I don’t know how you feel about it but I’ve been screwed up since the time changed. I get to bed too early and am up in the middle of the night. No time left with daylight to piddle in the yard. The up side is that little chilluns are not waiting on the school bus in the dark of night. Otherwise the weather has been great. I could live with it year round, not too cold, not too hot but just right, 50 for lows, 75 for highs.*****Deer widows started cheering with the opening of the season Saturday. Daddy was out hunting for the buck with the big rack. Mom was telling the kids. “Daddy going to shoot us some meat. We’ll have sausage, roast, steaks and backstrap.” That sure puts a lot of pressure on old dad. He has to produce even if it means coming home with Bambi. What’s mom doing all this time? In some cases enjoying the break and the daily routine. Maybe even taking a night out and joining up with other deer widows. It’s a great time of year for all hunters.****Meanwhile it’s high school playoff time. Congrats to West Orange-Stark and Bridge City, both headed to bi-district playoffs. The Mustangs take on Coldspring Friday at Huffman-Hargrave, 7:30 p.m. Both have 8-2 records. The Cardinals will face Cleveland in Pasadena Friday, 7:30 p.m. Bridge City is 7-3, Cleveland 9-1.*****The Pirates of Coach Jeff Mathews are out to prove they are for real against Dayton in Huntsville, Saturday at 7:30 p.m. Vidor is 7-3, Dayton, 7-2.  Jeff, like Coach Huckabay of Orangefield, are both Bridge City graduates. Coach Mathew’s brother is NFL pro Jason Mathews, his sister ‘Becca is BC girl’s volleyball coach. Coach Jeff will have a lot of hometown folks pulling for him and his Vidor team. In fact, some folks are planning to make both games.*****Congrats to coach Cody Knight and his cross-country team headed to Class 3-A State Championships after placing second in Region. Congrats also to Lady Cardinal Jessica Franklin, who qualified for state. To all you young athletes we say bring home the bacon.*****I’ve gotta move on. Please come along, it won’t do you no harm.


Wednesday is Veteran’s Day but everyday we should appreciate all our vets who served in WWII up to the present. I really believe that our military personnel are our true American heroes. So many times when they return here they are forgotten and that should never happen. God bless our vets.

Maj. Nidal Hasan is under heavy guard at Fort Sam Houston. The soldier is accused of a mass shooting, killing 13 and wounding 29. It’s a complicated case. He could get the death sentence in a military court. However, if he was in a terrorist plot, he could come under Federal U.S. Anti-Terrorism laws. Hasan is alive, conscious but in critical condition but stable. A memorial Tuesday at Fort Hood was attended by President Obama and the First Lady.

In an interview with Robert Hankins, Judge Janice Menard, JP Court, Pct. 3, and Judge Derry Dunn, JP Court Pct. 2, have confirmed they are seeking re-election. That’s good news for Orange County citizens. They are very conscience and work well together. The four courts have a great working relation and have a system that makes a judge available at all times. I recall when that wasn’t the case. In fact, the JP judges barely spoke and now they pinch-hit for each other. Last Friday, Judge Menard was on call and her grandson, Bridge City star athlete Matt Menard, was playing a game in Hampshire so Judge Dunn told her, “Go on watch the kid, and I’ll cover for you.” All four judges have that cooperation.***** Judge Joe Parkhurst is not running for re-election. The only announced candidate, in an earlier released statement, is David Peck, longtime peace officer and administrator, seeking to be Justice of the Peace for Pct. 1.

30 Years Ago-1979

Attending “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” show in Houston with OVN columnist Lowell Scribner were Marilyn Vaughn, Birdie Ferguson, Jewiss Peterson, Mildred Slaton, Edna Travis, Imelda Malloy, Skipper Free, Elsie and Joedna Smyth, Charles and Roberta Carr, Madeline and Lynn Hardin, the Hunter Smiths, Dorothy Graves, F.B. Moddy and Keble Free. The next trip for Lowell will be to catch “Chicago.”*****Texas Avenue Grocery sale items include Coors beer, 12 pack, 12-ounce cans, $3.29; Hormel bacon, 78 cents pound; pork chops, center cut, $1.19 pound; lettuce, head 29 cents; Rinso detergent, king size, $1.39. *****Bridge City folks in the hospital are Judy Wyatt, Stacy Guyote, who had surgery; Tammy Touchette and June Bishop, who had a long stay. *****Jennifer Benton will be 14 on Nov. 11. *****Bridge City Cablevision opens office. Al McKay, president, said the Bridge City and Vidor Cablevision are being built simultaneously. The company will feature ten channels with others to be added as they become available. All live events from Madison Square Garden, the University of Houston Education Channel 8, Channel 9 from Chicago, Channel 7 from Lake Charles, two Atlanta stations featuring 24-hour, 7 days a week programming, the Christian Network and the three local stations – Channels 4, 6, and 12. HBO is an additional attraction and offers uncut/unedited shows. The company has received a 15-year franchise for both cities. Bridge City office is located at 3140 Texas Ave. Monthly cost will be $8.50 per month, $9.50 with HBO. (Editor’s note: Today 100s of stations are available. In seven years McKay and his partners, Carl Parker and Oscar Wyatt sold the company. McKay became a multimillionaire but only lived two years after the sale and died at age 41. He is buried alongside his mom and dad at his farm in Warren) *****Harold Fisette Sr., a good man, died last week. *****A.J. Judice is an unusual Cajun that always wants to be different. He now owns a bobtail raccoon. Most folks would have one with a big bushy tail. *****Gordon Underwood is back with Dal Sasso Enterprises. *****Spencer Turkel, a New York anthropologist, will be in Orange for Thanksgiving to see his nephews Russell and Scott Turkel performing as Munchkins in “The Wizard of Oz.” Spencer’s brother Richard is playing the Wizard. (Editor’s note: We haven’t heard from Dr. Arlene and Richard in a long time.)

Pretty, blue-eyed Pearl came by and brought us some homemade pecan brownies. Mrs. Stanfield, at 89, painted her garage floor Friday and was planning to go to “Holiday in the Park” the next day. That gal really is a sweetheart. Her story on our Web site got more than 700 hits from around the globe.*****Special thanks to our buddy Jessie Domingue who stopped by Robie’s in Abbeville and got us some French bread. I think it’s the best baked anywhere.*****Speaking of that Cajun town, Anabel Hebert Rost stopped by to tell Roy about the 55th class reunion of their graduation class. Roy was not able to attended so Anabel filled him in on the happenings. She had a great time although she says 42 out of 105 of their classmates have died. Most of her family are still in Abbeville.*****Neighbor Cox came by. It was good to see him. Ms. Ginny is visiting daughter Karen and family in Oklahoma. Cox and Cody are batching. I offered to loan him my black book that goes back many years. He turned it down. The women in that book and him are all over the hill. He has no use for a black book. Salute to our WWII buddy. Happy Veterans Day. Cox, like pretty Margie Stephens, is an Astro fan. We agree however that the New York Yanks making the series from time to time is good for baseball. World Series television rating was up 39 percent from last year’s game between the Phillies and Rays. That proves the point, the Yanks are the Yanks.*****A great guy to go to heaven with would be Pastor David Logan, who has pastored the Word of Life Church more than 30 years. He held his cousin Vivian Dorman’s service last week and even wore his red cap. He said he would loan it to Roy for the next service he participated in.*****Speaking of heaven, how ‘bout them Saints come from behind 30-20 win over the Panthers. It was a hard fought game at home and now New Orleans goes on a rocky road with not one easy game left. Our Cajun cousins are on cloud nine.*****The worst game I tried to watch over the weekend was Oklahoma and Nebraska. I believe each team had just one first down in the first half. Nebraska won 10 to-3.*****It was a bad 35-34 loss to Colorado for Texas A&M. It knocked them out of a bowl game.*****Coach Wade Phillips and his Dallas Cowboys whipped the Eagles 20-16 to put them in first place. Everything good for the Cowboys is good for Orange County, especially Orange, where Wade was born at Lutcher Hospital. His dad, Coach Bum Phillips is also an Orange native, born on John Street at home. Go Cowboys.*****How about TCU? They keep on rolling with a 55-12 win over San Diego State. Carlos is so inflated if you’d stick a pen in him he’d blow up. He loves his Horn Frogs. A undefeated TCU is something to brag about.*****The hat Jack Ruby wore when he killed Lee Harvey Oswald brought $53,775 at auction. Oswald was accused of killing JFK when he was shot. A Dallas morning newspaper that Kennedy had signed for a maid on that fatal day brought $38,837. It originally cost five cents.*****I’m glad to see our buddy Mike Louviere is back in circulation. I believe he wrote something in this paper.*****Don’t forget the 43rd CMA awards Wednesday night 7 p.m. on ABC. It’s the best music award show and the longest running.*****The Port of Orange will have a big ribbon-cutting next Monday 11 a.m. at their Alabama Street facility. I look forward to seeing our buddy “Buckshot” and the rest of the port district gang. Everyone is welcome.*****Look Harry’s Appliance ad over. Harry and Margie are offering great bargains. The Stephens are good folks to do business with.*****Oprah had Ellen and her wife, Portia DeRossi on the show Monday. They shared their wedding pictures but not the honeymoon. Grandma just said, “Say what?”*****Cardinal Boosters to host a community pep rally Thursday 5:30 p.m. at Bridge City Wal-Mart parking lot honoring the cross country, volleyball and football teams. Cardinal items will be sold. Come join in honoring the youngsters.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch dined at Novrozsky’s last week. Special guest of honor was WWII Pearl Harbor survivor Cedric Stout and his lovely wife. The group will dine at Van Choate’s Tuffy’s this Wednesday. Next week the Bunch will meet at Robert’s Restaurant. Everyone welcome.*****The Congress has passed a health reform plan. It’s taken 100 years to get this far. It’s just one small step in this needed reform but it will be a giant leap if it gets through the Senate. Insurance companies will now go into full court press. They own a bunch of Republican senators and also some Democrats. The records prove they have long had Sen. Joe Lieberman in their pocket so don’t look for public option to get by him. Meanwhile the “Talking Heads” are sowing seeds of fear that is tearing at the fabric of our society. The unsuspecting and less knowledgeable are walking lock step with this insanity. My insurance went up last week and yours will to. Don’t buy that trash.*****We were sorry to learn of the death of longtime friend Donald Castille, 75, who died Oct. 22, at his home in Melbourne, Fla. Donald was a Port Arthur native and 1950 Thomas Jefferson grad. After working in the lab at Texaco, he opened Costal Diving and Coastal Propeller Company in Bridge City. He was a charter member of the Bridge City Rotary Club.***** Happy birthday to Don Stanton and also to Pat Stanton who both celebrate on Nov. 12. Born several years apart.*****Happy 57th anniversary to our friend Jim Pruter and wife Charlotte, who celebrate Sunday, Nov. 15. I bet Jim sleeps on the right side of the bed. Congrats and best wishes.


Rana Miller, Cynthia Graham, Cynthia Dupuis, Don Stanton, Pat Stanton, Michael Fisette, Michelle Brown, Ryan Pickering, Allison Ball, Bree Hanks, Edee Risher, Gerald DeLeon, Jeanelle Cochran, Jeanne Blacksher, Kathy Reeves, Larry Gunter, Liz Briggs, Matthew Ethredge, Norma Rampmaier, Phillip Kimbrow, Sharon Sims, Shelby Newton, Carol Ware, Charmaine Faircloth, Clara Edwards, Crystal Jones, Danielle Graffagnino, Karla Holden, Kimberly Ray, Mary Cassidy, Michele Fontenot, Sidney LeBlanc, Cecilia Broussard, Daniel Chesson, Darla Murphy, Donald Miller, Katie Hoffpauir, Kristina Schisler, Lauren Fruge, Lauren Peet, Mary Dixon, Pat Gifford, Susie Riedel, Vicci Milligan, Anna Cappandona, Casey Smith, Dana Perkins, Fred Fuselier, Hattie Arnold, Judie Wilson, Julian Oceguera, Julie Smith, Lindsey Franklin, Nikki Courtney, Shane Preston, Travis Sheppard, Wade Barron, Wally Sieck, Carol Izer, Chris Ford, Cora Betzen, Elton Myers, Madison Miller, Marie Richard, Mary Loyd, Pete Gresham, Rebecca Collins, Thad Angelle, Bryson McFarland, Chris Byers, Dwayne Duncan, Dyanna Sandlin, Laurie Kosh, Nancy Aycock, Patsy Brister, Reba Eddins, Barbara Briggs, Barbara Musser, Chuck Kirby, Katy Taylor and Kenneth Haas.


On Nov. 11 Leonardo DiCaprio will be 35; Demi Moore, 47; Jonathan Winters, 84 and Calista Flockhart, 45.*****Nov. 12, Tonya Harding, 39; Sammy Sosa, 41; Michael Moore, 42, David Schwimmer, 43 and Neil Young, 64.*****Nov. 13, Jimmy Kimmel, 42; Whoopi Goldberg, 54; Nathaniel Benchley, 94; Condoleezza Rice, 55; Prince Charles, 61 and Yanni, 55.*****Nov. 15, Kevin Eubanks, 52; Petula Clark, 77; Ed Asner, 80 and Jodge Joseph Wapner, 90.*****Nov. 16, Lisa Bonet, 42, Dwight Gooden, 45 and Oksana Baiul, 32.*****Nov. 17, Danny DeVito, 65; Tom Seaver, 65; Lauren Hutton, 66 and Gordon Lightfoot, 71.


J.C. Comeaux and Clovis Thibodeaux were flying to New Orleans for to catch da Saint’s game. Dey would land at Kinner and rent a car. Comeaux him, a pilot during Vietnam, was flying da airplane and Thibodeaux was in da back seat, flying for da first time.
Da plane, over the Atchafalaya  Swamp, hit some turbalance and started bouncing around and turning over. Comeaux him, passed out and was sprawl over da steering wheel unconcious.
Thiboceaux him, don’t know wat to do and no nuttin bout flying. He start to panic grabed da mickaphone and say, “Hallo, May Day, May Day.” Dis is Thibodeaux, “Comeaux is unconscious and me, I know nuttin about fly dis plane.”
“Dis is da control tower, don’t you worry bout nuttin, we gonna explain how you land dat plane step by step, jus leave everyting to us.” Da mens axe, “ First how high you are Thibodeaux and wats you position?”
“I’m five feet eight and in da front of da plane,” Thibodeaux answer.
“No, No,” answer da tower, “Wats you altitude and where you location hanh?”
“Mais, rat now I done crap in my pants and I got a poor attitude and I’m from Breaux Bridge me.”
“No, No, came an exasperated voice, “I needs to know how many feets you got off da ground and how you plane is in relation to da airport?”
Thibodeaux him, he done panic, he say, “Counting Comeaux’s feets and mine, we got four feets off da ground and me, I don’t know but I don’t believe dis plane is related to you airport.
There was a long pause. Thibodeaux him, was shaking like a leaf. Den da controller say, “We need to know who is you next of kin.”


Don’t miss the Farmer’s Market Saturday at 7 a.m. in Beall’s parking lot. Great fresh bargains. This week our buddy John Hunt will have nice Rio and Ruby Red Grapefruit. Others will have citrus, vegetables, jellies, jams and even smoked turkeys and deer jerky. A lot of other goodies and fun too.*****Well, I’ve come to the end of my day’s work. I sure thank you for coming along. Please shop the good folks, our family of advertisers, who bring this paper to you free of charge each week. If you know a business that needs to reach this market suggest us to them. We have more reach and readership than all other area papers combined. You can’t buy better advertising. Total market penetration. Read us cover to cover. Goodbye, good luck and may God bless you.

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