Houston’s Mayor Bill White was greeted warmly in Orange County today as he toured the county he helped so much after Hurricane Ike.

The citizens of Bridge City presented White with a plaque of appreciation for getting around all the red tape of FEMA to get much needed housing into the area after the storm.

“People needed trailers to work on site, not make trailer cities,” said White. “Twenty trailers a week were coming in. Do the math, it would have taken 50 weeks to get the 1,000 trailers that was needed. That was unacceptable.”

White said FEMA would not tell him where the trailers were coming from, so he talked to the drivers bringing them in, went where the inventory was kept, then knocked on the manufacturers door to get the housing to Orange County.

Through his efforts trailers started rolling into the county.

“It’s great to see Bridge City come back. To see the toughness and determination,” he said.

One of the things about Bridge City that had impressed White was the lengths the city and school district went to to keep the kids in Bridge City schools, no matter where they had temporarily re-located.

Orange County Judge Carl Thibodeaux said White had called him the Sunday after the storm to see what the county needed and how he could help. “He called everyday,” said Thibodeaux.

White also toured the county court house and annex, taking time to pose for pictures with some of the employees, before being honored at a reception in the training room of the Sheriff’s Department.

Houston’s mayor has vowed to continue fighting for Orange County.