Orange County Judge Carl Thibodeaux was roasted Thursday with a good blend of Cajun spice and some Texas-fried witticism.

The benefit for the Bridge City Chamber of Commerce attracted a good-sized crowd.

Thibodeaux’s daughter Erin called her father, “the Ted Kennedy of Orange County – you just can’t get rid of him.”

Thibodeaux’s son Tyler told audience members how his dad, a native of Mamou, La., where Cajun French is prevalent, couldn’t speak English until the first grade. “Sometimes I think you still can’t speak English,” he said.

Roaster and Bridge City Mayor Kirk Roccaforte said Thibodeaux’s golf game was like his angling efforts. “The last time he went fishing, the first cast he made didn’t even hit the water,” Roccaforte said.

Next was Thibodeaux friend and District Judge Buddie Hahn. “I’m here to talk about a person loved and respected by everyone … but Judge Ron Walker couldn’t be here tonight,” he said. “I’m not saying the judge is ‘country,’ but on his first trip to Sea World he took a fishing pole.”

Record Newspapers Publisher Roy Dunn told the story of Thibodeaux putting a T-shirt in the wash and asking his wife, “What do I set this on?” “What do they have written on it?” she asked. “LSU,” Thibodeaux said.

The judge once found an injured turtle on the side of road, Dunn said. He saved its life and nursed it back to health – only to eat it later.

Thibodeaux got his turn and went right to work on the 75-year-old Dunn.

“I heard you’d kind of retired Roy,” he said. “Now I don’t know how long he was in journalism but when they cleaned out his desk – they found a stagecoach.”

“Roy was poor when he was a young man. You’d go to his front door and he’d stick his head out the window and say, ‘ding dong.’”

Thibodeaux added that Hahn, an attorney, once told his dentist, “Pull the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth.”

“When I found out I was going to be roasted,” Thibodeaux said, “I figured, ‘No problem. My wife’s been roasting me for 44 years.’”

Thursday was also Thibodeaux’s 64th birthday. He concluded his rebuttal noting Master of Ceremonies Gary Stelly’s height. The Cajun band hired for Thursday’s event featured two children.

“When I first got here I thought Gary was playing fiddle,” Thibodeaux said.