The Salvation Army Home League Ladies presented North Early Learning Center with over 100 children’s books, as well as more than a dozen dolls dressed in hand-made clothing recently.

“We are so excited to receive all of these wonderful books and beautiful dolls. The Home League Ladies’ efforts in gathering the books, the dolls, and making the clothing is so appreciated. These items will replace many of the valuable learning tools that were damaged beyond use when the campus flooded. We are thankful that the Salvation Army and the Home League Ladies are so thoughtful of our children and our continued need to recover,” Helen Dansby, North Early Learning Center Principal said.

Accepting the donation from the Home League Ladies were:
(standing) North Early Learning Center Principal Helen Dansby, Salvation Army Major Linda Queener, DeDe Reeves, Martha Cockerham, Sue Donnard, and Patsy Phillips.

The students who assisted in accepting the books and dolls were: (standing, front row) Isiah Budwine, Troy Roberts Jr., Madison Turner, Honestee Dove, Janna Baters, Ryan Landry, and Camiron George.