FBI Agent Danny Hodges visited Community Christian School for their Marketplace Issue Day.  The Student Leadership institute (SLi) program includes inviting members of the community to speak to students about issues in the workplace and what preparations are necessary to attain a career in that field. 

Agent Hodges is a member of the Joint Terrorist Task Force and attached to the Orange Police Department.  He talked to students about what the task force does and how it affects and protects us.  

Mrs. Judy Klein, SLi director, said, “One of the most interesting things to me was a recent situation when the people of Orange were getting calls day and night, emails, etc. saying that our PIN number did not work and we needed to send or give our bank information so we would be able to get our money.  Much of the proceeds from this scam go to support terrorist activity.  Also, most of the time, these scams are perpetrated from Asia or Africa, not here in America.”

Following the talk and questions from our 5th-12th graders, Agent Hodges stayed for lunch where he visited with faculty and students.  The students enjoyed hearing what he had to say.