching twirling. Sue has won many honors and awards in the field. *****Susan Savoy will become Mrs. Dennis Brown on Aug. 31. *****Barbara McRight will wed Edwin Hayes Osborn on Aug. 30. *****The Thrift and Gift Shop will hold its first anniversary sale on Sat., Sept. 7. *****Savoy Studio, instructing dancing, baton, modeling and adult gymnastics, is at 509 Sixth St. and owned by Judy and Gary Savoy. The couple have one child, 6-year-old Stacy. (Editor’s note: Last we heard Judy is a businesswoman at the Galleria in Houston and also has been an author. We believe Gary has moved to Louisiana.)*****The new head football coach at Little Cypress-Mauriceville is Randall Dorsett.*****The Bridge City Cards will count on No. 52, Bill Powers and 33, Neal Jenkins, to play multiple positions.*****No. 55, Junior Henry and 52, James Lanscaster, are competing for the starting center spot for the West Orange Chiefs.*****Anchoring the center spot for the Stark Tigers will be No. 51, Dale Daily.*****Steve Jones is a new patrolman with the Orange Police Department.

30 Years Ago-1979

The old country boy from Orangefield and former Orange police chief Alvin Keown, has sold Keown Supply on Texas 87 for $6 million.*****Former Bridge City coach Buddy Gillis died last week.*****D.J. Morris, 72, also passed away.*****Debbie and David Fusilier welcome their first born on Aug 18. They named him David Wayne Jr.*****Graduating from Lamar are Sheila Goodwin, Vikki Lowe, Phillips Williams, Michael Angelle, Margaret Waldrep Dumas, Nina Perkins, Linda Echols and Carolyn Dixon.*****Mr. and Mrs. Jackie Glenn Gisclair are the proud parents of a new son “Beau,” born July 27 in Alomosa, Colorado.

Rates are low and tax credit runs out Dec. 1. The average rate for a 30-year fixed mortgage is around five percent. These low rates are unlikely to last. The economic stimulus package provides a tax credit of up to $8,000 for first time buyers. Unlike an earlier tax credit, it doesn’t have to be paid back and can be deducted over several years. “First time” is a misnomer. If you haven’t owned a home in the past three years you qualify. The window of opportunity is closing fast unless the tax credit is extended. We suggest you contact one of the real estate experts in our advertising family. Look them over throughout our pages for the best availability in Orange County real estate. It’s also a great time to sell.


I thought for historical sake and for those, years from now, interested in the past and what was happening back in 2009, I should mention the opening of Jerry Jones’ Dallas Cowboy stadium in Arlington. When these writings are reviewed the reader will find that the stadium was taller, longer, with more design advances than any other that had ever come before it. It is the world’s biggest, costing $1.15 billion with an 80,000 capacity, expandable to 100,000. There are three million square feet under one roof, 292 feet high, 1,100 concession stands and restaurants, 300 suites and 11,000 tons of air conditioning and scoreboards with two 160 foot HD-TV screens. The first game was played Saturday, Aug. 22, 2009. The Cowboys, coached by Orange, Texas native Wade Phillips, beat the Tennessee Titans 30-10. Wade is the son of coach Bum Phillips, “World’s best known bum.” He was born in Orange and will be buried there. That’s it in a capsule. I found it interesting that the U.S. indicted 10 accused Mexican cartel leaders. The unprecedented move targets chiefs of every drug syndicate in Mexico, as well as 33 other traffickers. For more than 20 years they have enlisted everything from submarines and 747 cargo aircraft to death squads that tortured and murdered. They have poisoned the youth of our country. Now let me ask you, how would you like to be a member of the team charged with apprehending and bringing those ruthless billionaires to justice? There is not a big enough bonus to con me into being a hero. If it happens it will end up as the largest movie ever.*****Special folks celebrating birthdays this week: To our longtime, dear friend Glenda Dyer, who now lives in Tennessee with husband Paul. Glenda keeps up with us on our Web site. We send best wishes.*****A great guy Frank Beauchamp celebrates.*****Mike Cedars is a year older and so is Dan Moreau and Bill McCorkle. You guys are all catching up and will soon be as old as the Creaux.*****Our apologies to our beautiful co-worker Tammy Davis, she hit a milestone on Aug. 20. Here’s wishing 50 more.*****A special guy, Johnny Montagne, hit his last year in the 50s on Aug. 22. He and his little buddy Blaze have been slaughtering the fish in the lake but last week, after he and Roy’s annual kidney stew dinner, Johnny, Blaze, along with Tommy Bean, took off on a fishing expedition about 3:30 p.m. Can you believe three batteries all died. The crew had to be rescued by Richard Adair. He found them after dark in the lake and dragged them home. Darlene, Johnny’s lovely wife, said, “Johnny you need to change your maintenance program.” What a guy.*****Our bud Marlene Merritt celebrated her special day Monday, Aug. 24.*****On Tuesday, Aug. 25, coach Dan Hooks, David Montagne and our girl Dot Hudson, the late P.T. Thompson’s lovely sister celebrate*****A happy anniversary wish to a fine couple, Judy and Barry Hunt, who celebrate Aug. 31. Best wishes for many more happy healthy years. *****Belated 44th anniversary to Micah “Mike” and Carl Thibodeaux, who celebrated on Friday, Aug. 21. I believe the judge took her out to McDonalds. Now there’s a lady headed to heaven. Best wishes and good health. *****Charles and Joette Webb will celebrate 53 years Aug. 31. That’s not a record but it’s a darn good average.*****I believe Tonya Tucker was born to sing. She was born Oct. 10, 1958, in Seminole and recorded her first Top-10 hit “Delta Dawn” in 1972. Then came her big hit “What’s Your Mamma’s Name” in 1973, “Lizzie and the Rainman” 1975 and “Would You Lay With Me in a Field of Stone.” In all she had 10 No. 1 hits plus 24 albums. Tanya has a new album, “My Turn,” out. Most of the songs were sung when she was a youngster, songs first done by Buck Owens, Ray Price, George Jones, Merle Haggard etc. I was fortunate enough to have met her once and even though I have never been fond of female singers, I’ve always loved her voice. *****Speaking of artists, Kris Kristofferson of Brownsville, the Rhodes scholar, will also have a new album out on Sept. 29 called “Closer to the Bone.”*****What’s up with Rep. Charlie Wilson? Well, on Oct. 24, at the Hilton Americas in Houston, Charlie will speak, along with former Poland president Lech Walesa, at a leading heart banquet to benefit Methodist Hospital DeBakey Heart and Vascular Center. Larry King will be master of ceremonies at the event; from 7-11 p.m. Honorary event co-chairs are President George H. and Barbara Bush. I believe a few million dollars will be raised and our guy Charlie will play a big part. *****Glenn Beck, on inflammatory FOX News, making wild falsehoods like, “Obama is a racist with a deep-seated hatred for white people” had a total of 33 advertisers refuse to advertise any longer on his show. They include Walmart, CVS, Clorox and Sprint. They didn’t have kind words for Hannity or O’Reilly either. UPS stores have also canceled all advertising on FOX News. The poisoning untruths in this country have got to be toned down. Maybe this move is a start. Nothing about that hatred helps this country. *****If you’re having trouble with your hearing may we recommend Brown Hearing Aid, a local company born right here in Orange by Dr. Lee Brown back about 1964. Local sales and local service right here at the local factory. See Ed Tohey, Nancy Gillis or any of the professional technicians. We hear constantly from satisfied customers. Satisfaction is guaranteed at the best price. *****Little League was founded in 1939. The 63rd World Series in Williamsport has been compared to the baseball classic. The “Field of Dreams” games come to an end Aug. 30. Who will win it? The Texas Southwest, who barely got by the Bayou Boys of Bridge City, have made their presence known. They have mowed down the opposition by large margins. Their closest game came in the Regions against Bridge City. As of this writing they are making the Bayou Boys look really good. Tuesday night they played against California, and Texas is still undefeated. They beat powerhouse California 6-3. It’s the first loss for California throughout the playoffs. Texas will play New York Wednesday at 7 p.m. You can follow the game on ESPN.*****Peggy’s on the Bayou was abuzz with activity last weekend. Spotted was H.D. Pate – we knew he and Pat would be out, also Mayor Roccaforte and wife Shirley, the Meshworths and a lady doing the towel dance. Al Deroch and wife were dining but it wasn’t Ms. Helen in the towel dance. Lyle Overman entertains Friday and Saturday with his wide range of music plus requests Thursday 5 p.m.-til, features Cajun music. Come prepared to eat out of plastic. The place is simple and different but the food and atmosphere is good. The pistolets and Peggy’s gumbo are unbeatable. The experience is like going back in time. *****We were sorry to hear that Cody Sparks, a red-shirted junior at Tulane, broke a kneecap and will be out six to eight weeks. He was a starting tight end for the Green Wave. Cody was a four-sport star at Bridge City – football baseball, basketball and track. Cody is in the top bunch of great athletes that have come through Bridge City High. *****Who will lie on top of Marilyn Monroe? The crypt above her final resting place has sold via a 20-day Ebay auction with the high bid of $4.6 million. The starting bid was $500,000. The space above Monroe is being vacated according to Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery.

August 26, former vice presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro will be 74; Branford Marsalis, 49 and had she lived, Mother Teresa would be 99. *****On Aug. 27, Paul “Pee Wee Herman” Reubens, who was caught in the act unzipped 20 years ago, celebrates number 57. *****Tuesday Weld will be 66. *****Aug. 28, LeAnn Rimes, 27, (she’s lived a lifetime in a short time); Shania Twain, 44 and Ben Gazzara, 79. *****Aug. 29, Robin Leach, 68; Elliott Gould, 71; Sen. John McCain, 73 and had he not gone to sleep, Michael Jackson would be 51. *****On Aug. 30, Warren Buffett, 79 and Cameron Diaz, 37. *****Aug. 31, Richard Gere, 60; Buddy Hackett would be 85, what a kick he was. *****Sept. 1, Lily Tomlin, 70; Dr. Phil McGraw, 59; Gloria Estefan, 52; Barry Gibb, 63. If they still lived Conway Twitty would be 76; Heavy weight champ Rocky Marciano, 86 and Yvonne DeCarlo, 87.


When a woman dubbed health care reform a “Nazi policy,” at a town hall meeting, Rep.Barney Frank said, “Ma’am, trying to have a conversation with you would be like trying to argue with a dining room table. I have no interest in doing it.” The radical lady kept blabbing.


Donna Scales, Judy Marsolan, Dot Hudson, Jerry Mercer, Molly Abshire, Sheryl Guillory, Sydney Eby, David Green, Frank Beauchamp, Jaycie Dardeau, Nina Birdwell, Theresa Wilson, Angie Jones, Barbi Childress, Bobbie Brown, Dempsey Deason, Gary Bonneaux, Gary Turbeville, Rick Beaulieu, Wanda Sanders, Wendy Fontenot, Blake Tally, Buddy Hancken, Glenda Dyer, Ileta Primrose, Jon Weidner, Mike Cedars, Patty Allred, Brooke Snowden, Cristi Harper, Crytal Killman, Dal Moreau, Dominic Nguyen, Dorene Scott, Elise Domas, Erin Weidner, Mary Behnke, Paul Vandervoort, Ron Kincade, Alex Murphy, Buddy Cox, Jesse Grooms, Lauren Robertson, Paul Fournier, Virginia White, Bill McCorkle, Haley Aldridge, Pamela Layman and Vernon Dixon.


Kee-Kee Dupuis and Ray Leleux went on a camping trip last month near the Davis Mountains. Getting dere tent all set up wore out dem two old duds and dey fell sound asleep. Sometimes after midnight, Kee-Kee woke LuLu up and said, “Look up, look up to da sky, wat you see hanh?”
LuLu him say, “Mais me, I see millions of stars.”
“Wat dat tell you?” Kee-Kee axe.
LuLu pondered dat for a minute den answer, “It tell me dere are millions of galaxies and billions of planets. Astrologically, it tells me dat Saturn is in Leo, time wise, it appears to be approximately a quarter past two in da morning. It tells me dat God is all-powerful him, and we are small and insignificant in the skeem of tings. It seems we will have a beautiful day come daylight.”
LuLu den axe, “Wat it tell you Kee-Kee?”
Kee-Kee answer, “LuLu, you crazy Cajun, you are dumber dan a brick wall. Can’t you see dat somebody stole our damn tent.”

A couple of e-mails have inquired about the Wednesday Lunch Bunch. Yes, they are still dining at noon each week. This week at Van Choate’s Tuffy’s, next week at Robert’s restaurant. In the summer months the crowd is always down a little but should pick back up now. Quite a few guests have visited lately also. Tom Perry came in from Bridge City and two beautiful ladies, 10-year employees of Wells-Fargo Bank, Nickie Vasquez-Collier, who is in management; and Lisa Prejean. Those two nice ladies represent their bank very well.*****The Dunns are looking forward to Dr. Amber Dunn coming in this week for a very short visit. It’s the first time off she’s had since reporting to the Cleveland, Ohio, hospital in June. She is due back at work Monday.*****Well, that brings me to an end. Thanks for tagging along. Be sure and let our advertisers know we sent you. Please read us cover to cover. Goodbye, good luck, take care and God bless.

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