Marriage Licenses Issued From
The Office of Karen Jo Vance, Orange County Clerk
For the Week of Nov. 9, 2009 through Nov. 13, 2009

Cameron B. Tally and Jordan A. McNamara
Walter W. Smith and Sheheira A. Villa
Herbert L. Watkins III and Shana M. McCarty
James A. Martinez Jr. and Mary E. Martinez
Paul E. Hartman and Emily L. Fischer
Darrin J. Williams and Latoya D. Riggs
Bruce A. Buller and Katherine R. Staudt
Richard L. Cooper and Veronica L. Coleman
Simon R. Wright and Bobbie M. DeYoung
Emmitt E. Milligan Jr. and Betty M. Marshall
Horace J. Boudreaux Jr. and Lucy N. Mitchell
James E. Gray and Ashlie A. Plowden
Brandon L. Marler and Deidra D. Meaux
Tracy A. Bridges Jr. and Vanessa L. Smith
Charles E. Floyd and Dorothy L. Williamson