The past week was a great one. Of course at my age every day above the green is another good one. It was ideal weather but now clouds are starting to build. *****The Thibodeaux roast and Bridge City Chamber fundraiser was a big success. Chamber president Mark Dunn and his staff put on a good show. The bottom line was to raise needed money for the chamber. Thanks to Judge Carl Thibodeaux agreeing to get on the hot seat. He also had a great birthday party. The panel of Roccaforte, Hahn and Dunn did yeoman’s work but it was Thibodeaux’s children Erin, Tanya and Tyler who stole the show. They didn’t cut old dad any slack. “Thib” was good on his feet in rebuttal. Gary Stelly did his usual good job as emcee. The real hit of the party was Van Choate’s great food and outstanding service by his Tuffy’s crew. Also a plus was an outstanding Cajun band, the Dallas Street Ramblers, which featured the two Kelly children, Liz, age 11, playing the accordion and 9-year-old Eric on the fiddle. To book them contact Kim Kelly their mom. She can be reached at 722-8299 or check them out on the Web, www.dallasstreetramblers. *****The Bayou Bowl scholarship banquet will be Monday, 7 p.m. at the Bridge City Community Center. It will be a fun night, tickets only $10 each. All students from Orangefield and Bridge City and their parents are invited. “Bobcat Burgers and Cardinal Sauce” will be served. The banquet kicks off Bayou Bowl festivities to  conclude Oct. 30 with the big game between Orangefield and Bridge City. The Buzzy Gunn trophy will be awarded to the game winner. Call the chamber, 735-5871, for tickets and locations.*****Did you see where they are reporting that H1N1 virus is a respiratory illness born from humans?  You can’t get it from eating anything. All this time they have been blaming the poor hog. Some folks even quit eating pig.*****Gotta move on. Come along I promise it won’t do you no harm.

I like a lot of people but there are some people I’m extremely fond of. An important number of that group is Judge Joe Parkhurst. Hearing his life story, I’m intrigued by the road he’s traveled. He cannot remember a time in his life when he did not work. A kid raised in the Cove, he graduated from Bridge City High School and dedicated his life to rewarding vocations. After many years in education, he became a dedicated member of the judicial as judge of the Justice of Peace Court, Precinct 1. During the last few months he has served dual rolls, as JP and also municipal judge for the city of Pinehurst. The city job is less stressful and not nearly as demanding. In my opinion one of the most difficult and less appreciated jobs in county government is that of justice of the peace. Much of their workload comes when the rest of us are asleep. They deal with death and go through the emotions of a grieving family added to all their other chores. I believe if any one in this county deserves more benefits it is our four hardworking, dedicated, principled Justices of the Peace, yet I haven’t heard them complain. You have got to love it to do it. It’s the people’s court and it’s the root of justice. Most of the legal process begins at the JP precinct level. This week, Judge Parkhurst announced he would not be a candidate for re-election. He will be 68 years old when his term ends. That’s 58 years in the work force, even through his college years. He has earned the right to slow down. He will remain a city judge. His judgeship calls for sternness but Judge Parkhurst always tempers it with compassion. The making of any good judge is not seeing everything in black and white but rather with all opinions considered. My friend Joe’s background, from the Cove to the present, has prepared him well to be the excellent judge for the people that he is today. Best of wishes judge from all of us who know and respect you.


In the past few days some congressmen and leaders have fanned out around the country posturing themselves as the vigilant protectors of Medicare. They speak against health care reforms designed to make the system better and more equitable. Many older Americans have been scared into believing that their medical treatment will suffer under pending reform bills. It’s a scare tactic; don’t buy into it. Far from harming the elderly, it actually makes Medicare better by enhancing drug coverage and reducing the premiums paid for drugs and medical care. It eliminates co-payments for preventive service and helps keep Medicare solvent, among other benefits. What Republicans are not saying and what Democrats should be saying, is that traditional Medicare should improve under health care reform..
The house legislation would reduce and ultimately eliminate a gap, the doughnut hole, forcing millions to pay for drugs entirely out of their pockets today. The bill would also waive deductibles and co-insurance for preventive care that can head off serious illness.
It’s frustrating to see the cynicism and hypocrisy, because caring the water for insurance companies around the country to defeat reform that help the elderly, not hurts them, is being bought by senior citizens because they are scared.

35 Years Ago-1074

The Bridge City Cardinals defeat Jasper 14-0 behind the running of Tony Mulhollan. *****Clint Plant and the Little Cypress-Mauriceville Bears defeat Liberty. Arthur Manning, Eddie Lovelace and Buncy Seago were standouts. Patrice Horn was homecoming queen. *****Coach Glenn Green and his West Orange Chiefs lose hard-fought game to Silsbee. Running back Lorrance Wills was standout for the Chiefs. *****Running back Frank Tims and quarterback Craig Couvillion kept the Stark High Tigers in the game against South Park but came up short. *****Jimmy Scales celebrated a birthday over the weekend. *****Jerry Pesson and Bobby Smitherman celebrate a second anniversary of  P.S. Tire and Supply. Donna Hinton is office manager, Jean Addison bookkeeper. *****Wade Granger is general chairman of St. Helen’s annual fall festival. Thomas Granger and Country Cousins band will provide the music for the event. Chicken gumbo, potato salad, French bread and plenty to drink. Y’all come Oct. 27.

30 Years Ago-1979

Charlie’s Barbecue, originally at 802 Second St., is open at 409 Fourth St. Charlie Sprott, a descendent of slaves, is famous for not only his barbecue but also his secret special sauce. *****Janice Hayes is West Orange-Stark homecoming queen. Scott Gooch, 11-year-old Bridge City fifth-grader, is winner of Pass-Punt-Kick competition in Ford’s annual zone competition. Scott has been a winner for four consecutive years. *****George Eon is KOGT news director. Bill Fort is station manager. *****Felix Harrington, former Orange auto salesman, makes his home in Crowley, La. *****The pride of East Texas, Don Campbell, will play the “Rinky-Dink or “Honky Tonk” piano at Bridge City Rotary’s Thursday meeting. Don plays great gospel music and also has a beautiful wife. Lucky guy. *****Debbie Fusilier turns 22 Oct. 25. *****Joe Kazmar celebrated Oct. 28. *****Greater Orange Area Chamber incoming officers are Richard Slater, president-elect, vice presidents, Betty Morris, Bob Walker and Bob Williams. Directors are J.D. Stanfield, Betty Harmon, Jim Moore, Earl Wright, W.T. Oliver and Jim Stelly. Harmon Beauchamp is presently chamber president.


We were extremely sorry to hear that a wonderful lady, Vivian Dorman, has had a set back in her cancer recovery and her situation is now in the hands of God. We add our prayers. *****We have heard that our friend of 40-years, Fain Holbrook, has been diagnosed with liver cancer. He has never been an alcohol drinker, smoker or whatever so it makes one wonder what causes this kind of illness to appear. Fain has been blessed for a lifetime with the companionship of his wonderful wife Vivian. We wish him continued blessings in his fight against that disease. We also understand longtime friend David Bailey has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. He will be admitted to a Houston hospital. Our wishes for a quick recovery.


Christy Khoury, 46, a nice lady who is chief deputy under Vergie Moreland, Orange County treasurer, has announced as a candidate to replace her boss. Vergie speaks highly of her. *****This week David Peck, who has spent a lifetime dealing with people through his vast experience in public service, announced he would seek the justice of the peace court seat being vacated by his friend Judge Joe Parkhurst. Peck has many friends in the Orange area and church community. He also has the advantage of name recognition. *****We were ahead of the curve last week when we speculated U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison might not resign her senate seat in October or November. A few days later she announced exactly that. Her move to stay has put a handful of candidates in a bind. However, Aly from Mayor Bill White’s campaign, says they are going to press on with the campaign. White and John Sharp are serious about giving Democrats a real chance to gain one U.S. Senate seat for Texas. To date, according to spokeswoman Kay Bacon, White has raised more than $6 million with 2000 new contributors. Sharp has a healthy $3.8 million bankroll. Republican Dewhurst will be able to match and surpass any funds the Democrats raise in the general election in November if there is one. Everyone is in a box until Kay lets them out. Good news for them is that she has sold her Washington home for $1.4 million. *****Oil companies shut down production in order to jack up prices at the pump. Crude prices are up and that’s not all bad for Texas. *****Meanwhile, fooling the media talking heads, in less than 10 months the Dow is up over 10,000. *****Other good things are on the way also. Spring will bring great news for the Golden Triangle. ******Happy birthday to some great folks. Vickie Risinger on Oct. 23. *** Our buddy Mary Stanton from Exxpress Mart celebrates on Oct. 24. Mary reports husband Don is doing better and is home from the hospital. *** Our “Girl Friday” Debbie Fusilier marks another year Oct. 24. We have been watching her mark those years for a long time. ***For about the same amount of time we’ve watched Sandi Mobley Huckabay come from a teenager to a grandmother. She celebrates on Oct. 25 and we wish her the happiest of days. ***John “Mr. VFW” Clark celebrates this week. Best wishes for many more healthy years. *** Betty Harmon, our longtime friend, celebrates her special day Oct. 27. *** A very happy birthday Oct. 27th to a special lady, Pearl Burgess Stanfield, who will turn 89. This lovely lady is still self-sufficient and does anything a 60 year old in good health can do. We’ll have a big party and do a story on her next week. We wish her a happy 90th next year.*****Happy anniversary to Sharon and Mark Dunn on Oct. 24. *****Oklahoma without quarterback Sam Bradford gave Texas all they could handle in the “Red River Shootout.” Texas won the game 16-13. Texas dropped a notch in the standings to number 3.. Earl Thomas, Orange County star, was a standout again for the Longhorns. *****The Tampa Bay Buccaneers haven’t won since releasing our boy Matt Bryant. *****We heard from some Louisiana friends, elated over the whipping the New Orleans Saints put on Manning and the New York Giants. The “Aints” they ain’t no more with five wins and no losses. *****A Yankee-Dodger World Series would be a great show. Added drama would be former Yankee manager Joe Torre returning as the Dodger manager to take on the NY team he successfully managed for 15 years. I’d pull for the Dodgers but admire the Yankees great playing. The Dodgers might not make it, the Phillies have them down 3-1.*****The Bridge City Branch Bank in Orange opened in their new building on MacArthur Drive this week. Ribbon-cutting was Tuesday. Our friend Patty and the other nice ladies will make you welcome so stop by and check out the new location. *****A special thanks to Marie Bonin for the great CD “A History of the Cajuns.” We have enjoyed the story and the music on it. Every Cajun should have a copy.*****Congrats to Joy and Robert Simonton on their new baby girl. Adley Kathryn was born Oct. 14 and weighed in at 8 pounds, 11 ounces. She stands 20 3/4 inches tall and is pretty as her mom.

Anita Dunn, a White House official, referring to FOX News said, “We’re going to treat them the way we would treat an opponent.” She dubbed FOX “The communications arm of the Republican Party.”


Treva Hodge, Anita Green, Brad Childs, Cory Moreau, John-Cecil Beeson, Marguerite Mahfouz, Becky Carter, Bill Butler, Brian Prevost, Bryan Chauvin, Eldon Pendergast, Eric Brinson, Jewel Merchant, Jimmy Byrd, Laqueta McLellan, Lisa Stewart, Pat New, Sara Etheredge, Sara Ethredge, Sarah Halliburton, Shery Martz, Thomas Fleming, Brandy Cardner, Danny Jennings, Debbie Fusilier, Lainey Zenos, John Clark, Larry Myers, Ron Batchelor, Tammy Scales, Victoria Brown, Dale Morris, Darren Wilson, Marilyn Fonthieu, Ramona Scott, Ramona Valentine, Connie Curphey, Mary Chamblee, Rachel Sanders, Tanner George, Connor Ziller, Deedra Wilson, Don Cummings, Geneva Buker, Hunter Smith, Brent Burch, David Dupuis, John Lumpkin, Nathan Coffey, Pierce Butler, Mary Tallant, George Fleming, Tammy Ballard, Marilyn Ponthieu and Vicki Brown.

On Oct. 21, Carrie Fisher will be 53; Judge Judy Sheindlin 67 and Benjamin Netanyahu, 60. *****Oct. 22, Annette Funicello, 67; Catherine Deneuve, 66; Tony Roberts, 70 and Joan Fontaine, 92. *****Oct. 23, Nancy Grace, 50; “Weird” Al Yankovic, 50 and Dwight Yoakam, 53. *****Oct. 24, Tia Tequila, 28; Monica, 29; Kevin Kline, 62 and had they lived J.P. “Big Bopper” Richardson would be 79 and Y.A. Tittle, 83. *****Oct. 25, Ciara, 24; Helen Reddy, 68; Bobby Knight, 69 and Tracy Nelson, 46. *****Oct. 26, Hillary Rodham Clinton, 62; Pat Sajak, 62 and Jaclyn Smith, 62. *****Oct. 27, Kelly Osbourne, 25; Jayne Kennedy, 58; Scott Weiland, 42 and Nanette Fabray, 89.


Orange County native Brett Moses is co-director, producer, writer and star of  the movie “Noble Things,” which starts Oct. 30 at Hollywood theaters at Parkdale Mall. Brett stars with actors Michael Parks, Lee Ann Womack, Dominque Swain and Ron Canada. The original motion picture soundtrack features Mark Chesnutt, Tracy Byrd, Tracy Lawrence, Pam Tillis, Blaine Larsen, Nikki Williams, The Rachels, Clay Walker, Zona Jones, Bo Bice, Dobie Gray, Lane Turner, Drew Davis Band and Brock Goodwin. The Austin American-Statesman says the film is one of the top 10 films to watch.”


Clovis Comeaux was feeling guilty him, so he figure that maybe going to Confession might help. Comeaux tell da priest in da confessional, “Fater, I kinda took a little lumber from dat new construction site me.”
Fater Broussard axe, “Wat did you do wit dat lumber, hanh?”
Comeaux answer, “Well Fater, my porch had a hole for a long time. I was afraid me, somebody might break a leg so I fix it.”
Fater Broussard said, “Well, dats not too bad.”
Comeaux say, “Well, me I had a little lumber left.”
Da priest axe, “Wat did you do wit it?”
Comeaux answer, “Well, my poor dog, Phideaux, he ain’t never had no place to get outta da weather so I make him his own dog house.”
Fater Broussard say, “Ok, is that it?”
Comeaux answer, “Well, I had a little lumber left so I made my truck a two car garage.”
Da priest say, “Now dis is getting out of hand.”
Comeaux say, “But Fater, I still got a little lumber left and my wife Clotile she always want a bigger house so I add a bedroom and a bashroom.”
Fater Broussard say, “Dat’s going too far. For your penance you are going to have to make a novena. You know how to make one don’t you?”
Comeaux answer, “Fater, if you got da plans me, I got da lumber.”

The Wednesday Lunch Bunch dines at Robert’s this week and next week will meet at the opening of Commissioner Owen Burton and the Orange County Sheriff’s substation in Mauriceville. The station is across from Market Basket. The public is invited to come out for links, drinks and the trimmings. Visit with Burton and Sheriff Keith Merritt. Remember, that’s next week.*****Speaking of eating, the staff here on Henrietta Street has discovered Gerald’s Café, 1111 Green Ave. Great food including beans and rice, burgers, seafood, etc. Here’s a good thing, for orders of $15 or more, they deliver to your office or place of work. Call 920-6073 for more information or to order.*****We still have a few Jivin’ Gene CDs. Many who have bought one called back to say how much they enjoyed listening to it. Gene wrote many of the songs. Get you one or get one for a gift.*****We are loaded with good stuff so read us cover to cover. Don’t forget to patronize the good advertisers who bring you this paper. Tell them we sent you. Thanks for your time. Goodbye, good luck and God bless.