On what had to be one of the finest weather mornings of the year the general waterfowl season and Texas youth whitetail season opened up to a rather solid showing. For almost all the hunters I spoke with, the hot topic was water and how much of it we have in this part of the state. Many deer hunters were unable to access blinds without a boat while their feeders looked more like those used to feed catfish on a pond. It seemed everywhere you looked the water was just the song says, “three feet high and rising.”

The unusually heavy rains from a record wet October have made the conditions quite different than in years past. Duck hunters have birds scattered all over the marshes while the deer hunters are seeking higher ground. The excess water has helped both sets of hunters in different ways. The fresh water in the marshes will certainly help to keep ducks in the area as the lush grasses that have taken over will be prime after a much needed flushing of saltwater.

Deer hunters will enjoy the fact that many of the acorns that had already begun to pile up on the ground will sour and make corn feeders or supplemental food plots a magnet as the deer search for their next meal.

Now as far as results from this past weekends hunts; all I can say is that I was really impressed to see the numbers of ducks in our area.

My son, Hunter and I were in the blind on some public land not expecting to see much and boy were we wrong. Several really good groups of teal invaded our decoy spread before I even decided to take my gun out of the case. A lone group of mallards, a few pintails, some ring necks and a small flock of snow geese also made an appearance during what turned out to be a really nice hunt. Both Anahuac and J.D. Murphee had exceptional hunts reported, mostly teal but really good numbers overall. The basic strap consisted of both blue and green winged teal along with some gadwall and the ever present shovelers. Folks who took to the river bottoms also had some good shoots on wood ducks and a few mallards. Overall the opener was not nearly as slow as expected.

The youth deer hunters were also out in full force and they went to work early. I got multiple texts and e-mails from proud dads as many young hunters took their first deer over the weekend. In between watching ducks I continually scrolled through my messages on the cell phone as picture after picture showed up of the proud hunters and their deer. The youth season is a special one and I want to wish all of the hunters continued success as the general season opens this weekend. Please be safe and courteous out there this weekend because the traffic both on the road and in the woods will be much higher than normal.