Maegan Fontenot, or Lil’ Mae, as she’s been called by former teammates, is a local and national champion powerlifter who has beaten her own record for her weight class every time she competes. 

In May she competed at the APF National Championships in Baton Rouge, La., where she placed first and broke records in all categories (squat – 352 pounds; bench – 192 pounds; deadlift – 352 pounds; and Total – 898 pounds.). She is now qualified to compete at the world level in Bournemouth, England so her family is trying to raise money in order for her to go to the WPC World Championships. 

To donate toward travel expenses (and her guardians’), make a deposit at any Chase Bank using account No. 2927948196. The family will also host a co-ed softball tournament in Gueydan, La., Oct. 23-25. Maegan fell into powerlifting by accident. While attending PE her freshman year at Little Cypress-Mauriceville High School, the class was introduced to the weight room and their strengths recorded. Maegan out-lifted girls twice her size. 

Amazed by her strength Coach Castino immediately asked Maegan to join the school’s powerlifting team, which she did. At her first meet she came away with First Place and Maegan quickly acquired the taste for winning. At her third meet, private trainer Mike Denman noticed her ability and determination, and offered to help Maegan with her techniques which she gladly accepted. 

In her sophomore year, Maegan dominated her weight class and came away with regional and state champion titles. In addition to those titles she also broke the Region IV and State records with a 315-pound squat; 140-pound bench and 760-pound total. She went on to compete at the American Powerlifting Federation (APF) National Championships in Baton Rouge where she took first again and was qualified to compete at the WPC World Championships in West Palm Beach, Fla. 

Although Maegan did not win in Florida she walked away with much more than a medal; she learned that “Winning is easy and losing is harder” and appreciated the experience. 

In her junior year, Maegan again won the regional and state championships, and broke records in bench (190 pounds) and total (875 pounds.). 

For more information about the softball tournament, call (337) 517-9004.