The Mauriceville Elementary School Student Council held a “Kissing of Da Pigs,” in conjunction with a “Pep UP” Rally on Friday, on the MVE campus. Coach Chris Lee and librarian Laurie Gordon won the opportunity to be the “kissers” of Bella Pig, family pet of MVE teacher Jennifer Ford.  Both Coach Chris Lee and Librarian Laurie Gordon, were good sports about kissing Bella the Pot Belly Pig in the interest of raising funds for the MVE Student Council. Bella, on the other hand, was less than cooperative, and was interested only in getting back to her pen and her piggy snacks.  The pink feather boa sported by Gordon seemed to be a bit of distraction to Bella, who became slightly more cooperative when the boa was removed. Gordon also wore pink felt sow ears for the occasion. Obviously, the pig was not fooled.

The “Pep UP” Rally was sponsored by the Student Council to encourage and show appreciation for teachers and staff. Students, voting for the teachers they most wanted to see as pig kissers, raised $573 for the Student Council. Teachers, Principal Beverly Knight, and Little Cypress-Mauriceville Superintendent Pauline Hargrove all performed during the event. According to Student Council sponsor, Mary Kay Berndt, MVE’s administration, teachers, paraprofessionals, and staff have all been working extra hard this year and the Student Council felt they needed to be appreciated and given a little “Pep UP” time.