A two vehicle accident occurred at the intersection of Farm Road 1442 and Cajun Way in Orangefield around 9 p.m. Tuesday that resulted in four fatalities and one critical injury.

According to sources on the scene, a black SUV with one female passenger and a gray full size quad cab truck, possibly a Silverado, were involved in a high speed head on collision resulting in extensive damage to both vehicles.

The  truck originally was thought to contain two adults and a small child

All three adults died at the scene. A two to three year old child in critical condition was rushed to the hospital.

Upon removal of the adults from the truck, a 7-8 year old girl was discovered under the seat in the front, bringing the death count to four.

The impact to the truck was so great; the front seats were facing backward.

Medical personal say the woman in the SUV may have died from impact of her air bag.

Names of the victims have not been released, but one adult is known to be an Orangefield resident.

A witness was walking at the time of the accident. No other details were known at press time.

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