The drops that hit the turf on Friday night at Huffman’s brand new stadium were a little different than the ones the Mustangs were used to. Instead of raindrops that plagued the season, they were teardrops, from a season that ended way too soon, after the 41-36 loss to the Coldspring Trojans.

“Overall, I’m proud of our kids,” Head Coach Dan Hooks said. “They have faced a lot of adversity this season, with injuries, and unusual disruptions on and off of the field. Under the circumstances that we have faced, I think they did well.”

The outcome of the game wasn’t what the Mustangs wanted or expected but they showed a lot of heart by never giving up, even when they were down at one point, 25-7.

Although Coldspring struck with two touchdowns right out of the chute, the Mustangs got on the board with 5:15 left in the first quarter when quarterback Reggie Garrett took to the air to move the ball over 40 yards down the field using Mark Roberts, before handing off to fullback Stephen Cook who bulldozed his way into the end zone from one yard out.

The Trojans struck again, twice, before the Mustangs could look up and catch their breath, but the die hard boys never gave up. Near the end of the half, Garrett hit senior Justin Francis in the end zone and senior James Haynes took the hand-off and fought the few yards for the two-point conversion.

Down by only 10 at the half, the ‘Stangs went to work in the third, with the defense holding the Trojans and the offense moving the ball. Running back Darius Mitchell took the honors, scoring on the first drive of the third quarter, from six yards out.

Hanging with the Trojans, down by three, the Mustangs took the lead in the fourth quarter with a little over 6 minutes left when Garrett hit Roberts from the half yard line and Roberts took it to the house, going 99.5 yards to score and set a new school record.

“Me and another guy were tied for the school record with 80 yard touchdown catches, so Mark definitely set a record,” Offensive Coordinator Toby Foreman said. “And it’s a record that can’t be broken, because you just can’t go any farther than that.”

Unfortunately, the Mustangs weren’t able to hold on to the 29-25 lead for long. Coldspring answered back twice and when the Mustangs were able to go back to work, they ran out of time before they could get back on top.

Garrett was able to score the last Mustang touchdown for the year with just 40 seconds left after two over 20 yard passes to Roberts and sophomore Justin Thomas got them down to the two.

The onside kick was perfect but the Trojans fell on it and there was nothing left for the Mustangs to do but watch as they ran out the clock for the victory.

“We have a lot of young kids that we have watched get better, game after game,” Hooks said. “The Mustangs aren’t dead. We could’ve gotten beat 50-0, but the kids battled and got back in it.”

Garrett had an outstanding passing game, throwing 315 yards while Roberts had 208 yards receiving for the Mustangs.

Next week, this column will be dedicated to the seniors and their high school football memories.

Although they aren’t ever really recognized, I would like to thank MY Thoroughbreds, who travel to every game and help set up and take down the helmet and tunnel week in and week out. Somehow that became part of my job two years ago, and without these guys, this would be an impossible task. They are sophomores Zack Drouillard, Jacoy Finney, Sheldon Lee, Josiah Phares, Devin Hebert, Matthew Lackey and Julius Knolley. Thanks, Guys, for all the help and for all that you do that seems to go unnoticed.