After warning people to fall back on Sunday morning, you guessed it; I lost track of what day it was. My usual 3:30 a.m. Sunday rise found me up at 2:30 a.m. At 3:45, my time, at the Exxon Mobile store, I discovered it wasn’t 4:45 like I thought so I guess time gave me an hour. Plenty too much rain came along Thursday and Friday but the rewards are worth it. The days of mid-70 temperatures are also great. The sweet gum and tallow trees, with the changing of the leaves, are a great sight. The many red berries and beautiful red leaves on the camphor trees are a real treat.. For early risers, the Hunter’s full moon hangs bright in the western sky, not a cloud in sight. *****It’s been a busy few days as many of our friends leave us for the heavens. Ed Lovelace had a nice funeral with Rev. Bob Simmons and military honors for Ed, who had received two purple hearts. Joan Greco Lovelace, Ed’s last wife was down from Baton Rouge to attend the service. We hadn’t seen her in 25 years since visiting she and Ed in Beeville. If not for Ruth Corder, Richard’s longtime bride, I wouldn’t have known who Joan was. She is still her jovial self. *****Got a call from Dale Broussard, who is in town to attend his grandmother’s funeral. He will also join the Wednesday Lunch Bunch at Novrozsky’s. Last week he dined with a group of women Patsy Peck took on a trip to Savannah. He and his wife just live an hour away. On the trip was his late dad Cal’s great friend Betty Lou Womack. All the talk was about Karen Jo Vance being in the presence of Robert Redford on four occasions. The attention, look and smile from him were the highlight of her trip. Redford is in Savannah shooting the movie, “The Conspirator.” Karen Jo still has the goose bumps. Many other local ladies were on Patsy’s trip. Somewhere in this paper there should be a report. Look for it. *****I stopped by and visited Tommy and Sue Simar for a fresh cup of Sue’s coffee. I came away with a bag of pecans. They have just returned from Maryland visiting Sue’s folks. They describe the changing of the leaves through the countryside as beautiful. It was a three-week driving trip and me; I haven’t made it to Gist or Buna yet. *****The Bayou Bowl game is one that will be recalled for many years. Bridge City fought back to a 35-30 win over the Bobcats. The idea of the Bayou Bowl was conceived by the Penny Record’s Roy and Mark, with hope it would be an event celebrated by the two great neighboring communities. The Bowl was turned over to the Bridge City Rotary Club and the guys are extremely pleased it continues to grow. Roy says Buzzie Gunn, who did so much for high school sports, would be delighted. Buzz and his dad T.L. began shooting Friday night football when no one else did and made the photos of the youngsters available free to all of the media. They did it for the kids. *****Well, I’d best quit joshing and get to work. Come along, it won’t do you no harm.

No doubt public option in health care reform is the right choice to offer competition to private insurance. The bottom line is what they are concerned about is not affordable, effective health care. The plan mentioned last week by majority leader Harry Reid and endorsed by President Obama, frankly doesn’t help us much. What is proposed now is that states could opt out of the public plan. Reid calls it compromise. I believe the insurance companies, who are spending $1.5 million a day on lobbyists, got to enough legislatures. When you leave it up to the states folks in Arkansas might be able to get public low-price insurance while Texans won’t. If you can buy a governor off then the citizens don’t get the same option other states do. If insurance can put the fix on half of the states they will still make big money with no competition. I’ll guarantee you Gov. Perry or Gov. Hutchison will protect the insurance companies. I believe Reid and his henchmen are selling out the American people by putting public option in the hands of states that can be bought off by the insurance giants. They will end up saving half the pie and half of Americans get screwed. In some states all of them will. I’ve told you before everyone against the plan is protecting the insurance companies.


What a darling that fine lady was. Vivian Dorman, 78, passed away last Sunday, Nov. 1. Funeral services were Wednesday at Claybar Funeral Home. Day or night, Miss Vivian was always prepared to feed anyone who stopped by and many did. Her and her late husband Jack were the salt of the earth folks. Vivian watched over a large group of family and friends. She always ruled the roost, very much like Barbara Stanwyck did in “Big Valley.” To know her was to love her. She has now joined up with Jack, brothers Louis Dugas and A.J. Broussard, two of our great buddies, and her mom and dad and all those she loved. We extend our sincere condolences to her great family, our friend Donna Scales, sons Johnny and Larry Dale and the remainder of their family. Also to sister Margaret Conway and brother Richard and their families. We will never forget her. She was a jewel, one of a kind. May she rest in peace. See obit.

We were sorry to hear about the passing of Ms. Gladys Broussard Friday, Oct. 30. She was our late friend Cal Broussard’s mom. She had been a resident of the Meadows over the last couple of years. She was a great lady who saw the death of her husband and all of her children. She was buried near them in Morse, La. May she rest in peace. Please see obit. *****Also condolences to Rev. Leo Anderson and his family on the death of his sister Leona Collins, 56. Service at Oakwood funeral home in Mauriceville were held Tuesday.*****Our sincere condolences to Joyce Dowdle and her family on the death of her dad Bill Stanley, 82, who passed away Oct. 29. Services were Monday at the old home place in Mauriceville. Bill was another military man from the Greatest Generation. See obit.*****James P. Cloud M.D., 83, passed away Saturday. After completion of the residency Dr. Cloud set up his practice of orthopedics in Orange where he remained and raised his family. He retired from medicine in 1997. To his wife Patricia, daughters Luanne, Jean, Jill, son Scott, seven grandchildren, five great-grandchildren and sister Dora Myers we extend our sympathies..


Services were Tuesday for our longtime friend Paul Cormier, 90, who passed away Friday. He had been ill over the last couple of years. His contributions to Orange County and particular the Orangefield area are numerous. To Bobby, Carlene and Darlene and their families we extend our deepest sympathies. Please see obit and Down Life’s Highway column.

30 Years Ago-1979

Kenny Franks and the West Orange-Stark Mustangs defeat the Port Arthur Yellow Jackets 45-21. *****Joey Hargrave, Shannon Forman, Lance Lee and Bryan Ward shine for the Bridge City Cardinals in a tough loss to Silsbee 21-14. *****David Sorbert, Sharon Primeaux, Tommy Berwick, Scott Laidlaw, Linda Pendleton and Charles Richard all celebrate birthdays this week. *****Cecil and Jessie Harris celebrate 51 years of marriage. *****Anthony and Linda Pendleton celebrate their 6th. *****Lois Broussard of the Orange Chamber is one of three secretaries to excel in state secretaries’ exam. *****Little Cypress-Mauriceville junior varsity cheerleaders are Bridget Gunn, Deidra Spell, Jeanette Yawn, Lucy Parker, Becky Thompson and Nan Finchum. (Editor’s note: A half dozen beauties. I hope life has treated them well. I figure they should be at least 45 years old today.)*****If the Texas Aggies finish with a winning season this year coach Tom Wilson will be the first head coach to do that in his first year since 1951.

35 Years Ago-1974

Corky Harmon brings back a couple of papers from Brazil that sold for $3 each. It’s the only English paper in Brazil. It’s a tabloid and looks very much like our Opportunity Valley News. (Editor’s note: $3 in 1974 is like spending $10 today.)*****A special birthday party took place last week for Ed Lovelace at the Airport Towers. *****Tim Hughes is giving away sugar with a set of tires. He calls his promotion, “A Sweet Deal.”*****Because of Ducks Unlimited, Huey Simon now owns a $150 shotgun that cost him only $700. John Cash Smith is scheduled to be auctioneering next year. What a riot that will be. *****Phyllis’ Hair Fashions introduces Barbara Ann Becker as new beautician. *****Carl Thibodeaux is elated over the tremendous response the people of West Orange have given him during his first year of operating West Orange Pharmacy. First anniversary celebrations will be at the pharmacy all week. *****The Bridge City Rotary Club’s charter banquet and installation of new officers is Nov. 12. The club has 25 charter members; 150 are expected to attend. (Editor’s note: It’s hard to believe that was 35 years ago. The club still meets regularly every Thursday. *****


Congrats to our buddy Joe Chenella, named to the Lamar University Hall of Fame. The award will be presented Thursday at the Mary and John Gray Library. It was certainly deserved. The BCISD assistant superintendent has worn many hats over the past 48 years in the district.*****Congrats also to Rev. Charles and Virginia Holts on their 60th wedding anniversary, Oct. 29.*****I learned where Capt. Janois Strause got her good looks. Her red-headed mom, Patsy, is quite a looker.*****I just have to get the Creauxmobile over to Granger’s for that $29 oil change. Pattie in Vegas tells me her friend Mike Powell is a shop technician at Granger’s. Apparently a lot of people are taking advantage of the $29 deal because they walk over and visit. We’re just across the street.*****Mary and Don Stanton celebrate their 43rd anniversary Nov. 5. Now folks, anything is possible, even endurance. Just kidding guys, best wishes for continued happiness.*****Shirley and Butch Choate celebrate on Nov. 8.. Best wishes.*****At least 19, 572 jobs have been saved or created in Texas. In the opening months of President Obama’s emergency economic recovery plan. According to the Houston Chronicle, the administration is on track to provide the promised 3.5 million jobs.*****University of Texas’ Colt McCoy moves closer to the Heisman after the 41-14 win over Oklahoma State. Colt passed for 171 yards and his 100th career touchdown pass.*****Meanwhile, the Texas Aggies dominated Iowa State 35-10. I look for the Texas and A&M game come Thanksgiving time to be a thriller.*****Vasek has to like this – TCU won it’s 10th consecutive game and 12th in a row at home in a 41-0 whipping of UNLV.****Our old buddy, back in Mr. Cox’s neighborhood, attorney H.D. Pate, is still in business operating out of Dr. Messer’s building next to Classy Peacock. Stop by or call if you’re looking for an old experienced lawyer. He’s seen it all.*****Special birthdays. On Nov. 3 our sweetheart Denise Stanton turned 40. It certainly would be great if we could all look that young at age 40. Best wishes for many happy years. *****A very special, special birthday to Sharon Dunn who will celebrate on Nov. 5.*****Everybody’s friend, Commissioner John Dubose, marks another year on Nov.. 5. Getting older ain’t that great is it? The years roll by. *****Attorney Steve Carlton celebrated this week. He’s no longer the young lawyer on the corner of Border and Market Street. *****One friend Judy Hunt celebrates, as does Kim Moore. Happy birthday to all.*****Ray Pouson stopped by and it was great to see him. He’s still nursing an old football knee injury. He’s one of the great guys. *****We haven’t seen or heard from one of our bestest friends Dot Eshbach in many moons. I hope she’s doing well. *****One of our all time best buddies Sean Cade Gros will celebrate his 19th on Nov. 12. I mention it now so I’m sure not to forget. Happy birthday “Patch.”*****Congrats to the Bridge City cross-country team. They continue to rule. *****Best wishes to a great lady for continued speedy recovery to Mary Fontenot, who suffered a heart attack a month ago. Anne and the crew at Bridge City Market Basket are missing her. *****Beautiful Nelda Burton has lost a considerable amount of weight since undergoing the knife. She is still lovely and a great friend to have. We wish her continued improvement. We understand commissioner Owen was a good, patient nurse over the weeks. *****We discovered sweet Carly Davis Thibodeaux working out of the new county offices in Mauriceville. She’s Shawn and Tammy’s eldest.


Denise Stanton, Loretta Meadows, Marilyn Prewitt, Pam Guyote, Gail Hass, Kathy Arceneaux, Kim Moore, Louise Fuselier, Myrtice Moore, Ruth Walker, Chris Rogers, Gina Beaulieu, John Dubose, Kember Ess, Margaret Thibodeaux, Viola Thibodeaux, Carrie Larson, Derek Grooms, Faye Harrington, Kay Wingate, Robin Schaffer, Claris Collins, James Bergeron, Barbara Lopez, Bob Johnston, Chuckie Ganze, Debra Burch, Dixie Brint, Jim Reid, Linda Faulk, Pauline Chatelain, Susan Veillon, Cecil Welborn, Charlotte Wooten, Cynthia Dupuis, Donna Bradley, L.C. Boudreaux, Steve Carlton, Troy Crochet, Della Buxton, Jean Levingston, Jeff Bland, Judy Hunt and Lora Hanks.


Sean “Diddy” Combs will be 39 on Nov. 5; Kathy Griffin, 49; Laura W. Bush, 63 and Walter Cronkite, had he lived, would be 93. *****Nov. 5, Tatum O’Neal will be 46; Bryan Adams, 50; Art Garfunkel, 68 and Elke Sommer, 69. *****Nov. 6, Pat Tillman would be 33. A NFL star he was killed in Afghanistan by friendly fire; Marie Shriver, 54; Sally Field, 63 and Mike Nichols, 78. *****Nov. 7, Jason and Jeremy London, 37; Joni Michell, 66 and Joan Sutherland, 83. *****Nov. 8, Jack Osbourne, 24; Mary Hart, 58; Bonnie Raitt, 60 and Patti Page, 82. *****Nov. 9, Vanessa Minnillo, 29; Chris Jericho, 39 and Lou Ferrigno, 58. ****Nov. 10, Ellen Pompeo, 40; Donna Fargo, 60; Tim Rice, 65 and MacKenzie Phillips, 50.

Joe Robecheaux and Roy Thibeaux saw an ad in da Abbeville newspaper dat a farmer near Kaplan had a mule for sale. Dey bought it for $100.
Da farmer, Clovis Comeaux, agreed to deliver it. Da next day Comeaux drove up and said, “Me, I’m sorry, but dat mule die last night.”
Joe and Roy say, “Well den, jus give us our money back.”
Comeaux said, “I can’t do dat me, I lost da money at da casino las night.”
Robecheaux said, “Okay den, bring us da dead mule”
“Wat da hell you gonna do wit a dead mule, hanh?” Comeaux axe.
Thibeaux said, “We gonna raffle him off us.”
Comeaux say, “You crazy, you can’t raffle a dead mule no.”
“Mais sho we can, we don’t hafta tell nobody da mule is dead.” Roy said.
In a few weeks Joe and Roy run into farmer Comeaux at Robie’s Grocery Store. He axe, “Wat ya’ll do wit dat dead mule?”
“We raffle him, sold 500 tickets for two dollars each. We made us a $898 profit,” da mens answer.
Farmer Comeaux axe, “Did anyone get mad?”Robecheaux say, “Well yea, da Cajun wat won got upset him, boy he was mad, so we gave him his $2 back.


It’s a sad time; just too many friends have left us in the last few days. I feel for all of their families. It’s so final.*****On a good note, we want to wish our friend Cedric Stout a very happy 88th birthday on Nov. 7. He was a WW II veteran and a Pearl Harbor survivor. He’s also a great guy from the Greatest Generation.*****Special thanks to Jim Pruter for the good citrus. We found the bag hanging on the door. Lucky it was still there.*****The Phillies hang on with a 8-6 win over the Yanks. The teams return to New York for game six on Wednesday. Yankees lead the World Series three games to two.*****How bout dem Saints? They are 7-0 with the 35-27 win over Atlanta. Our friends in Louisiana think quarterback Drew Brees is heaven-sent. Could they possible go undefeated? If they do, Drew will be sainted.*****What about the boy from Kiel, Miss., just down the road on IH-12. Brett Farve ties Dan Marino’s record with four touchdown passes to beat Green Bay. Farve is the only quarterback to have beaten all 32 teams in the NFL. He’ll beat yours or take yours and beat his.*****Don’t forget the Blue Star Banner at Circle Baptist Church will be Saturday at 10 a.m. Everyone is invited.*****Great buys at Farmer’s Market on Saturday, near Bealls on MacArthur. It opens at 7 a.m. *****Gotta get out of here. Thanks for coming along. Take care and God bless.