This year, the “Cow Bayou Shootout” will take place at Bridge City Friday night. The game pits the Bridge City Cardinals and Orangefield Bobcats. The winner will be awarded the Buzzie Gunn trophy. This year the teams seem to be evenly matched. The Bobcats are being led by a new coach, Brian Huckabay, a Bridge City native and high school grad where he was a football standout. His mom Geraldine and dad Lawrence, still live on Vivian Street where Brian was raised. Coach Chris Stump, after struggling a couple of years while installing his program, has his Cards on track in the playoff hunt. Meanwhile Huckabay has the fans excited at Orangefield. It should be a great contest. Bayou Bowl week activities kicked off Monday with the scholarship banquet at the Community Center. Sponsored by the Bridge City Chamber, it was a big success. A $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to a senior football player from each school. Large pep rallies and other activities will take place throughout the week. Attend the game and show your support for these outstanding young men. ***** I have a long way to go and just a little time to get there. Hop on board and come along, it won’t do you any harm.


Senate majority leader Harry Reid is ready to launch a health care bill floor debate this fall. The bill includes a “Public Option” but will give states a choice to opt out of the program. States will have until 2014 to withdraw from the public program. Reid said, “It will achieve meaningful reform to our broken system.” President Obama said, “Public option has the potential to play an essential role in holding insurance companies accountable.” For months revamping the health care system has polarized congress. “It’s the fairest way to go,” Reid said about public option.***** The weak dollar drives up gas and gold prices, plus pump prices have followed a 10-percent spurt in crude oil prices. The weak dollar is a factor that led investors to put cash in oil and gold. Oil is priced in dollars on global markets so a weaker dollar drives oil and gold prices up. The gas prices are not up because of supply and demand. Oil companies have cut back on refining production. Higher gas prices heighten the pain on consumers and gives them another reason to pull back on all other spending. Economist say that doesn’t help the recovery of the greatest turn down since the Great Depression.

We were sorry to hear about the death of Ed Lovelace, former Orange resident and radio station owner. He died Oct. 21, just a few days before his 88th birthday. Ed was a very important man in Orange history. He took a small radio station and put Orange on the map. He brought in celebrities and noted politicians that he stroked for community advances. Please see obit and Down Life’s Highway column.

After two years of writing and researching, this week Nova Dee Holts Strickland’s book, “Bugscuffle: Are We There Yet?” is headed to the printer. Those who have heard about it have long anticipated the book. I’ve just completed a pre-press manuscript. Each chapter is a fresh slice of apple pie, Americana Southern style with good east Texas flavor. Nova writes with a breezy, unconventional wit. A book full of laughs, sometimes gaiety, often very personal but never without interest. On every page, as thickly scattered as raisins in a fruitcake are Nova’s delightful phrases. Everyone will find it hilarious as she reminisces of an unconventional childhood in a jail. Unique experiences, diversity and excellent entertainment. Her recollections of life after the Great Depression through World War II and as a young bride – also the colorful people she met from childhood to great-grandmother hood. Strickland inherited her storytelling gift from her dad, Chester Holts, a legendary sheriff and weaver of great tales. Nova takes us down a road that time has changed; her recollections take us on a joyful trip down memory lane. It’s a must read, a historical journey that recalls life and the natives of our area. No book has, until now, highlighted so many people that walked this path and so many interesting events. I hope it’s out in time for Christmas because it will make a treasured gift to anyone who loves our unique way of life.

35 Years Ago-1974

Bridge City Cardinals defeat Little Cypress-Mauriceville Bears. No. 80 Gary Worster, a 145-pound junior, is a two-way starter for the Cards and played a major role in the 28-7 defeat of the Bears. Charlie Hillebrant was a spark plug for the Card’s offense. Defensive standouts were Randy Fults, Mark Williams, Tim Lawsen, Ronnie Melancon, Randy Feverjean and Tony Mulhollan, who also rushed for 114 yards on 14 totes. Quarterback Richard Slayden threw for 139 yards. He was nine for 15 and threw three touchdown passes. Ginny Goforth was crowned homecoming queen. *****West Orange homecoming beauties were Christi Hall, queen; Terri Nimitz, band sweetheart; Pat Siebert, football sweetheart. (Editor’s note: When I compile the above, I often wonder what became of those young beauties and what they might look like 35 years later.)*****The meanest guy in Dairy Queen Land is fun fighter McDoom. (Editor’s note: Remember him?)*****Conn’s Appliance has grand opening in Orange. J.W. Conn Jr. is president, Fain Holbrooks, a native of Alabama; is store manager. He formerly worked for Conn’s Furniture, Varrett Appliance and managed Wilshire’s stores in Port Arthur and Nederland. He also was store manager of Morrow’s Appliance in Orange.

30 Years Ago-1979
Liz Godwin, representing the BC Chamber, Barbara Cullen and Shelly Pate, a trio of Bridge City students, to be Cavalcade duchesses. *****The Bon Ami CB club members we hear on the air are Tug Boat Mama, UFO, Sugar Bea, Mudslinger, Blonde Apache, Window Buster, Hugo’s Tar Hills, Silver Shades, Spaceman and Bed Bug. *****Three BCHS juniors, Chris Humble, Mike and Mark Johnson, placed in weight-lifting competition. *****Jimmy and Ethel Compton celebrate their 33rd anniversary on Oct. 26. *****Barbara Bush, wife of vice presidential hopeful George Bush, visits the home of the Frank Riddicks, where they sponsored a coffee. *****Muhammad Ali stars in “Freedom Road” a two-day TV special. Kris Kristofferson also stars. Both did a good job. *****Pretty and shapely Judy Wyatt was admitted to Park Place Hospital for tests. *****Barney Morris is on the campaign trail for George Bush. *****It’s a boy. Judge Pat Clark and his beautiful Italian wife Rosalie welcomed their third child on Oct. 23. He is named Patrick Allen Clark Jr. He was born on Rosalie’s mom and dad, Frank and Sarah Todaro’s, wedding anniversary. Other grandparents are the Junior Clarks. Pat Jr. has two older sisters, Beth Ann, 7, and Mary Ann, who turns 9 in January. *****Two foxes, Edna Lusignan and Ann Lieby celebrate birthdays on Nov. 2-3. *****Formal opening of the North Orange Baptist Church to be Oct. 31. Rev. Lynn Ashcroft is pastor. Ted Seago, minister of music and Jack Self – minister of education. Walter Cox and Jack Gunstream were on the Building Committee. Lou Givens is chairman of the formal church opening. *****Lidney Thompson, head football coach and athletic director at Little Cypress-Mauriceville, named chairman of March of Dimes. *****According to Bridge City High principal Joe Chenella, Bobbie Jean Simpson has won the Century III Leadership Scholarship competition. (Editor’s note: I wonder if Joe remembers her after 30 years and several thousand students later.)*****Billy Martin broke another promise to Yankee owner George Steinbrenner and it cost him his job for the second time in two years. *****Ed “Too Tall” Jones launches his professional boxing career. *****Seventy-four-year-old Leo Durocher applies for job as Phillies manager despite his age.


We understand our friend Ruby Wimberly broke her hip in an unfortunate fall. We wish her a speedy recovery. *****Stan Mathews is celebrating a 25th anniversary of Mathews Jewelry. It just doesn’t seem like it should be that long. He is having a big sale, a good time to purchase Christmas gifts. *****I believe Sharon Bearden did his Christmas shopping at the silent auction at the Thibodeaux roast. He came away with a half dozen of the best buys. *****We understand our buddy Sleepy Smith was under the weather over the weekend. All of his vital signs checked out fine thankfully. Sleepy is tough – probably just a gas pain. Snap out of it Buster, we got houses to sell. *****Last Friday Judge Claude Wimberly and John Clark both turned 75. Knowing both of them as I do, I just can’t believe they came to the world on the same day, under the same sign. *****Corky and Betty Harmon just returned from a cruise celebrating Betty’s birthday on Oct. 27. *****Kaz and Susan Kazmar returned from attending her 50th class reunion. *****Judge Derry Dunn and Jean flew to Seattle to visit their doctor son and family. Meanwhile, their doctor son from Utah and his family drove to meet them. It was a 12-hour drive but a nice visit, which included seven grandchildren. A beautiful time of year to be in Washington State. *****A friend and his wife are touring in Europe. I’ll tell you about it when they return. ***** I’m not allowed to tell where Judge Janice went. *****Me, I’ve got a trip planned to Gist, Evadale and Buna. If time permits, I’ll circle by Bugscuffle down the dusty road. *****University of Texas quarterback Colt McCoy took a giant step toward the Heisman Trophy Saturday in the game against Missouri. He threw three touchdown passes.. *****Earl Thomas, Orange County star, continued to shine for the Longhorns. He’s getting a lot of P.R. If he chooses to, he will go in the top 25 in the draft. That youngster has to make coaches Cowell Thompson and Hooks very proud. In fact, all of Orange County is proud. Until he plays the Aggies that is. First the Longhorns face a big test against the Oklahoma State Cowboys. No push over. ***** Did you notice the Aggies came alive in a 52-30 win against Texas Tech.*****The Tampa Bay Buccaneers haven’t won a game since releasing Orange County boy Matt Bryant, the teams top scorer. *****Did you know that Texas public schools have 126, six-man football teams and 100 private school teams. A couple of dozen teams play eight-man football. *****Happy birthday to some special folks. Joey Campbell celebrates this week as does pretty Heather Dubose and Dale Dardeau. *****Roy and Ms. Phyl’s eldest, Mark Dunn, arrived on Halloween. Every year on Oct. 31 the nation passes out candy to all the youngsters. Best wishes to all. *****I bet you didn’t know that Karen Jo Vance worked for Bob Dartez at Popeye’s Grocery on Western Avenue before going to work in the county clerk’s office in 1974. Cliff Ableson hired her in what was Cliff’s 7-11. Mr. Ableson asked her to wear a name tag with Cliff’s 7-11 on it. Bob did not want her to but she wore it anyway. (She has always been independent.) Cliff came in the store, saw she had the tag on and handed her a $5 bill for wearing it. That was four hours pay. She thought she was rich. Karen Jo never forgot that. Boy, she was pretty too and really knew how to strut in high heels. *****I’m a connoisseur of great banana pudding and beautiful women. Patsy Peck’s pudding is as good as any I’ve ever eaten. It was Debbie’s birthday and the lovely Ms. Peck made the day with a tub-full of her banana pudding. No wonder David had to go on a diet. *****I got my picture carved on a personalized pumpkin done by Eric at COS in Bridge City. The pumpkins come with a light inside and Eric can carve any portrait or picture you wish. To find out more contact Eric at or call 313-0412. *****We’ve sold out of Jivin’ Gene’s new CD again but if you would like to order one stop by our office either in Orange or Bridge City and we’ll get it for you. The CD has gotten great response. Swamp pop is enjoyed by all ages. *****I just learned today that Rev. Bob Simmons, age 83, was born in Orange and raised in Louisiana and Arkansas. His family returned to Orange when he was a teenager. Rev. Simmons still pastors a church, The Maranatha Christian Center on Texas 87. In the last few years he lost his wife of 63 years and a son. He still has a radio ministry every Sunday on KOGT, the station he helped build as an engineer and radio personality. He’s a good man and one of the most knowledgeable students of the Bible I know. He’s a great teacher on the word of God. *****The New York Yanks will meet Brad Lidge, Margie Stephens’ favorite player, and the Phillies in game one Wednesday 6:30 p.m. on FOX.*****(Orange County native and) Coach Wade Phillips and his Dallas Cowboys beat Atlanta 37-21. Romo completed 21 of 29 passes for 311 yards and two touchdowns. However, it was Wade’s defense that stepped up and closed the door.*****How bout dem Saints coming back from 21 points down to beat Miami 46-34 and staying undefeated? The Texans win a squeeker 21-20 over the San Francsco 49ers.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch dines at the new building housing County Commissioner Owen Burton’s office and the county sheriff’s substation in Mauriceville. Next week the Bunch will dine at Novrozsky’s. Everyone welcome. Last week Skipper Free made a surprise visit joining the Bunch at Robert’s.*****Judy Shockley was in Chicago after she and Dr. Jones sold C and B Trucking to our buddy Brent Peveto. He is making some changes, adding trucks etc. Brent is a good guy. If you need dirt, gravel or any material be sure and call C and B. Brent will treat you right. I’m wondering what Chochies will do with his time now that he’s not running errands for Judy. *****I see Penny has a story running this week on blue-eyed Pearl Stanfield, who celebrated her 89th birthday on Oct. 27. A good historical story about early Orange.*****


Ronna Dickman, Ronnie Moerbe, Barbara McLellan, Cori Woodard, Heather Dubose, Beverly Brown, Brandon Allensworth, Emma Scott, Vicki Cormier, Zach Corbello, Mark Dunn, Brock Whittle, Jessica Bradberry, Kevin Sorrels, Laura Moreau, Stacy Doiron, Taylor Thurman, Alana Ball, Alice McCray, Chester Abshire, Janel Menard, Joey Campbell, Kyle Prosperie, Lauren Bland, Lib Davenport, Lorna Wade, Marla Carter, Nancy Blacksher, Rebecca Phelps, Carissa Saenz, Caroline Young, David Moreau, Ed Miller, Isaac Melvin, Kimberly Hall, Olin Mahfouz, Ruby Elizabeth Steppe, Dale Dardeau, Joyce Grant, Julia Letcher, Keith McCurry, Marge Everitt, Ruby Hickey, Skeet Boehme, Tommy Green, Vicki Lowe, Courtney Courville, Dale Carlton, David Hebert, Donna Bell and Jim Simon.
We received a short message from Cussin Sostan. He has been working in Russia for three monts. He says, “Wife Sugar Bee eat a lot from bordom while he was gone. She said she had a call from a charity axing her to donate some of her clo’es to some starving womens in Africa.” She say, “I tole dem no way, anybody who fits in my clo’es ain’t starving dem.”
Sostan say, “I was glad to get back to Sou’h Lozeanna, chicken and sausage gumbo, boudain and a big pot of cush-cush. I bought Sugar Bee a nice, all silk neglasa for her to wear on our anniversary honeymoon.” Guess what? So I had to tole her it was for our 17-year-old granddaughter. I didn’t want her to get mad and cancel da honeymoon.”
Tell Cox, Kee-Kee and LuLu hallo …


Well my friend “Boobs” after many years of back pain got breast reduction a few weeks ago. She still can’t sleep on her belly. My problem is for 25 years I called her “Boobs” – now I don’t know what to call her. “Firmed Up” maybe. I know a couple of gals that could use what she threw away.*****Speaking of that, today’s teenager doesn’t have to leave much to the imagination with what’s shown on television and the Internet, even “Dancing with the Stars.” It’s a long way from the Sears Roebuck lingerie section of my youth.*****Don’t forget to fall back Sunday morning. At 2 a.m. you will gain an hour of sleep but the down side is it will be dark by 5:30 p.m.*****Do like our faithful reader Sam Culpepper. He reads us then turns to Danny’s and Robert’s Meat Market ads. He barbecues and cooks a lot and says the best meat available is always at those stores. I’m sure you can throw K-Dan’s in the mix. They do have the best meat and will cut it to your satisfaction.*****By the way, Harmon’s Pre-Owned Cars has some new great bargains – just arrived. I recommend them.*****Read us cover to cover. Goodbye, good luck and God bless.

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