The long dry spell of no one riding at the Longhorn is finally broken. Two sessions of open bull riding have produced several covered rides and many that nearly made the eight second buzzer.

The open series started Sept. 4 with 14 riders, including 60 year old Clyde Coody, the father of former series winner and regular rider at the Longhorn, Chris Coody. The elder Coody made a good ride for someone who had been out of the arena for a few years and just wanted to ride on a whim. He was probably a little sore the next day, but should have been proud of his effort.

Jacob Constance won the Sept 4 series with a 77 point ride that earned him $486.

Second place went to long overdue Joey Bergeron. Bergeron has taken a lot of kidding since the night that he lost his jeans and mooned the crowd, thanks to the Longhorn’s huge screen and instant replay. In the series opener, Bergeron showed that he has the capability to stay aboard and stay clothed. He scored 67 points and went home with $324.

Sept. 18 was even better with three covered rides with an additional three that went close to the needed eight seconds.

Josh Guidry was the third rider to leave the chutes and was aboard bull 501, a big black and white bull with an impressive set of moves straight out of the chute.

Bull 501 bucked out and went into a set of hard, fast spins. The bull spun tight with a lot of power, but Guidry hung for all seven spins. Guidry had to take a little time to untangle his riding hand from the rope and was a little off balance when he finally got to the ground. He lost his footing and 501 lowered his head, trying to roll Guidry like a soccer ball. Bullfighter Bubba Tacker moved in for the save and Guidry was no worse for the wear, just dirt on his jeans. The ride would earn him 81 points and $414.

Rider number six was Randon Cherry. Cherry is a rider that started early, rode in youth rodeos in the area through his school years, spent a little time on the rodeo team at Sam Houston State University, then came back home to marry and start a family. He can be found at bull ridings on most weekends. This night at the Longhorn he made a ride on bull 69 that earned him 72 points, but unfortunately it was a third place ride on a night that only paid for two places.

Nathan Dupry rode on a night when he should have stayed behind the fence. In the inaugural rodeo at the Longhorn’s new arena, Dupry entered the bareback event. He is a rough stock competitor to the core. The night in the big arena he had some tough luck. As he bucked off, he hung up and was dragged the length of the arena, over 300 feet, then went into the fence. It was a bad night for Dupry and caused some injuries to his ribs and back.

Friday night he was paired up with H35, a tough bull. As the gate opened and Dupry came out you could tell he was not riding at full power. He was hurting and after two moves by his bull, he had to let go and take a dive. The injuries to his ribs and back from the bronc incident were just too much for him to overcome so soon. He retreated into the chute and took a moment to recover. It was a tough time for a good cowboy.

Josh Durant closed the night with a fine showing on the strong bull 321. Durant hung like a tick on a hound and would not let 321 power him off. The bull moved in a circular motion that carried him into the fence by the exit gate and back away from the fence. Durant stayed erect and in control. When the buzzer blew, he made a classic dismount, earned second place for 75 points and $276.

Bergeron, Cherry, and Durant, along with a couple more riders appear to be coming out of their slumps and are making some great efforts and good rides. The show is getting better every session.

Bull ridings are the first and third Fridays of each month with team roping and rodeos going on in the new outdoor arena filling the slack weeks.In addition to the rodeo action, Oct 23 will bring a great night of music as James Otto makes his first appearance at the Longhorn