Our Hometown Under Siege

In a few days a year would have passed since Hurricane Ike came calling. Next week’s paper will feature stories of what we experienced and what has happened in our hometown since. Never before seen pictures and a lot more and many personal interviews with people who stayed in the attack of the storm. Down Life’s Highway column written by Roy will reflect on before, during and after Bridge City was waist high in saltwater and bottom ocean mud. This issue will be a keeper so be sure to get your copy. If you’re an advertiser, you can get total coverage of your message or special sale in an issue that will be looked forward to. An additional quantity of papers will be printed. Besides total home delivery in the greater Orange area, Bridge City and Orangefield more than 5,000 papers will be available at our usual distribution points. To advertise call 735-7183, 886-7183 or 735-5305. Deadline for ads is Friday, 5 p.m.; don’t miss out on this popular issue – call us today. *****Well, it’s come on a full moon, the weather got cooler and finally the humidity has dropped under 98 percent. It’s a teaser. Fall hasn’t arrived, it’s just making us yearn for it. The good news is that despite needing rain, it hasn’t come by way of a storm.*****Speaking of that, the most rain I’ve ever witnessed was 18 inches in two days. It rained constantly but in July of 1979, Tropical Storm Claudette dumped 43 inches in 24 hours in and around Alvin. That was 35 years ago but many of you will remember how Claudette just hung around.*****A bunch of new Texas laws went into effect Sept. 1. More and more government is stepping on our civil liberties. I can’t imagine having much luck strapping my 8-year-old outlaws in the back seat like prisoners. In fact, I’ve seen three stories lately where a 7- , 8-  and 9-year-old had all taken off in their father’s automobiles. They had to shoot the tires out to stop one of them. You have no idea how many civil rights you have lost since 9-11. *****I’d better get going. Come along, it won’t do you no harm.

“An American Story”

For 47 years, longer than any of his three brothers lived, Edward M. “Teddy” Kennedy worked ceaselessly for the poor, the disenfranchised and those forgotten and without a voice.
Teddy and his brothers, Jack and Bobby, were born into a family that had great wealth and privilege. What I’ve always thought was uncommon and special about the Kennedy’s is that they could easily have given into selfishness and self indulgence. They could have spent their lives devoted only to increasing their wealth. Instead they devoted their lives to their country and to improving the lives of average, hardworking people.
Often wealthy members of the Senate and those in government use their positions to ensure that the wealthy and powerful get even more wealth and power. Ted Kennedy wrote more than 300 bills supporting fairness at work, higher wages, equal right for women and others and increased access to health care.
He came from an era of politics that is completely gone. Today, politics and service is not about people, it’s mostly about power and how to manipulate the system. Mean spirited, name calling, control by fear is the call of the Far Right. Different than the relationship shared by Ted and his colleagues across the aisle. The senators on the Republican side and Sen. Kennedy had a lot to disagree about but their arguments were never mean spirited. They had each other’s respect and worked forcefully to pass their agendas and remained friends.
The outside mean influence today is mostly by the likes of Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter and others. It is not about political views, it’s about destruction, my way or no way. These types of actions and what we hear preached could very well lead to the hatred of the 1960s that led to the Kennedy assassinations and the murder of Martin Luther King. I fear if those that spew this poison on the weak of mind and unstable could someday lead to a dreadful day like no day we have ever seen before. That’s not what Ted Kennedy and many of his colleagues were about. Ted was for picking people up, not knocking them down. You may not agreed with his politics but you couldn’t accuse him of being self-serving or greed being his motive.
Despite the Kennedy family’s imperfections, that many have not forgiven, I’ve lived to see their tragedies and sacrifices all for the good of those who they believed were vulnerable. Ted had deep faith and often admitted that he was a flawed individual. In a dying letter to the Pope, he admitted his imperfections. Sen. Edward Kennedy, age 77, died Aug. 25. Services, on Aug. 29, were viewed by millions and attended by three former presidents and eulogized by President Barack Obama. Friends from both parties spoke of this man of the people. He wore his liberal tag as a badge of honor.
An era has passed; the last of the most dynamic political family has passed. From the tragic deaths throughout the family to Ted’s brain cancer death, the Kennedy’s wrote a history that will never be duplicated. They devoted their lives to all the right reasons.
For the first time in 50 years there won’t be a Kennedy in the Senate unless it’s Joe, Vickie only has the name. I’m glad to have witnessed the dramatic lives of the political Kennedy clan in an era spanning the last half-century. It’s uncanny how their live’s hand played out.

35 Years Ago-1974

Congrats to Phyllis and Jim Berwick, who are the parents of Alicia Renee’, a nine pound, four ounce baby girl. Grandparents are Wilburn “Slim” and Margie Stokes and the David Landry’s. (Editor’s note: I wonder what became of all those people?)*****Joe Grossman, everybody’s favorite Jew, is a longtime jewelry man. Joe is back at Nacol’s on MacArthur Circle as store manager. (Editor’s note: We understand this great guy and Judge Don Burgess’ father-in-law has been under the weather. We wish him God’s speed. *****Two great Italians, Tony Dal Sasso and Tony Pavia were spotted eating Cajun food at LaPlace on South Sixth Street. They ate like they were from the motherland. (Editor’s note: I miss those two great guys I’ve known). *****McLaury’s Appliance is now owned by Joe Norman and Bill Robinson and managed by Larry Bergeron. *****Charles Patton of Gravely Tractor cut one of his fingers off. After a couple of hours the doctor arrived and sent someone to retrieve the cut finger. The pet cat was playing with it but wouldn’t eat it so it was re-attached to Charlie’s hand. *****Congrats to Helene Linton, named president of the Bridge City B&PW. She is Moe Litton’s wife but her picture in the paper looks like Moe’s daughter. He must have robbed her from the cradle. (Editor’s note: The lovely Helene passed away last week. She and Moe were married 61 years.)*****Judge Marlin Shelton was hospitalized and ensconced on the maternity floor. He will be in for a lot of ribbing when he gets to feeling better. (Editor’s note: We haven’t seen the judge in a longtime but we understand he is spending most time at the lake house.)*****Bob Sims is manager of Orange County Drainage District. *****Johanna Leister, star of “Edge of Night” and former Orange resident was in town visiting her folks. (Editor’s note: I wonder what became of her. She was a big time star. I remember her dad, who was a car salesman.)*****Former Orange County Chief Deputy and former Constable Slim Folson quit the sheriff’s department after being bumped down to lieutenant. He is now working construction. *****Ronnie Green is the new West Orange Chief’s quarterback. He gained valuable experience under quarterback Ray Pousson, who is now at the University of Colorado.*****No. 10, Richard Slaydon and No. 15, Mike VanBreeman, will both see action at quarterback for the Bridge City Cardinals.

30 Years Ago-1979

Jenny Baxter was 2 on Aug. 26*****Janice Overman, Lyle’s better half, was a year older Aug. 29. (Editor’s note: Now it’s 30 years later).*****Also celebrating this week are Susie Boudoin, Sept. 1*****Ann Oliver turns another year older.*****Todd Edgerly will be 16 on Sept. 2.*****Two special people celebrating birthdays on Sept. 2 also are W.B. Oubre and his granddaughter Brenda Braquet. (Editor’s note: Mr. Oubre is Phyllis Dunn’s late father, Brenda her niece who is now married to Scott Wilber and is a CPA in Winnie.)*****Mary Wright celebrates Sept. 2.***** On Aug. 30, Miss Vivian and Fain Holbrooks celebrated their anniversary. (Editor’s note: Boy, I wish I had seen this copy last week.)*****Keble Free, 26, Orange boxer, has decided to come out of retirement and is making a bid to become an Olympic boxer in 1980. “Now that Bubba Buseme has decided to make a pro comeback, I will dust off my training gear and work out with him,” said 147-pound Free.***** The No. 1 country song, “The Devil Went Down to Georgia,” by Charlie Daniels Band; Two, “Heartbreak Hotel,” by Willie Nelson and Leon Russell; Three is “CoCa Cola Cowboy,” Mel Tillis; Four, “I May Never Get to Heaven,” Conway Twitty; Five, “Till I Can Make It On My Own,” Kenny Rogers and Dottie West.


I’m pleased to announce that our friend Vivian Dorman, who had brain surgery three weeks ago, had her stitches removed last week. According to daughter, Donna Scales, mom is doing fine. No signs of brain cancer and Vivian has been given a clean bill of health. That’s not Ms. Vivian’s first rodeo. She fought cancer twice before. The doctor said for her to prepare to live a long time, she is totally cancer free. Praise God.*****Since Hurricane Ike I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants. I lost all records of birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Often when one of the dates comes to me it’s late and after the fact, that’s why you see me using “belated.” This week is a perfect example. My very good and longtime friends Rosalie and Pat Clark celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on Aug. 31. That certainly is a milestone worth noting but it’s more than that. The judge and Rosalie are perfect examples of how their love for each other and their Christian faith can lead to a long, happy life together.*****On that same day in 1969, John Scofield won the hand of Rosalie’s twin sister Mary Ann. The Scofields and Clarks had a double wedding. Congrats and best wishes for many more healthy, happy years.*****Here is my Employee of the Month and why. I’m a consumer and deal with many outlets. The employee at the register at restaurants, convenience stores or whatever is the last taste of that establishment you have. Surprisingly I’ve run into some who are rude and unfriendly and leaves a bitter taste. My “Employee of the Month” a mother of three, is just the opposite, always a broad smile and very courteous. If she knows you she welcomes you by name addressing senior citizens as Mr. or Mrs. She leaves you with a good feeling. She’s Courtney Myers, assistant manager at Exxpress Mart, Texas Ave. and Roundbunch in Bridge City. She’s polite and smiling even at the end of a double shift in a 70-hour week.*****Happy 55th anniversary to a special couple Pauline and Judge Claude Wimberley were married Sept. 4, 1954. Ms. Pauline has always been such a beautiful lady and Claude has done to ride the range with. May your years be many and may you be blessed with good health.*****Tony and Karen Fuselier celebrated their 20th anniversary Tuesday, Sept. 1. They partied over the weekend. Karen says, “The 20 seems more like 25.” Happy days.*****Special birthday this week. Dr. Howard Williams keeps on keeping on.*****Happy birthday to Gerald Leleux, this guy’s bound to be headed for heaven. He and Penny’s daughter Janet also celebrate next week.*****Coach Cody Knight, Randy Godsy, Ted Miller and pretty Laina Sparks all celebrate their special day this week. Happy days to all.*****Everybody’s friend Mayor T.W. Permenter will celebrate Wednesday. He’s just a little passed middle age. Best wishes mayor and give our regards to Ms. Lynda, she’s been around a lot of birthdays.*****The Stark High class of 1954 will hold their 55th reunion on both Oct. 10 and Oct. 17 at Sunset Grove Country Club. Why on two different weekends? I don’t know, maybe they’re afraid they’ll get tired and want to split the activities up, with a week’s rest in between. Call Joette Evans Webb for information, 883-9433.*****We were sorry to hear that our longtime friend and former Boilermaker business agent, Hubert Hereford, has contracted West Nile. We’re wishing him a speedy recovery. The skeeters are bad so be sure to spray some Deet if outdoors.*****A year ago, early on the morning of Sept. 1, Hurricane Gustav came on shore. Many of you reading this paper were evacuated at exactly this time in 2008. I call it the forgotten storm because a few days later the real storm came.*****AARP has sent out letters to their 40 million members asking them to remind our legislators that we can’t fix our economy without fixing health care. Without action soon, they say, health care will continue to grow faster than wages making insurance even more unaffordable for the poor and middle-class. AARP has been working on a massive health care reform campaign to make health care affordable and accessible for all Americans. Now is the time for bold action. Change is so desperately needed. AARP recommends that you sign a petition they have or contact Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, Sen. John Cornyn or Rep. Kevin Brady. AARP supports a lot of things, like closing the “Gap” or “Doughnut Hole” in Medicare Part D, which provides more prescription drug coverage. My thoughts are if the insurance companies win this battle and nothing is done, a family of four will spend $2,000 a month on insurance. AARP ask that our Republican representatives work in a bipartisan manner to ensure all Americans receive the health care we so desperately need. You may contact AARP at www.AARP.org. I’ll bet Republicans will continue to protect the big insurance companies.*****Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. a train went through Orange pulling two-plus cars loaded with military weapons and equipment. Jeeps, tanks, Hummers and large bulldozers. All were painted sand color. Headed to Afghanistan I bet.


Sept. 2, Terry Bradshaw, 61; Mark Harmon, 58; Jimmy Connors, 57 and Challenger Astronaut, Christa McAuliffe, would be 61.*****Sept. 3, Charlie Sheen, 44; Valerie Perrine, 66.*****Sept. 4, Tom Watson, 60; Beyonce Knowles, 28.*****Sept. 5, Bob Newhart, 80; Raquel Welch, 69.*****Sept. 6, Jeff Foxworthy, 51; Jane Curtin, 62.*****Sept. 7, Corbin Bernsen, 55; Buddy Holly would be 73.*****Sept. 8, Sid Caesar, 87; Pink, 30; Guitar Shorty, 70 and Patsy Cline would be 77.


Republican senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, running for governor against Rick Perry, made the following statement Friday. “The $1.6 trillion stimulus-induced debt is the scariest thing that I’ve seen since I was elected to the United States Senate 15-years-ago.” That’s amazing because she voted for the trillions spent in Iraq plus, she voted for every bill under Bush/Cheney that doubled the national debt in just eight years.***** Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke said, “The economy is leveling out and will begin growing.”


Cody Knight, T.W. Permenter, Ernest Procella, Hannah Hall, Judy Hollis, Peyton Choate, Rusty Dubose, Tammy Stevens, Tracy Hollingsworth, Barbara Daigle, Kacey Harrell, Rachel Briggs, Robert Boehme, Cynthia Wedekind, Ginger Williams, Jamie Forse, Shirley Choate, Beverly Hanes, Cindy Myers, Jason Toal, Marilyn Bennett, Susan Cooper, Robert Vidrine, Gerald LeLeux, Keith Buker, Paul Rhodes, Randy Godsy, Rick Brownlie, Ron Sherman, Terri Childs, Dottie Couser, Karen Morse, Laina Sparks, Laura McCombs, Ted Miller, Janet LeLeux, Charlie Bollich, Darla Cricchio and Howard Williams.


A 9-11 call from a cell phone arrived at da sheriff’s office in Breaux Bridge. Da operator directed Alcid Fontonot, da paramedic, to take a boat to a home on an island in the Atchafalaya Basin for an emergency. All da power was off, da house was very dark wen he got dere. Fontonot axe little Camille, a tree-year-old girl, to hold his flashlight high over her mama so he could see while he helped deliver da baby. Camille did as she was axe. Her mom, Eunice, push and push. After a while, little Sostan was born. Fontonot lifted him by his little feets and spanked him on his bottom and he started to cry. Fontonot tanked Camille for her help and axe da wide eyed three-year-old wat she tink about wat she had jus witnessed. Camille, her, quickly responded, “He shouldn’t have crawled in dere in da first place.” “Smack him again.”


After Texas South West beat California, I figured they had used up their pitching that could silence California’s big guns. California holds a record setting 19 home runs in World Series playoffs. After they beat Texas, I thought they would have to play Mexico but China won and didn’t have a chance against California, who is now Little League Champion of the World. Until Texas South West lost, no one had played them a closer game, 6-4, than the Bridge City 12-year-olds. Texas SW is the best fielding team I watched. Bridge City, without doubt, was one of the best teams in the country but after watching TSW win four games in a row, I might have to take it back that Bridge City could beat them three out of five.*****Thanks to Ms. Margaret Louviere for the goodies. What a sweet lady. She has been widowed since 1964. That’s 45 years. She is Mike’s mom and didn’t do too bad a job with him.*****Well, I’m all done. Thanks for your time and please shop our family of advertisers. Let them know we sent you. They make this paper’s delivery to your door possible. Good bye, good luck and may God bless.