Bridge City Strutter BOOTsters proudly announce the 2009-2010 Bridge City Strutters.

First Row:
Lt. Mallory Wappler, 1st Lt. Emily Ginn, Captain Katelyn Norman, Lt. Jordyn Ewing, and Lt. Alyson Smith.

Second Row:
Holly Simpson, Lyndsay Powers, Gretchen Hollier, Meghan Smith, Maci Mathews, and Allison Morphew.

Third Row:
Karli Anderson, Taylor Dishon, Nicole Encalade, Heather Aucoin, Kaitlyn Ezell, Lindsey Adams, and Caylee Champagne.

Fourth Row:
Madison Woodruff, Sydney Shepherd, Samantha Morphew, Katie Nation, and Devon Skidmore.

Strutter Escorts:
Logan Bryant, Tyler Landrum, Nathan McAnelly, Matthew Wappler, and Sawyer Hogan.

Voice of the Strutters:
Jake Dionne

Director is Cathy Riley