Orange County Boss Cajun, Judge Carl Thibodeaux, will be put on the grill Thursday evening at the Bridge City Chamber fundraiser. Monies will be used to expand the Chamber’s museum. It’s also Judge Carl’s birthday, Oct. 15. I’m sure some of the folks doing the roasting honors will have a few gifts for the Judge. Thibodeaux, however, has the last shot and he’s not timed. It should be a good show and it’s for a great cause..*****
I know some of you are expecting me to comment on President Obama being awarded the Nobel Peace prize. To start with, I agree with Sen. John McCain, “Americans are always pleased when their president is recognized by something on that order.” Henry Kissinger, a 1973 Nobel winner, said, “The award honors Americans and the cause of peace.” Personality, I believe the inroads Obama has made toward restoring America’s credibility around the world and his ability to unite the many factions that have led to an unstable world led to the award. He did not seek the prize yet got a record vote. The award reads, “For his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.” I think the last administration had something to do with Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize. It’s ignorant to criticize such a high award given to any American plus it doesn’t do any good – it polarizes us even more. You don’t have to like the guy to be happy for him and America. That’s all I’m going to say about that.*****I’d better get going, another deadline is just ahead. Hop on board. Come along, it won’t do you no harm.

Probably the most important issue that faces Texas rural folks is redistricting after the 2010 census. Tom DeLay, Rick Perry and computerized lines gerrymandered boundaries for state representatives and congressional districts in 2001. What was an 18-15 democratic edge in Texas congressional delegation is now a 20-12 Republican majority. Most of the republican congressmen are from the Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth and San Antonio areas cutting rural areas in Texas out of having their own area representatives. Our local senatorial district was attached to Montgomery County, which is 80 percent republican, robbing us of what for years had been a local district made up from Jefferson, Orange and other southeast Texas counties. Electing local people became a thing of the past. Jep Fuller, D. Roy Harrington and Carl Parker had served us well. They knew and fought for our needs and were accessible. Today, 80 percent of our citizens have no idea who their state senator is. He and our two congressmen, Ted Poe and Kevin Brady, live in the Houston area. A pen line was drawn from the Woodlands to Orange to attach us to Montgomery County, often doing 90 degree turns avoiding Democratic voting boxes.
To assure control of the state house, DeLay and Perry gerrymandered the districts throughout Texas. Often they went through extremes. Orange County was cut in two parts; half of Bridge City and West Orange and most of the city of Orange were attached to a downtown Beaumont district. This created a minority district comprised of Beaumont courthouse and Lamar, Port Arthur sub-courthouse and Lamar and Orange courthouse and Lamar. The remainder of Orange County was attached to the conservative Hardin County/Lumberton area. Both of our representatives vote 90 percent of the time against each other killing their votes and not allowing us to have a uniform representation. Despite the 2001 redistricting, and crooked lines democrats have made some gains in the past 10 years and the state house is now 76-74 GOP majority, only two votes away from Democrats taking over the house and its speaker. The present GOP favored map drowns out the voices of too many Texans.
Besides redrawing their own districts, state lawmakers will also draw new congressional districts. If they don’t, the federal court will bypass the board, made up of the lieutenant governor, house speaker, attorney general, comptroller and land commissioner, all of them currently republicans. Chances are republicans will still have the majority so redistricting will fall to the federal court. Democrats can only hope. After that democrats can only look toward growth and changing the face and control of the state by the GOP. Proof that Texas is not near two to one Republican is that our United States congressional delegation is now 20-12, the state house is just two seats apart, 76-74..
Texas, next year, has a chance to have fairness in redistricting and bringing back strong local representation to rural areas. A chance to return us to the days when we knew our lawmakers because they lived among us. To me that is the most important issue facing all of us regardless if they are republicans or democrats. Breaking the stronghold that holds us back and again making Texas first in the things that are good, not number one in all that is bad. That’s a battle worth fighting.

Robert Dean Jr., 41, passed away Oct. 8 in Luling where he served as athletic director and head football coach of the 3-A school. A native of Orange County, he had coached at both Little Cypress-Mauriceville and Orangefield. Robert was liked by everyone who knew him. He died from complications of pneumonia. Service was Tuesday. A trust fund account has been established at Mid-County Teachers Credit Union for his three young daughters, Kaylee, Karson and Keaton. To his entire family and many friends we send our condolences. Also our condolences to the family and friends of David Lee Rumsey Jr., 46, brother of Kelly Morphew. David passed away Sunday. Services are at 2 p.m. Wednesday in Claybar Funeral Home in Orange. Please see obits this issue.


We give thanks that our prediction of no tropical storms in the Gulf this year is about to come to reality. Tropical systems have caused essentially no damage to the United States, only one storm, Claudette, made landfall with 50 mph winds. The official end of hurricane season is Nov. 30 and the seas remain warm enough for low pressure systems to spin into tropical storms. Since the 1850s, only three hurricanes have made landfall in the Lone Star state on or after this date. On Oct. 16, 1912, near Corpus Christi, a Category 1 killed 15 people; Oct. 15, 1947, a hurricane made landfall near Freeport with 135 mph winds and in 1989 on Oct. 15, Hurricane Jerry, a small 85 mph storm struck Galveston Island and did little damage. It’s unlikely that the Texas coast will see any storm activity the remainder of 2009. That really has me wondering and trying to figure out what winter might bring.

30 Years Ago-1979

Robert Dale “Dee Dee” Dorman, 20, lost his life in an auto accident last Saturday. He was a boilermaker by trade.*****Judge Sid Callivet turns 87.*****Renee Britt will be 14 on Oct. 20.*****Glenn Seale is mayor of West Orange, Major Inman is mayor of Orange and A.R, Morgan is mayor of Pinehurst.*****Radio station to change hands. Steve Hicks, owner of KLVI buys KYKR-FM from Jimmy Joynt. AM station KEAM, of Nederland, is also owned by Joynt. Bill Clark, formerly with KLVI, will be morning man for KYKR.*****An official Texas historical marker will be erected at the opening of Claiborne West Park on I-10, 10 miles west of Orange. Claiborne West, 1800-65, was born in Franklin County, Tennessee on March 3, 1836. He was one of 58 signers of the Texas Declaration of Independence.*****Tina Sigler is crowned Bridge City Football Sweetheart, Homecoming Queen is Christi Ballard, Band Sweetheart is Denis Soileau.

35 Years Ago-1974
Richard Corder is manager of KOGT and does the morning show. Doing the afternoon drive time show is Bill Clark.*****Ducks Unlimited bash to be Oct. 23 at DERA. Drakes only. (Editor’s note: That was before women were allowed and the parties got a little wild.)*****Barbara Runnels Waites, former radio personality, has been touring the country emceeing gospel shows and also manages her own gospel group. *****”Hello Dolly” opens Oct. 15 to run five nights. Actors are Connie Gunn, Larry Frederick, Scott Covington, Sandy Emerson, Dean James, Steve Smith, Ginger Newman, Richard Griffen and Dan Delaney.*****First Savings of Orange is paying 7.5 percent on a 48 month $5,000 certificate of deposit.*****Harmon Chevrolet, Third and Green, is selling a new 1974 Luv pickup for $2,995.*****

60 Years Ago-1949
The Orange Tigers defeat the Port Neches Indians 38-12. Up next are the Port Arthur Yellow Jackets, rated No. 1 in state class 2-A. No Tiger team has defeated Port Arthur in Orange since 1915. The Tigers won twice – in 1926 and 1945 in Port Arthur.*****Fans of the Wallace High Dragons began a collection to buy coach Willie Ray Smith a new car after the team beat the Conroe Bulldogs 57-0. Wallace is favored to capture the state class A title. The Dragons have scored 187 points without ever being scored on in four games. The passing combination is quarterback Joseph Abraham to Marvin Richard.

Carlus Vacek is a happy camper now days. His TCU Horn Frogs are 8 in the country. The banker is a former TCU running back and he’s Orange County’s No. 1 booster. TCU has seen some lean years but they sure seem to be for real now.*****A former Orange County star, West Orange-Stark’s Earl Thomas was really a shining star for Texas in the defeat of Colorado Saturday.*****Meanwhile Tampa Bay hasn’t won a game since releasing Matt Bryant, another Orange County star.*****Miles Austin, a name to remember, filling in for injured Cowboy Roy Williams surpassed Bob Hayes’ record 250 yards on 10 passes. He also scored two touchdowns in the Cowboys’ not too pretty win over the Kansas City Chiefs. Can’t blame Tony Romo this time for the bad playing.*****Buddies having birthdays are Harry Stephens, who lives with Margie and sometimes gets to sleep in the same room, will celebrate on Oct. 14. Maybe it will be his lucky day. Happy birthday and best wishes.*****A great guy, Johnny Dubose, celebrates this week.*****”Bosco” Charles Hebert is a year older this week. Don’t over celebrate. *****Happy birthday to Wayne Mulhollan, the guy married to pretty Barbara for all these many years. A great couple.*****Best wishes this week to Dr. Wesley Palmer. Stay healthy “Doc.”*****Joy and Robert Simonton are expecting their new baby in the next few days. Best wishes for a healthy child. I’m sure that’s one kid that will be spoiled but that OK.*****We have just a few Jivin’ Gene’s new CDs “It’s Never Too Late” and hope to get more. It is really good. If you’re looking for a gift for someone who has everything, this CD is a great choice. Available at The Penny Record office, 335 Roundbunch and The County Record, 320 Henrietta, next to Harmon’s Used Cars.*****Rush Limbaugh, a racist and bigot, wants to buy the St. Louis Rams, an NFL team. That will never fly. Players will strike and boycott. Rush having that kind of money proves that selling fear pays big bucks. The guy lives in a $26 million home bought by selling negative talk to a naive and gullible public. If the owners vote to accept Limbaugh, it takes 24 of the 32 owners, then you will see fans boycott some parks. It also will give people like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson a platform.*****The Orange Lions Club has been fighting the rainy days trying to put on their annual event. It’s a lot of work – the members and supporters are to be commended. Hopefully, they can get some good weather or extend the carnival an extra week. Stump Weatherford, Pam Scales Crew, Marlene and Keith Merritt and a lot of their friends invite you to come out. They also will be glad to accept your volunteer help. *****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch gathered at Novrozsky’s last week. Judge Janice won the eating contest. Babbitt Philpot ran a close second. The Bunch will dine at Tuffy’s this week and back at Robert’s next. As always everybody is welcome.*****The Julie Rogers Gift of Life will present “Putting on the Pink,” a celebration of survivorship and hope, a breast cancer program. “An Evening with Debbie Reynolds” will be Oct. 20. Orange County Ambassador is Gisela Houseman. Steering committee members from Orange are Chelle Harrison, Shirley Roccaforte, Rosalie Clark, Linda Claybar, Patty Cloeren, Kelly Coker, Carly Davis Thibodeaux, Dolores Garcia and Catherine Stewart. Reynolds will perform with her four-piece band at the Julie Rogers Theater. Tickets for performance will be available, $50 and $35. For more information call any of the above or call 866-5959. *****Former state Rep. Wayne Peveto, who attended Sam Houston University on a rodeo scholarship, attended the 50th Cowboy reunion in Huntsville last weekend. He had a blast with the guys from the past reminiscing about when they were just boys. Wayne is having a great time ranching. He’s doing just what he always wanted to do. Peveto is one of the great guys that will do to ride the range with. Despite the insurance companies last ditch effort to stop it, the Senate Finance Committee, with Republican Sen. Olympia Snowe’s vote, advanced the healthcare plan one giant step Tuesday. Now the negotiations start for a final plan. I still doubt if a public government insurance plan will pass.

Martha Kile. Ronny Arnold, Stacy Rhodes, Trey Miller, Dillon Crabtree, Eunice Barrett, Jerry Evans, Olivia Hubbard, Shirley Hudson, Sonny Childs, Suzanne Miller, Allison LeBlanc, Derek Borel, Eleanor Dahl, Morgan Lamb, Nancy Newton, Wayne Mulhollan, Barbara Harmon, Brad Brown, Christopher Brown, Edneshia Johnson, Gene McKinley, Harry Stephens, James Brown, Jeff Braus, Jim Gilliam, Johnny Dubose, Linda Nicks, Rachel Tisdale, Sue Collins, Wesley Palmer, Bebe Ricks, Bob Puntes, Cheryl Royal, Evelyn Nobles, Lynn Bates, Mary Everett, Mary Kendrick, Penny Becker, Tom Taliaferro, Bill Andes, Dina Defrates, Emily Hughes, Frank Fraccastoro, Griffin Lemley, Julie Prosperie, Kristin Bertles, Madeline Kirby, Blake Hunt, Joy Simonton, Kyle Johnston, Leona Simmons, Mozelle Francois, Ashley Sanchez, Jason Yeaman, Jeanne Mullins, Jenne Mullins and Kim Ezell.

On Oct. 14 Natalie Maines will be 35; Ralph Louren, 70; and Roger Moore, 82.*****Oct. 15, Sarah Ferguson will be 50; Jim Palmer, 62 and Lee Lacocca, 85.*****Oct. 16, Suzanne Somers, 63; John Mayer, 32; Angela Lansbury, 84.***** Oct. 17, Eminem, 37; Alan Jackson, 51, and had they lived Rita Hayworth would be 91 and Montgomery Clift, 89.*****Oct. 18, Jean-Claude Van Damme, 49; Mike Ditka, 70; Chuck Berry, 83 and had he lived Lee Harvey Oswald would be 70, Divine, 64*****Oct. 19, Ty Pennington, 44; Evander Holyfield, 47; Jeannie C. Riley, 63.*****Oct. 20, Snoop Dogg, 37; Tom Petty, 59 and Viggo Mortensen will be 51.


When 87-year-old Eula Gillbeaux come home from playing bingo at da KC Hall, she found Clovis, her 92-year-old husband, in bed wit Agnes Comeaux. Eula, her, became violent. Agnes run out da house. Eula ended up pushing Clovis off da second story balcony and da fall killed him. Eula was charged wit murder and brought before da court.
Judge Alsid Thibodeaux axe if she had anything to say in her own defense.
“Mais yea, your honor,” Eula said coolly, “I figure me, judge, dat if Clovis at 92 could do wat I caught him doing, den I figure dat he could fly.”

That cool front over the weekend was nice. We are due to get another one even cooler next weekend.*****A few months ago the Cormier family donated the Orangefield Museum to the school district. Mr. Paul spent a lifetime accumulating a lot of great stuff housed in two buildings. It’s really an Orange County treasure and if you have the chance to visit it you will be pleasantly surprised. Mr. Cormier, who is still hospitalized in Beaumont, built it for the people to enjoy. You will come away impressed.*****Heartfelt thanks for your loyalty over all these years. I’m grateful for all your great response. Please read us cover to cover and shop the good folks who advertise inside these pages. Goodbye, good luck and God bless.