A portable electric sign with an LED read-out has made its way into Orange County to tell speeders to slow down on their short cuts and in residential areas.

Rob Strause, Precinct 2 constable, said his office as well as the Orange County Sheriff’s Office have received “a ton” of calls from citizens on Turtle, Tulane and Linscomb roads in Vidor and Concorde Road in Vidor. 

“The majority of the complaints are of speeding in the residential areas,” he said. “These roads are in residential areas and are also cut-through roads that others use to shorten their trip. There have been wrecks on these roads mostly due to speed. One accident occurred just a few weeks ago on Turtle Road.”

  The deputies and Precinct 2 personnel have patrolled the road and stationed deputies on or near the road with limited success, Strause said. 

The trailer on which the sign is mounted has a built in radar and displays the speed in large numbers on a screen at the top. There is also a sign near the top that reminds the driver of the speed limit on the road. 

“The trailer can be interfaced with a camera but the intent is to raise awareness,” Strause said. “Most people will obey the law but sometimes need a reminder. The constable’s office saved money on the installation of lights and camera on the constable’s vehicle and purchased the trailer. We intend to rotate the trailer to roads that need the attention as soon as possible.”