Bridge City Middle School has gone “green” thanks to Waste Management and an almost three year campaign by teacher and “Go Green” sponsor Lisa Young Faulk.

Last Friday students, local dignitaries and representatives for Waste Management cut the ribbon on the school’s new recycle dumpster.

According to Faulk, the school is the first in the area to provide complete recycling.

“In every teachers’ classroom, the workroom and the lunch room, you will find a cardboard box with a plastic liner from Waste Management,” Faulk said.

“We are recycling cardboard, aluminum, any type of paper (shredded, color, newspaper, white paper) and plastics,” she said.

Faulk began the campaign prior to Hurricane Ike, Sept. 13, 2008. Last week, Waste Management delivered the new recycle dumpster putting the “Go Green” campaign into action.