If someone asked, “Do y’all grow oranges in Orange County” tell them absolutely. The juiciest you’ll ever eat. That’s not all, besides people raising trees in their back yard; we have growers who raise all types of citrus for commercial reasons. The fruit is as good as is available anywhere. Grapefruit, lemons, satsumas and the rest, are available from the farms on Saturdays at Farmers’ Market. Citrus does very well here. I look for the industry to expand locally. Read about Orange County citrus and a couple of longtime growers in a story by Robert Hankins. Buy local fruit and you will be pleasantly surprised. *****The weather has turned cool but hasn’t it been nice? A little rain is due Friday and another cool front. They say it will be “Chamber of Commerce weather.” I’m running a day late and have a long way to go. Please come along, it won’t do you no harm.


Lester “Buckshot” Winfree is well deserving of the Command Control Center being named for him. The ceremony Monday brought a lot of people out. A large group of high-profile people including U.S. Rep. Kevin Brady. Many in the crowd were his longtime friends and family led by wife Barbara, little brother Bobby Cormier and Devra, Dr. David Olsen and Barbara, Port Director Gene Bouillion, board members John Young, Jimmy Smith, Jerry Hughes and Keith Wallace. Stan Mathews, Jim Pruter, Joel Steirman, Jerry Davidson, Corky and Betty Harmon, Giesla Houseman, state Rep. Mike Hamilton, mayors T.W. Permenter and Roy McDonald, Nancy Vincent and Gary who are headed to cold country to visit mom. Pete Shelton, longtime Beaumont port director and Shaun Davis, manager of SETEX Regional Planning were in attendance. These were just a few of the over 250 friends who attended. Also in attendance was his chauffeur and personal photographer Johnny Montange.

A couple of years ago Lou Dobbs made a total right hand turn. For many years Lou had been the voice to listen to about business and the markets, considered the best in his field. Then he switched and got radical about immigration and just couldn’t turn it loose. CNN cut him off and Lou left. FOX is a good place for him to land. He’ll fit in just right with those other clowns who pose as newsmen. *****Did you hear that lobbyists, ghostwriters, wrote statements and gave our lawmakers talking points on health care overhaul? The lawmakers then presented these items to Congress and the public. It’s no wonder they all sounded alike. It was one speech fits all. Most were Republicans but not all. Insurance companies got to some Democrats too. *****Meanwhile Hannity is caught with his finger in the pie. He superimposed video of past “Tea Party” gatherings with a recent rally that didn’t draw many people. What got him caught was the fact that some of the scenes were from spring and summer rallies, blended in with the latest fall rally. Some trees and grass was green in short sleeve weather. The latest was of trees with no leaves and overcoat weather. Hannity used fear mongering and unsubstantial rhetoric. He seeks support from the less knowledgeable with bigotry. *****Here is the only place you’ll read that Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, when it got down to it, wouldn’t give up her Senate seat to run for Texas governor. She said she would step down in October or November. We said she wouldn’t and some folks out there said, “Breaux and his bird Creaux are drunk again.” She won’t quit so now what happens. Well those seeking her Senate seat in March better land somewhere else. I look for Mayor Bill White of Houston to switch and run for governor of Texas. He would have a darn good shot. Texans have about gotten their fill of Rick and Kay. It’s time to get a new successful, fresh choice. *****Houston researchers are tailoring therapy to patients DNA. A personalized medicine that uses individuals unique genetic profiles to prevent, diagnose and treat potential health threats. Doctors at MD Anderson are working on treatments that target the unique molecular structure of tumors. The time is coming when life will be extended up in the 100s. This is a fascinating time in the study of health science. It’s fast moving and you will be hearing a lot about it in the coming months.*****Going almost unnoticed was the launching of shuttle Atlantis on Monday. Atlantis is carrying vital spare parts to the International Space Station, an 11-day mission. Under NASA’S present plans, just five shuttle flights remain before the vehicle is due to be retired. Charlie Hobaugh is Atlantis’ commander. The mission will also promote social networking service, Twitter. Nicole Scott, who has spent two months on the space station will fly home with Atlantis on Nov 27.

Ms. Mattie Dellinger has been writing a column in the Center, Texas newspaper, “Light and Champion,” for many years. Her column is very much like this one, a little bit of everything. However, Ms. Mattie, a historian, with a computer mind, goes way back farther in time than we do. She recalls events more than 80 years ago, Amelia Earhart, Huey P. Long, Will Rogers, Henry Ford, Lindbergh’s flight and the kidnapping of his baby. She remembers FDR’s “Fireside Chats,” the CCC camps and the birth of the Dionne quintuplets, born in Canada in May, 1934. Not unlike this column, she is opinionated and well-versed on current events. She also wishes happy birthday to the natives. She even recalls when Alexander, the grown son of Blondie and Dagwood, was called “Baby Dumplin” and his sister, born in the 1940’s, was named “Cookie.” Mattie says a simple way to test your hearing is to rub your thumb and forefinger together near your ear. If you can hear the rubbing sound, your hearing is not impaired. If you can’t better head to Brown Hearing Centers. Once Mattie said she didn’t like Willie Nelson. He heard about it, came to Center, loaded Mattie in his bus and drove her around town. She has been a fan since. Willie sent an emissary to bring her a gift for her last birthday. You see, Mattie is 97-years-old. Thanks to Neighbor Cox, who has been one of Mattie’s many fans and one of ours also, for passing Mattie’s columns on to us.

35 Years Ago-1974

The American Legion Lloyd Grubbs Post 49 had open house for Veterans Day. Guest speakers were David Claybar and Raymond Scott. *****Wyatt’s Cafeteria opened this week in Northway Shopping Center. *****The Opportunity Valley News publishes its All East Zone Football Team. Players on the star studded team were: On offense, Randy Fults, Bridge City center; John Lee, Stark guard; Kelly Bunch, LC-M guard; Jerry Hillburn, Stark tackle; Paul Speed, Southpark tackle; Reggie Kelly, Stark end; Rick Smith, LC-M end; Craig Couvillion, Stark quarterback; Ken Maxson, Southpark halfback; Lorrance Wills, West Orange fullback and Andre Robertson, West Orange punter. On defense, Randy Feverjean, Bridge City tackle; Victor Enard, West Orange tackle; David Smith South Park end; Doug Cash, Stark end; Charlie Hillebrant, Bridge City linebacker; Andrew Martin, Stark linebacker; Ken Johnson, Southpark linebacker; Eddie Horn, Southpark cornerback; Chris Judge, West Orange cornerback; Gary Worster, Bridge City safety; Dale McCall, LC-M safety and Eddie Lovelace, LC-M place kicker. Coach of the Year was Steve McCarty, Southpark. Most Valuable Player on offense was Ken Maxson and MVP on defense was Doug Cash of Stark. *****The 1974 homecoming queen for Stark was DeAnn Albright. *****Terry Ann Carter is bride-elect of Don McFarlane and Toni Leigh Green is bride elect of Darrell Wayne Terry. *****Gene Koci is president of the Bridge City Optimist. He announced that the Christmas parade would be held Dec. 7. *****Doug Harrington, Jerry Pesson and Bobby Smitherman, Curney Lormond and Bill Townes were just a few of the many deer hunters who scattered throughout Texas to hunt the big buck. (Editor’s note: Times have changed. Harrington saw an eight-point buck at his place in Crockett and instead of shooting it, having to mess with dressing it, etc; he just took a picture of it. Even though Doug hosted hunters the last two weekends he says this eight-pointer got by them.) *****Allen Dunn celebrates his birthday on Nov. 20. He’s Roy and Phyllis Dunn’s youngest son and middle child. His older brother is Mark and little sister is Karen. *****Also celebrating on Nov. 20 is Carey Green.

Bits and pieces of things we picked up while having our “Ear to the Ground.” Democratic chairman Mark Carter had a large alligator come calling and was at his patio door when discovered. I’ve told him before to beware; the Repubs have cut the sharks and gators loose. They will bite anyone with a “D” on their forehead. He named the alligator “Hannity.” *****We learned that a few years ago, longtime friend and former newspaper publisher Aubrey Webb married Theresa, Colleen James’ pretty daughter. Colleen is the owner of Sparkling Clean Cleaning Service. Aubrey and Theresa built a nice home at the lake where she fishes daily. *****Phyllis Dunn was surprised last week when she tuned to “Nightline” on ABC and saw a special on the HINI Virus filmed at University Hospital Case Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio. The feature was about the ICU unit at Case where granddaughter Dr. Amber works. A great gift for a grandmother to have a visual of where Amber is working and who she works with. *****Do you remember wrestler Ike Khoury? He was a gentle giant, a great guy and a good wrestler. He made his home in Bridge City for many years. Coincidently, Ike the storm, destroyed Ike the wrestler’s old BC home. Ike died a few years ago. He wrestled all over the country with Paul “Big Ears” Bauch, who had the ugliest ears I ever saw. Ike was featured on a television wrestling show out of Houston. Everyone around BC loved Ike. Anyhow, I just learned that pretty Christy Khoury, chief deputy treasurer for county treasurer Vergie Moorland and running to replace the retiring Vergie, is Ike Khoury’s granddaughter. She has a lot of fond memories of the gentle giant. *****Jerry “The Sackman” Hughes is a six-foot, four-inch, 270-pound, converted running back who is one of the best defensive ends in the country. He plays for No. 4 TCU, 10-0, 6-0 in Mid-West Conference. Thanks to Jerry Hughes they have a solid defense. TCU is having the greatest success since Sammy Baugh played in 1935 or Lindy Berry in 1947. TCU also is the alumni of banker Carlos Vacek. Carlos played halfback for the Horned Frogs and is Orange County’s biggest TCU booster. He was in the stands for Saturday’s big win against No. 14 Utah. No, Jerry Hughes, the Hornfrog is not our buddy Jerry Hughes, the realtor, but he’s sure making Jerry famous.

A lot of people affected by Hurricane Ike in Bridge City, Orange, West Orange and Rose City are still having problems with insurance settlements. Orange attorney John Cash “Jack” Smith has had a lot of success representing homeowners. You don’t need a Houston lawyer, local attorneys are your best bet. If you are still having problems that needs representation give them a call. It doesn’t cost a thing.*****Thursday, Nov. 19, is the “Great American Smokeout.” Smokers who stop before the age of 50 cut their risk of dying in the next 15 years in half. Ten years after quitting, the lung cancer rate is cut in half also. The government has awarded a grant for a trial of McVax vaccine that could help smokers quit.*****The New Orleans Saints stay unbeaten with a 28-23 win over the Saint Louis Rams.*****The Dallas Cowboy offense of Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett looked pitiful in a 17-7 loss to Green Bay. Wade Phillips’ defense stayed on the field most of the game while the Cowboys played three and out.*****The best game of the weekend was the Colts 35-34 win over New England. This loss you can charge to a bad coaching decision. Instead of kicking the ball while leading, the coach went for a fourth and two that failed and Payton Manning burnt them with less than a minute on the clock.*****Port Arthur’s Jamaal Charles scored and rushed for over 100 yards to lift the Chiefs past the Raiders 16-10.*****The national GOP has created the Tea Party movement. It’s a snake that is sure to bite them in the end. They created a monster they can’t control. Wait and see.*****Pam Dionne of Bridge City was a $5,000 winner at Delta Downs “Hot Seat Give A-way.”


Sometime in the next few days these good folks will be celebrating a birthday. Allen Clay Dunn and Jim Pruter mark their day Nov. 20. Jim will be 84. *****D.J. “Ace” Amodeo celebrates. I believe he will be 84. “Ace” is doing fair at the nursing home. *****Edgar Eshbach and Lon Hubbard, two great guys, have birthdays coming up. I believe Kim Hubbard also has a birthday soon. *****On Nov. 27, H.D. Pate will reach the big 7-0. I recall when he was less than forty. He still enjoys lawyering and is for hire and has mellowed a whole bunch.*****Wesley Dishon, on Tuesday, marked 39. Well buddy, that’s just a year away from 40. Don’t buy into the lie that life begins at 40; just ask Donnie Shockley who turned 47 on Tuesday. He would give pretty good to buy back eight years. Happy birthday to both you guys.


On Nov. 18, Owen Wilson will be 41; Sinbad, 53; Linda Evans, 67 and Elizabeth Perkins, 49. *****On Nov. 19, Jodie Foster, 47; Meg Ryan, 48; Calvin Klein, 67; Ted Turner, 71 and Larry King, 76. *****Nov. 20, Josh Turner, 32; Mike Diamond, 44; “Number 10” Bo Derek, 53; Joe Biden, 67 and Dick Smothers, 70. *****Nov. 21, Troy Aikman, 43; Bjork, 44; Goldie Hawn, 64; Marlo Thomas, 71 and Ken Griffey Jr., 40. *****Nov. 22, Scarlett Johansson, 25; Scott Robinson, 30; Billie Jean King, 66. *****Nov.. 23, Miley Cyrus, 17; Bruce Hornsby, 55 and Johnny Mandel, 84. *****Nov. 24, Katherine Heigl will be 31.

Jim Pruter, Dorothy Mathis, Lyndsie Neie, Melanie Claybar, Mickey Smith, Sam Thomas, Tim Bayliss, Aimee Huckabay, Celeste Hart, James Cornell, Jonathan Vogt, Justin McCullough, Kristina Denman, Linda Klein, Liz Harris, Patty Burke, Shelly Ford, Trina Stringer, Veronica Smith, Ann Miller, Cecil Allen, D.J. “Ace” Amodeo, Joe Permar, Murray Moreland, Edgar Eschbach, Jan Briggs, Jesse Evans, Lon Hubbard, Rose Powell, Tabatha Force, Jason LeLeux, Mary Tate, Adam Schisler, Bart Williams, H.D. Pate, Larry Bridges, Laurie Kosh, Misty Moody, Barbara Trahan, Belinda Thibodeaux, Bobby Tarter, Brenda Spangle, Carolyn Hagen, John-Charles Newcomer, Christina Tallant, Haylie Belcher, J.O. McCune, Scott Mackey, Steven James, Cindy McLaughlin, Dae Leigh Sandlin, Jeff Hollis, Justin McCarthy and Kim Hubbard.

Slim Gilbeaux hangs around Tee-Boy’s Bar and Grill, hustles a little pool and plays dominos for to make a little money. He stays dressed up, with his white shirt and spit-shined shoes. His fingernails are as clean and shiny as his 1998 Cadillac. One day he drove up to the welfare office to pick up his monthly check. He marched straight up to da counter and said, “Hi, I’m Gilbeaux me, and I jus hate drawing welfare. I would much rater have a job me.”
Jules Hebert, da social worker said, “Mr. Gilbeaux, your timing is excellent, we just got a job opening. A very wealthy old man in Lafayette, wants a chauffeur and bodyguard for his beautiful daughter. You’ll have to drive around in his 2009 Mercedes C.L. He will supply all your clothes and meals. You will be expected to escort his daughter on overseas holiday trips and you will have to satisfy her urges. You will be furnished you own two bedroom loft, loaded with a Plasma TV, stereo, bar and such. The salary is $200,000 a year.”
Gilbeaux him is jus plain wide-eyed. He said, “You’re kidding me.”
Da social worker Mr. Hebert said, “Yeah, well Gilbeaux, you started it.

Jim Pruter, Dorothy Mathis, Lyndsie Neie, Melanie Claybar, Mickey Smith, Sam Thomas, Tim Bayliss, Aimee Huckabay, Celeste Hart, James Cornell, Jonathan Vogt, Justin McCullough, Kristina Denman, Linda Klein, Liz Harris, Patty Burke, Shelly Ford, Trina Stringer, Veronica Smith, Ann Miller, Cecil Allen, D.J. “Ace” Amodeo, Joe Permar, Murray Moreland, Edgar Eschbach, Jan Briggs, Jesse Evans, Lon Hubbard, Rose Powell, Tabatha Force, Jason LeLeux, Mary Tate, Adam Schisler, Bart Williams, H.D. Pate, Larry Bridges, Laurie Kosh, Misty Moody, Barbara Trahan, Belinda Thibodeaux, Bobby Tarter, Brenda Spangle, Carolyn Hagen, John-Charles Newcomer, Christina Tallant, Haylie Belcher, J.O. McCune, Scott Mackey, Steven James, Cindy McLaughlin, Dae Leigh Sandlin, Jeff Hollis, Justin McCarthy and Kim Hubbard.

It’s basketball time in Orange County. Our three high school football teams fell short in the playoffs. On the bright side it gives Bridge City, West Orange-Stark and Vidor solid ground to build on. Congrats on a successful season.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch met at Van Choate’s last week. It was a great outing. WWII veteran Cedric Stout brought his wife and two lovely daughters. Christy Khoury brought a friend. Judge Joe Parkhurst brought pretty and lucky Gayle, who recently hit a nice jackpot. Nelda Burton attended, leaving Commissioner Owen home fighting spiders. Nova Dee Strickland announced that her book “Bugscuffle-Are We There Yet” will be available Dec. 15. To order one for a Christmas gift call her at 745-1849. Of course Judge Janice always lights up the room. The Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s this Wednesday. Next week, the day before Thanksgiving, the Bunch will dine at Novrozsky’s. Hopefully on something other than turkey dinner and trimmings that will be the highlight of the next day.*****By the way, Peggy’s on the Bayou will be closed Thursday and Friday but will have live entertainment Saturday.***** If you’re looking for a nice pre-owned pickup truck Corky and Don Harmon have a nice selection in several price ranges. They finance, guarantee and are good folks to deal with.*****Well, I’m all done. Thanks for your time. Keep up with what’s happening on our Web site every day. Till next time good bye, good luck and may God bless you.