In their ongoing quest to improve the wellness of the community, Baptist Hospital has partnered with Community Christian School.

Through the Positive Points program for grades 3-6, students who have exhibited exceptional character will be taken to the hospital for a pizza party and other fun activities. They will make cards and crafts for patients on the heart floor and deliver the gifts. This teaches children that the hospital isn’t a scary place and shows them how they can touch the lives of hurting people.

In the high school, students are encouraged to join the volunteer program at the hospital which makes them eligible for yearly scholarships. They will also hear first-hand from medical professionals about the varied and fascinating career opportunities in the medical profession.

Staff members of Community Christian School and Community Church are invited to participate in the Health Works program.

Members will be afforded the opportunity for a free health screening to include body fat analysis, cholesterol count, a blood work-up, and psa for men. Free flu shots are available for the entire staff, and the hospital provides incentives for staff members committed to changing their lifestyles through healthy eating and exercise.

These programs are offered through the efforts of Vicky Henderson, Katie Whitney, Mary Poole, and Brooke Vernon who also provide speakers for the staff and students on a wealth of hot Health topics. It is a positive way to impact the lives of children and adults.