Orange County Transportation held the ribbon cutting of their new location on Farm Road 1442 Thursday. Sixty-five to 70 well wishers tuned out for the festivities and food.

Donna Minter, assistant director of OC Transportation says the county owns 17 buses and averages about 36,000 trips a month. Unlike the bus systems in Jefferson County that only picks up passengers at bus stops, Orange County provides “curb to curb service.” Within Orange County the charge is only $1 per trip each way. Transportation is also provided to Jefferson County certain days of the week for only $2.50 each way. Beaumont trips can be scheduled for Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Port Arthur and Mid County trips are made on Monday and Wednesday.

Use of the system is on the rise. Transportation dispatcher Jerrie LeDoux said,” There was a really big influx of riders after Hurricane Ike. At times it was overwhelming.”

“We get new riders all the time,” said LeDoux. Some days, if they run out of room on the busses, they refer riders to OCAA, who not only deliver “Meals on Wheels,” but also give rides.

The county did take possible growth of the system into account when planning the new barn by providing space for a sixth dispatcher; the county employees five at this time. Service was transferred to the new location on Sept. 30.

OC Transportation is a valuable service to residents for a reasonable cost. “Service is provide on a first come, first serve basis,” said Minter. Rides must be reserved at least 24 hours in advance by calling 745-9511.

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