A new vendor was found at Orange’s Farmers Market Saturday. Ray Donnaud displayed rocking chairs he and his son, Charles make from downed trees due to Hurricane Rita in 2005. In the past they have made chairs out of red oak, magnolia and mesquite. The chairs on display were made from cedar and cypress.

The elder Donnaud stated they also make cypress garden stakes, picture frames, and child size rockers. Bags of cedar shavings which can be used to fend of moths in closets or line the bottom of pet cages are also for sale.

So far, the Donnauds have made 25-30 chairs. They range in price from $125-175.

Next Saturday also expect to find homemade soap, sweet potatoes, green onions, satsumas, lemons, possibly collard greens and cucumbers. Available frozen will be purple hull and black eye peas, squash, muscadines and blueberry juice. There will also be a variety of canned fruits and vegetables. Oatmeal raisin walnut cookies will be for sale, along with peanut butter cookies and bran muffins.

Come early.

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