A woman with two outstanding traffic warrants was arrested after a traffic stop conducted by Pinehurst police Sept. 4. 

Casey Leigh Hooker, 26, was stopped in the 3600 block of West Lark Street, according to a release from Pinehurst police Chief Fred Hanauer III. The warrants had been issued by the West Orange Municipal Court. Officer Mike Dempsey investigated.

Pinehurst police also investigated into two teenage runaway situations. On Sept. 4, Dempsey filled out a runaway report after a 16-year-old left his home on Cardinal Drive without permission, He returned home around 7:30 p.m. And on Sept. 7, Officer Kevin Blakeney with a complainant in the 3100 block of Martin Street in reference a 14-year-old who left home following an argument. He was later located in Vidor and returned home.

Hanauer also reported two criminal trespass warnings issued. One, issued by Blackeney on Sept. 8, was in reference to a complaint in the 3000 block of Pheasant. A man was later located and issued the warning. And on Sept. 4, Dempsey responded to the 3400 block of West Lark in reference to an unknown disturbance. No offenses were reported but a man and woman were issued trespass warnings by the homeowner and made to leave the residence.