Boy, these weeks just fly by. It seems like Creaux and I just turned in one of these columns and we’ve come on time to turn in another. We’re running late so we’re hugging deadline. This means we have a long way to go and just a few hours to do it in.*****Sometime after turning this copy in the city of Orange will unveil their master plan for downtown Orange. I’m really looking forwards to reading about it. I understand it’s a major makeover. *****It’s just a week until the Judge Carl Thibodeaux’s roast. If you haven’t gotten your tickets you will miss a fun night. Great food, seafood and also chicken and sausage gumbo and all the trimmings, prepared by Van Choate’s Tuffy’s. Roasters are Judge Buddie Hahn, Mayor Kirk Roccaforte, Roy Dunn and all of Thibodeaux’s children cooking the old man. *****A reminder, if you are doing business with some place that is not advertising in The Record, suggest the paper to them. No other media reaches as many people in this market, not radio, not television and not all the other newspapers combined. The Penny and County Record newspapers are read weekly by over 45,000 consumers. I’ve gotta get started. Hop on board, come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, candidate for governor, running against Rick Perry, right now has a big bat. A lot of folks are waiting in the wings on pins and needles waiting to see how she uses her stick or wand. I see absolutely no reason for her to resign her senate seat that will last until 2012. There is no advantage in doing so. Perry will argue she is missing votes because of politicking in Texas. He says she’s missed 18 votes. So what, Sen. John Cornyn has missed 16 votes in the same period.*****Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, who Perry might appoint, was put in a bind when attorney general Greg Abbott was making waves about running for Lt. Gov. Dewhurst was forced to announce for re-election. He wants an ace-in-the-hole if Kay doesn’t resign by the Jan. 4th filing deadline. Everyone else down the ballot is watching and waiting to see what Sen. Hutchison will do. If she doesn’t resign, it keeps Perry from calling an emergency election for her successor before the March 2 primary. The election would then fall on the regular May 8 election day when city and school board races are held..
Dewhurst is loaded with money. He can run for re-election and if Kay does resign, he can get the interim appointment from Perry. He would run as an incumbent giving him the advantage over other republicans. Michael Williams and Elizabeth Ames Jones are both on the railroad commission. Also interested is former Secretary of State Roger Williams, state Sen. Florence Sharpiro and U.S. Rep. Joe Barton and probably a bunch more. Special senate elections draw candidates like stink draws flies.
Texas democrats will have their best chance in years to capture one senate seat. Former State Comptroller John Sharp has been moving around the state. Houston Mayor Bill White seems to have the inside track with democratic office holders in our area. He’s well financed but Sharp has a lot of statewide connections. Whoever emerges would have to face Dewhurst.
All the above is in Kay’s ball park and she has the bat. She may not resign at all. The game is then called off, making a lot of folks unhappy because of her previous announcement to resign in Oct.-Nov. It’s hard to file if there is no vacancy.
Maybe no one has thought about this, but if Kay doesn’t resign her senate seat until she’s elected governor, Gov. Perry could then set a special election and also declare himself a candidate for U.S. senate. That would throw a monkey wrench in the process. Think about it, he would have just been in a governor’s race that cost at least $30 million and already has a statewide organization in place. The odds are that he would win He wants to be vice-president on the national ticket. There you go.


We have lost a good man. Julius David, age 90, passed away on Thursday, Oct. 1. Services were held Tuesday, Oct. 6, at St. Mary Catholic Church. I don’t remember when I didn’t know him. Julius was bone in Orange in 1919, a native who exemplified everything good about his community. His contributions towards making it better are many. A very intelligent man who displayed his compassion daily. To son Larry and his entire family, we extend our sincere condolences. Please see obit.

30 Years Ago-1979

Junior football season opens at Bridge City. Some of the players in the Junior Midget and Pee Wee league are Bobby Lynd, Lance Doucette, Beaver Jordan, Robert Simon, Jarrod Rush, Kenneth Harris, Brian Terell, Mike Epperly, Terry Boren, Kevon Benton, Thane Hebert, Jeff Overman, Jeff Lee, Paul Pritchard and Chad Hebert.*****Five Bridge City junior high students competed in the 1979-80 “Brain Battle” held by Channel 6 television. They are Alex Brown, Leslie Jenkins, Joelle Medley, Brian Outhouse and Jim Penrod.*****Former B.C. football star Richard Slayton made a defensive play at the University of Texas that won the game for the Longhorns against Missouri. Richard is a senior at U.T.*****The B.C. Chamber sponsored a Punt, Pass and Kick competition as part of Bridge City Days celebration. Winners were nine-year-old Randall Harris, 10-year-old Lynn Honeycutt, 12-year-old Scott Gooch and 13-year-old Mike Johnson.*****Barber Joe Blanda is recognized for 50 years of service in the barber business. This prompted Judge Sid to call Blanda, “A chiseling Italian sculptor.”*****Kenny Rogers was named “Male Vocalist of the Year” and Willie Nelson “Entertainer of the Year.”*****Harmon Chevrolet holds a grand opening at it’s new location on MacArthur Drive. Good luck to Ovie, Jackie, Corky and Don.*****Celebrating birthdays are Darrin Boudoin on Oct. 8, Darlene Rene Abshire, Oct. 9 and Carl Thibodeaux will be 34 come Oct. 15.*****Former sheriff Buck Patillo is in the hospital in Beaumont following a heart attack.*****Open house was held at the new Dal Sasso Realty building. Tony and Ray even brought “Sleepy” to the new headquarters.*****Bryan Ward gained 250 yards for the Bridge City Cardinals in a 34-6 defeat of Cleveland. The homecoming court nominees are freshman Myra Rasberry and Gina Goodyear; sophomores Brenda Berry and Ronda Stevens; juniors Tina Sigler and Tammy Emmerson and senior nominees are Danette Davis and Christi Ballard.***** Rhonda Rhodes was named homecoming queen at Lamar University.

35 Years Ago-1974
Thomas A. Gunn, a law student at Baylor, placed third in the fall Moot Court competition. He was awarded an all expense paid trip to Mexico City. Gunn was named best oral advocate and awarded $50. Gunn also received this award in the spring. He is a former debate coach at West Orange.*****Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wingate agree to serve as co-chairpersons of the Sabine Area Bicentennial Commission. They promise big things for the 1976 celebration.*****For the first time in years the Stark Tigers defeated West Orange. Coach Dexter Bassinger was carried off the field after the 28-0 Tiger win.  Quarterback Craig Couvillion and running back Frank Tims did the heavy work for the Tigers.*****The Gene Goza’s will manage the new Camelot III Apartments.*****Harry Stephens has a birthday coming up on Oct. 14. (Editor’s note: Harry wasn’t even 25 yet.)*****The big old dog at Cecil’s Grocery is called Bruno. He’s a Saint Bernard.

50 Years Ago-1959

U.S. Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson will spend all day in Orange County Oct. 22. Commissioners Court has designated it as “Welcome Lyndon Day.” (Editor’s note: That was back when Orange County had political stroke.)

60 Years Ago-1949
The Orange Tigers defeated Burbank Bulldogs 31-0. Don Harmon was the fair-haired boy for the Tigers. Harmon sprinted for a 72-yard touchdown then ran back a punt for 60-yard for a TD. He also punted the water-logged football four times for a 37-yard average. He kicked one for 57 yards that was nullified by a penalty. Little Sam Carpenter was like a greased pig with his speed and fancy footwork as he sprinted 55 yards to pay dirt. Robert Goodson and Olney Beitz caught touchdown passes from quarterback Oniel Gauthier. The Associated Press in Dallas named Harmon “Star of the Week” in Texas.*****New York Yankees, managed by Casey Stengel, won the World Series over the Brooklyn Dodgers. Allie Raynolds and Joe Page stood out as stars of the series. Every Yankee received $5, 834. A real jackpot.

75 Years Ago-1934

Dizzy Dean shut out the Tigers 11-0 to win the World Series for the St. Louis Cardinals. in the seventh game. The day before Dizzy’s brother, Paul, beat Detroit to tie the series.*****”Pretty Boy” Floyd escapes a death trap set by law officers in Creslo, Iowa.. “Pretty Boy” may be wounded.

85 Years Ago-1904
Gulf cuts gas prices by 3 cents, bringing the price at the pump down to 15 cents per gallon.*****Washington won the World Series over the New York Giants.*****Houston Heights defeated Orange High 30-0. Team captain was “Ox” Emerson.

I heard a few days ago that pretty Vergie Moreland, county treasurer, would’t be running for re-election again. My first thought was that the courthouse, after having that beautiful woman around for 35 years, just wouldn’t be the same. It’s not only Miss Vergie’s good looks, she is just such a beautiful person with a lot of class. She and husband, Larry, just want to hook up the fifth wheeler, tour the country and visit friends and family. He retired three years ago and is ready to travel but he has to wait another year for Vergie. She will fill out the term she was elected to do that ends Dec. 31, 2010. She has been a dedicated elected official and they both deserve the rewards that come after a lifetime of work and service. We wish them the best.*****Our dear friends Millard “Neighbor Cox” and Miss Ginny celebrated their 61st. wedding anniversary Oct. 2. We wish good health and happiness for years to come. Cox, a World War II veteran, married the prettiest girl in Jaquin back in 1948 and they have been love birds since.*****Sunday when Wilson King Dunn’s wife, Eloide, turned 89, he brought her home from the nursing home for a birthday party. They were married 72 years, since she was 16 and he was 19 and raised a great family. For all those years, they have been the pillar of the Mauriceville community. Salt of the earth folks. A very happy birthday Ms. Eloide. *****I understand our buddy Jason “Tornado” Montagne, celebrated his 24th on Saturday, Oct. 3. He’s Johnny and Darlene’s youngest. He’s a great youngster, friendly, with a good personality. A free spirit much like his dad. Happy birthday Jas.*****Happy birthday this week to one of the great guys, Coach Troy Woodall, a fisherman’s fisherman. Troy can catchum’ even when they ain’t hungry. Many happy returns coach.*****If you want to wake up on the bright side may I suggest a night at LaQuinta Inns and Suites in Bridge City. Those people will spoil you with service and kindness. Take a break, also bring your bathing suit, they have a great spa.*****We understand that Nova Dee Strickland has completed the book about her father, Sheriff Chester Holts, Orange County’s longest serving sheriff. She has been working on and gathering material and interviews for several years. She just about has it wrapped up. Holts was an interesting man. A sheriff who didn’t wear a pistol unless the occasion called for it. Those were colorful times. After 21 years, he left office without any unsolved major crimes. I can’t wait to get my copy.*****Just over a year ago, T-Boone Pickins and the oil folks were predicting that in a couple of years gasoline would be $5 at the pump. Apparently they weren’t counting on the outcome of the national election. We still believe we’re just a few weeks away from $2 per gallon.*****Michelin is coming out with tires that are airless. No more air compressors, no more repair kits, no more flat tires and are less expensive and a great ride. The bad news for the police is that stringer spikes will not work on them.*****A couple of weeks ago we wrote about the birds and animals taken away by Hurricane Ike. We heard from several folks in the flooded parts of Bridge City who tell us that Ike destroyed the many fire ant beds also. That’s true but I don’t believe you can totally destroy fire ants. I bet they will be back but it’s nice that they are gone for now. There’s a new ant coming our way. It’s called the Raspberry Crazy Ant. It arrived in Houston a few years ago.*****This is apparently not “Next Year” for the Aggies. They met Arkansas in Jerry’s palace in Arlington and looked awful in a 47-19 loss. I’ve always yearned for the old Southwest Conference. Now I’m not so sure.*****Dear Julie, last week’s quote was taken from the Oct. 5th Time Magazine, page 19. They quoted Bill O’Reilly in his exact words, sorry. By the way Leonard Pitts, national columnist, in his Hearst newspaper column Sunday, brought up many statements made by folks on FOX News that they later recanted or that has been proved false.*****Tampa Bay, who let their leading scorer go, lost another game to Washington 16-13. Matt Bryant’s replacement, Mike Nugent, missed two field goals, 49 and 48 yards. One would have tied the game, the other won it. However, he made two chip shots, a 37-yarder and a 22-yarder. They haven’t won since treating Matt so unfairly.*****The Cowboys lost another game 17-10 to Washington. Don’t blame Wade; blame Romo and Jerry’s offensive co- coordinator but Wade will take the heat. Jerry would never blame the offensive head coach, his fair-haired boy Jason Garrett.*****We were sorry to hear about the death of Johnny Alford, 90, on Oct. 4. We had known Johnny for 50 years. He was one of the pioneer grocer men who started what is now the Market Basket chain, owned by Bruce Thompson. Thompson is now the only surviving original partner.*****Don’t get too upset by David Letterman’s actions.. They are duplicated many times, everyday, in offices and jobs around the country.***** Off hunting in Saratoga, Wyoming a few days ago were David Rutledge, Bill Crull, Ray Perry and Johnny Montagne. They all got a Pronghorn.. They call ‘um Antelopes but really they are not. They are very fast, the only animals faster are Cheatahs. See photo somewhere in the sport’s section of this paper.*****Sorry to hear Von Broussard’s sister Ila Heiskel, 99, of Amarillo passed away Sunday. Von has been running recipes in this paper for several years.*****We were sorry to hear that our friend Don Stanton has been hospitalized after becoming ill at breakfast Monday morning. We wish him a speedy recovery.******Not bad for an old guy. Quarterback Brett Farve, who turns 40 on Saturday, engineered a 30-23 win over his team of 16 years, the Green Bay Packers. He held class and put on a demonstration in the Viking win. He threw for 271 yards, and three touchdown passes. He’s the only quarterback in NFL history to have beaten every team. The boy from Keil, Mississippi, is making a fresh start. Life begins at 40.*****Lynda is selling all of T.W.’s good stuff. For some great items check out our classified ads listed as “Items For Sale.” Call 409-920-0608 and get yourself some great bargains.*****


On Oct. 7, Taylor Hicks will be 33; Simon Cowell, 50; Viadimir Putin, 57; John Cougar Mellencamp, 58 and Bishop Desmond Tutu will be 78.*****Chevy Chase will be 66 on Oct. 8; Jesse Jackson, 68; Paul Hogan, 70 and Rona Barrett, 73.*****Sharon Osbourne will be 57 on Oct. 9 and Jackson Browne, 61.*****On Oct. 10, Dale Earnhardt Jr. will be 35; Brett Favre, 40; Tanya Tucker, 51 and Ben Vereen, 63.*****Steve Young will be 48 on Oct. 11.*****Chris Wallace, 62 on Oct. 12; Kirk Cameron, 39 and Dick Gregory, 77.*****Oct. 13, Jerry Rice will be 47; Sacha Baron Cohen, 38; Marie Osmond, 50; Paul Simon, 68 and Margaret Thatcher, 84.

Imogene Bailey, Joby Brown, Nancy Amsden, Ronnie Halliburton, Shelly Rose, Blaine Huff, Connie Bland, Darrell Fisher, Larry Welch, Lisa Havens, Robert Love, Susan Ayre, Will Stout, Kirsten Perricone, Linda Myers, Logan Conner, Mark Prevost, Megan Benoit, Taylor Jagoe, Barbara Fournier, Bob Bullard, Janell Matthews, Jenny Betz, Jessica Franklin, Preston Pittman, Sadie Sellers, Shannon Maloney, Alan Johansson, Barabara Nixon, John Cochran, Katherine Jackson, Leslie Anderson, Miltion Briggs III, Sharon Bilbo, Timothy Tremont, Brad Lapeyrolerie, Janet Taliaferro, Logan Burns, Sheri Wright, Alexia Willingham, Anita Triggs, Ashley Theriot, Edna Collins and Jason Sellers.


Officer Joe Nunez was patrolling late at night in a well known spot known as Lover’s Lane. A couple was sitting in da car with da interior light brightly glowing. Officer Nunez carefully approached da car for a closer look him. He saw a young man behind da wheel reading a magazine. Den he notice a pretty young women in da back seat filing her fingernails. Dis really confused Nunez. He tap on da windown. He axe da young man, “Wat you doing hanh?”
Eugene “Stud” Comeaux answer, “I’m reading a magazine me.”
Officer Nunez axe, “And her, wat’s she doing?”
Eugene say, “Sir, I believe me, she’s filing her fingernails.”
Nunez, him is totally confused. A young couple, at night at Lover’s Lane and nuttin obscene is happening.
Officer Nunez axe, “Wat’s you age, hanh?”
Eugene said, “Me, I’m 22 sir.”
Den da cop axe, “And her, wat’s her age?”
Eugene him look at his watch and says, “She’ll be 18 in jus 11 more minutes, her.”


Swamp Pop music is seeing new life. The music was born on the Gulf Coast and is a mixture of rhythm and blues, country with a bit of Cajun beat. Young people of today have discovered the unique sound of the honky-tonk piano, along side of the sax, guitar and drum beat. Fifty years ago, some youngsters with Cajun backgrounds picked up the Fats Domino sound and added their own twist and what emerged was the Gulf Coast Sound. A little Black Creole, a sprinkle of Cajun and it’s own beat became Swamp Pop. Jivin’ Gene Bourgeois, of Port Arthur, was one of those early recording artist. Gene, after many years out of the studio but still entertaining regularly, has released a new CD, “It’s Never Too Late” which is getting rave reviews. After several request we are making this CD available on Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday while supply last at The Penny Record office, 335 Roundbunch, Bridge City and at The County Record office, 320 Henrietta, Orange, next to Harmon’s Pre-owned Car lot.*****Don’t miss the Farmer’s Market Saturday in Bealls parking lot, MacArthur Drive in Orange. A lot of fresh produce, jams and jellies, etc. will be available.*****I’ve gotta go now, times up. Thanks for yours. Please patronize our advertisers. Good bye, good luck and God bless.