A wag on my old high school chat group sent me this article typical of many whizzing around cyberspace this year.

The article states that “Obama’s health care plan will be written by a committee whose head says he doesn’t understand it, passed by a Congress that hasn’t read it, whose members will be exempt from it, signed by a president who smokes, funded by a treasury chief who evaded his taxes, overseen by a surgeon general who is obese, and financed by a country that is broke.”

Now, we can laugh at this, but you know, if you stop and think about it, it could also make you cry.

I don’t know the name of committee head who made the remark-if they made the remark, but you’re as aware as I that no one in Congress understands the entire bill. It’s impossible. From front to back, the document is couched in government jargon.

However, you and I both know that when Congress started pushing the bill that 1. the majority of our representatives had not read it and consequently, 2. they had no idea what was in it, and 3. they knew they were exempt from it.

Given the third point, it is obvious why they were indifferent to the first two points. Hey, we’re just stupid and ignorant beasts of the field out here. They’re important; they’re Congressmen(at least until 2010).

I don’t see how anyone can argue those points, nor 4. argue that our president doesn’t smoke. Of course, smoking is his own choice. It’s no skin off my teeth if he wants to savage his body like that, but he has a lot of gall to insist he knows what’s best for millions of Americans while abusing his own body.

On top of that, 5. we cannot dispute the fact Treasury Chief Geithner did not pay his 2001-04 taxes in the amount of $43,100, or 6. that the surgeon general from Alabama is overweight.

What our president has given us is a collection of administrators with little or no self-discipline to tell us what to do. Excuse me for saying it, but that’s like naming Bonnie and Clyde the president of the First National Bank and entrusting them with the bank customers’ money.

And point 7., at 9:41 a.m. Aug. 20, 2009, the U.S. debt was “11,731,591,419,387.00 and growing over a 100,000 every five seconds. That comes out in excess of $38,000 for each American – not counting the 20 million illegals in the country. 

And folks, we still have the trillions of the health care bill to add.

I hear from the media that the Democrats are tired of trying to come up with a bi-partisan bill. There’s talk they’ll go it alone, using the strong-arm tactic of “reconciliation,” a political technique allowing a group to bend the rules enough to pass a bill.

You know, those guys-and gals up there-I’m talking about both parties- are, the most part, career leeches – whoops, I mean legislators. They’ve made a more than comfortable living off the American taxpayer for a good spell. 

I find it hard to believe (but then I’m not too smart) that the Democrats would hazard a chance on pushing the bill through by themselves and taking the subsequent political hit next year.

Given the ineptness with which government has run various programs over the years (FEMA for a beginning), the plan has a better than average chance of catastrophe. If that happens, there goes the Democrat party.

I’d hazard a guess that then only the iron-clad liberals would stick with the party. From left-leaning voters all the way over to staunch conservatives would be furious at the tax hit they’ll take plus the trauma of the health bill being jammed down their throats.

Cal Thomas summed it up when he quoted an excerpt from an editorial in the Daily Mail in Britain. “Our(Britain) survival rates for breast, prostate, ovarian, and lung cancers are among the worst in Europe despite huge additional expenditures.” Free is nice, but best is better.

The writer is right. Free is nice, but best is better, and despite our problems, our health care is the best in the world.