In one synchronized motion this coming Saturday morning hunters all over Texas and Louisiana will roll their watches over in anticipation of that magic word that every waterfowl hunter covets, “legal shooting time.” As the clock strikes time for many the hunt will be over in an instant as blue winged and green winged teal converge on the decoys in swarms that make mosquitoes jealous. From north Texas down to the coast it looks like the early teal season opener could be down right incredible in some areas as huge numbers of these birds have found a resting place along their southern migration.

Coastal prairies and agricultural hot spots that have water right now are just covered up with teal, the best reports so far have been rather predictable as second cut rice fields are holding huge numbers of birds. Winnie, Nome, Garwood, Eagle Lake and all the way over in to Southwest Louisiana it seems the outlook for opening morning is excellent.

Farther down the coast the action was just as good according to all the reports plenty of birds seemed to be the common thread. The guys down near El Campo, Victoria, Matagorda and along the coast are also anticipating some fast and furious shooting.

Local hunters here at home have been reporting teal in the marshes one day and then nothing the next. The marshes will become a haven for these birds as the shooting gets hot and heavy in the rice fields. The intense pressure of opening morning will also have the birds up and moving around. For many marsh hunters the best hours are a little later as the birds begin to look for areas to rest after feeding so don’t give up too early.

Just a reminder to be sure all your gear is on the legal side, check for plugs in your shotgun, current license, stamps, and if you go out in a boat make sure you have all your gear because you can bet the wardens will be on hand to check you out. Nothing ruins a successful hunt like a ticket, take a few minutes and be sure of all your equipment. A great idea is to do this in advance and not in the dark at the boat ramp. A little bit of preparation goes a long way.

So far the weatherman has cooperated and the temperatures have at least been mild and tolerable as the mercury continues to dip into the mid 60’s and doesn’t start climbing until much later in the morning. The forecast for the weekend looks promising as the temperatures should stay fair early and the wind will help out on the mosquitoes. If you get a chance to get out there and make a hunt be sure to pay attention because the alligators and snakes are still out in full force. Keep a close eye on your dog and make sure you check out your blind thoroughly because nobody wants an unwelcome cottonmouth visitor in the dark.