Two brothers in love with the same woman is never a good thing. Love, jealousy, fear, anger and hate are strong emotions expressed in a combination of contemporary dance and operatic arias in “Remember Me.”

Parsons Dance, in collaboration with lead vocals from East Village Opera Company performed compelling pieces in a tale of a love triangle ending in tragedy, Friday at the Lutcher Theater.

The dance was brought to life in song from key pieces from many famous operas including Carmen and La Boheme.

Orange Community Player, Brooke Doss, brought a bus load of her theater arts students to the performance. It was apparent from their reaction, they really appreciated the production.

The dance troupe also performed for youngsters Friday Morning with a shorter version of the performance. Artists talked to the students, explaining what they do and demonstrating how each of the different dancers warm-up before a performance. They also offer the children the opportunity to ask questions.

Before “Remember Me” theater goers were treated to a little Lagniappe, an extra performance of a piece called “Cot.” It was performed by one of the principal dancers, Miguel Quinones. One of the things very unusual in this piece is the use of strobe lights near the end which made it look like Quinones was floating around the stage in mid air.

The Lutcher is off to a great 30th season with two stellar performances under its belt. Their next production will be River Dance on Nov. 20-22 with two night time shows and two matinees.

The next children’s productions will be “Strega Nona; The Musical” on Nov. 10 and “Peter and the Wolf” on Nov. 13. The Lutcher has one of the finest student programs in a four state area and tickets are only $3.50

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