How fortunate we all are. To start with, I’m thankful that God chose to put us Cajuns and the crawfish down in the same place. How awful it would have been if he had put the Cajuns in Arizona. Personally, I’m thankful for great friends. We’re thankful for the outstanding readership The Record Newspapers enjoy. More readership than the other publications combined. Thanks to the business people who support us. It’s been a steep climb to come back after Hurricane Ike. We took a licking and kept on ticking and remain today the most popular papers in Orange County. We’re thankful to our staff that are dedicated to their jobs and take pride in putting out a good, loyal, hometown newspaper, locally owned and locally supported.
We should all be thankful for the great area we live in. Think about it, in just a few minutes we can be at a fishing hole on the lake or out in the Gulf. The fresh and saltwater fish are plentiful and most of the time it’s “Chamber of Commerce” weather with eight months of summer. We’re two hours from Houston and only a few hours from New Orleans. We live on the interstate and are surrounded by rivers and the intercostal waterway. We grow a lot of beautiful plants, fruit and fresh vegetables. Most of all it is truly a blessing if we have good health. A happy Thanksgiving to you all. *****Hop on and come along, it won’t do you no harm.

I can’t seem to get my mind focused on what I need to be doing. I have a distraction that’s occupied my concentration. Regardless of what I try to do, the same image keeps popping up in my head. Here’s some other thoughts. I was wondering why Sarah Palin would name her memories “Going Rogue.” Her first goal is to make a lot of money. She will never be the Republican choice for president so why the word “Rogue.” Webster’s definition of a rogue, “A dishonest or worthless person, vagrant, tramp, a scoundrel, a mischievous person.” I wonder if anyone bothered to look up “Rouge” before they used it. Probably not but it’s a word that sells and it’s selling many books. A friend who has downloaded it says it’s not a book you can’t put down. You won’t lose any sleep over it. *****The Houston Texans have lost another game because of missed field goals by Kris Brown. Vince Young and the Tennessee Titans beat Houston Monday night 20-17. My thoughts are why don’t the Texans find Matt Bryant, the place kicker, and sign him before they lose another game. Matt’s old team Tampa Bay hasn’t won a game since releasing him. The Buc’s fell to the Saints leaving New Orleans undefeated. *****The Turkey Day game between Texas and A&M is worth the price of the ticket, just to watch West Orange-Stark standout Earl Thomas work. He’s just one interception away from a new Longhorn record. He’s a good kid from a great family. I predict he will be the next pro superstar to come out of Orange County. Don’t bet the farm on this game and look for Colts to be sacked at least three times. *****Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett’s Cowboy offense stinks. They got lucky and scored a last minute T.D. to win by one point over Washington, 7-6. Meanwhile Wade’s defense is the best in the country. You can’t win if you can’t score. *****Rep. Kevin Brady pulled a grandstanding move that backfired. The Republicans have zeroed in on Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, their whipping boy in next year’s election. Brady, in a grandstand move called for Geithner’s resignation. Boy did he open a can of worms. Geithner reminded him of how Brady and company had mistreated the country, left it broke and falling off a cliff. What I’m wondering is what became of the $700 billion the Bush administration gave away just before leaving office? No one can find the money. The Republicans can’t throw stones, for too long they have lived in a glass house.*****One final thought, health care reform is not a done deal but it’s closer than it’s ever been. A report just out says the insurance companies have spent $450 million on lobbyists to defeat public option. They do not want private option to compete with insurance companies. They want to deny insurance when they want and still make it unaffordable to most. If you hear the words “Socialized Medicine” don’t believe it. The American Medical Association would never support socialized medicine. Also, if you hear the reform health bill would hurt senior citizens and Medicare, that too is a falsehood. AARP has endorsed the plan. Senior citizens are their bread and butter. Those talking points come from big insurance companies who tell their boys what to say. If the insurance companies can get to some Democrats, which I suspect might happen, private option will fail.


We were saddened to learn of the tragic death of James English, age 18. He passed away Nov. 22 in an automobile accident in Starks, La. Three other teenagers were slightly injured. Kelby Simpson, 18, Clint Dunn, 17 and Greg Perry, 18 were treated at Baptist Hospital in Orange. We had known James’ family for more than 50 years and were friends of his grandparents F.C. “Spec” and Rachel Faries and have known his mother Denise and Aunt D’Juana since they were children. James was a great kid. May he rest in peace. Please see obit. *****Rose Marie Hryhorchuk Weatherholt, 44, died Nov. 20 at her home. She was the daughter of Frank and Eva Hryhorchuk, longtime friends and salt of the earth people. Our condolences to the entire family. We share their grief. *****Travis Hudson, 77, was a good man. He was called home Nov. 21. He was an Orange County native who gave a lot back to his community. His contributions to the Little Cypress-Mauriceville school district are many. To his wife Melba, mother Verna Mae and family we extend our deepest sympathy. Please see obit.*****We were sorry to hear Tuesday that David “Pineknot” Bradley died that morning. He was a longtime employee of Cormier Well Service. He was a good, fun loving guy. His obituary is expected out Wednesday. Please check our Web site for details.


On Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 26, “Ace” Amedeo celebrates his birthday. For years Ace was the “Go to Guy” if you needed help with anything. I’ve never known any one with more contacts. Today he’s a resident of an Orange nursing home. He is the father of twin girls and has been a friend to many. We wish him a great day.*****The next day, Nov. 27, attorney H.D. Pate turns 70. It seems it didn’t take long for him to get that old. Some folks say Hiney seemed old when he was only 38. He’s good to go for 10 more.*****Judge Flo’s other half, Gene Edgerly, celebrates on Dec. 1. I lost track of those folks when Ike drove them off of Cow Bayou. We wish this great guy and former drummer a happy day.*****On Dec. 2, longtime resident of Bridge City, Buster Lapeyrolerie celebrates his special day. This good man helped raise a lot of kids and some beautiful daughters. When his crew gathers it’s a large group. I bet they will gather to celebrate his birthday. Best wishes.*****Others having birthdays, Eric Andrus, from Central Office Supply; District Attorney John Kimbrough; Vance “Big Red” Chauvin and Sharon Gregory. The last we heard Sharon was still a television personality in Florida.*****Happy 32nd anniversary to Angie and Don Breaux who celebrate Nov. 26. Folks are still wondering how he landed that catch. Best wishes for many more.


A few weeks ago our friend Mary Fontenot had another heart attack. A triple bypass has her on the road to recovery. She’s a great gal and we wish her a complete recovery soon. *****Dorothy Mathis had to spend her 84th birthday in intensive care at Orange Baptist last week. Dorothy required surgery to install a pacemaker. The fine lady worked for the Navy for 46 years as a civilian. Best wishes and a belated happy birthday. *****We were sorry to hear about the death of Walter Crew. Everyone we talked with said what a great guy he was. Our condolences to Pam, family and friends. *****We need to make a couple of corrections that were in last week’s paper. First, in the County Record, “Orange and Citrus” story, we wrongfully identified John Heard in a photo, the picture was of citrus grower Charles Wilcox. It will run corrected in the Penny Record this week. Also Don Breaux killed a 12-point buck. We called it an eight-point. Sorry Don, it must have lost four points on the Internet.*****Mel and Joey Campbell are grandparents again. Their daughter Jayna gave birth to a daughter, Jayslea on Nov. 16. She weighed 7 pounds 3 ounces and was 20 inches long. *****Fifty years ago this week, Ford Motor Co. halted production of the unpopular Edsel auto that had been named for Henry Ford’s son-in-law. The auto appeared to have a horse collar in the grill. It was big and a fine auto but most people found it to be ugly. Today, the Edsel is a collectors item.*****Last week, Robert’s Restaurant hosted the Wednesday Lunch Bunch for it’s pre-Thanksgiving lunch. He fed everyone, compliments of his great restaurant. Anyone that has even eaten a Robert’s chicken fried steak is in agreement that it’s the best in the South. We all know that Yankees can’t prepare southern fried steak so that makes Robert’s the best in the county. Grace also let the Bunch in on a secret. She says Robert does a great Freddy Fender imitation. Neighbor Cox was a special guest. Marlene was on her best behavior while Sheriff Merritt was maintaining the law. This week the Bunch will dine at Novrozsky’s at noon. Everyone welcome. The following Wednesday, the Lunch Bunch will gather at Van Choate’s’ Tuffy’s for a special after Thanksgiving seafood meal. Y’all come.*****Adam Lambert’s racy performance at the AMA award show cost him a spot on “Good Morning America.” Lambert will instead preform on ABC’s morning rivals at CBS. He can also be seen on David Letterman on Wednesday.*****Special thanks to Jessie Domingue for Robie’s famous Abbeville French bread. Jessie picks it up on his way home from his oil well job way out in the Gulf. He departs from Inter-Coastal City. A long time ago there was a night spot there called the “Bloody Bucket.” The sign read, “If you don’t have a knife, we will issue you one.”*****Also thanks to pretty, blue-eyed Pearl for the wonderful sweet tater pie. Thanks to the rest of you folks for the goodies. This crew always welcomes food. They eat everything but the desk on those long nights of producing this paper.*****The December issue of Texas Monthly has a big layout on Bill White, mayor of Houston. He’s one of the most popular big city mayors in America. The four-page feature is a great story of success titled, “The Great White Hope.” He’s a fresh face of the Democratic Party. He has a record that makes some Republicans envious. White has announced as a senatorial candidate to replace Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison. Now, as we predicted, she’s not giving up her seat. If she doesn’t beat Rick she will still have her senate seat. Vice president Dick Cheney, the most unpopular Republican, appeared in Houston on Kay’s behalf. Now she’s trailing Perry by 12 points. Bill White is the fresh face of the party and could most likely beat either Perry or maybe Hutchison in the November general election. He would be a great governor, with a new start for Texas, new ideas and new direction.*****Wilson and V.J. Roberts ventured to Doug and Regina Harrington’s place, near Crockett, over the weekend. Wilson was on his best behavior. They invaded the famous catfish restaurant and the manager again asked Doug not to bring Wilson back to the “All You Can Eat” buffet. It was a good trip for Wilson. He has been feeling the hurt of losing his only child Kathy in an auto accident. There is no greater loss. Only time will erase the pain.*****Congrats to little Clayson Choate, champion biker. See story. He comes by his riding talent honestly. His dad, Van, was an expert rider who avoided lawmen in several counties.*****Speaking of Van, starting Friday and Saturday, Tuffy’s will feature all you can eat boiled crawfish. Tell them we sent you.

30 Years Ago-1979

Coach Steve McCarty and his West Orange-Stark Mustangs are in the football playoffs. Their first game is against Baytown Lee, Saturday, 1 p.m. in the Astrodome. (Editor’s note: Five years ago Steve was coach at South Park and was in the playoffs there also. He and coach Dan Ray Hooks came to Orange when West Orange and Stark merged.) Baytown won the game 12-7.*****Bridge City football players named to the “All District” football team were Russell Gauthier, Ken Haas, George Fleming, Greg Koci, Shannon Foreman, Bucky Thompson, Tracy Linder, Mark Welch and Bryan Ward. Ward was also named “Offensive Player of the Year.”*****Butch Lusignan is recovering from injuries received in an auto accident. (Editor’s note: Butch, his mom and dad, Lucky and Gert, all have passed away since then.) *****Happy birthday to John and Buster Lapeyrolerie, who celebrate on Nov. 25 and Dec. 2.*****Brian Huckabay will be 20 on Nov. 27.*****Gene Edgerly will turn a year older Dec. 1. (Editor’s note. I bet Gene would like to buy back the past 30 years.)*****Howard Morse celebrates Nov. 25.*****, Ace Amodeo, Nov. 26.***** Shirley Delahoussaye, Nov. 27 and Jo Ann Brabham, Phyllis Dunn’s sexy sister, will celebrate Dec. 3.*****Doug Ardoin is recovering at St. E’s after having heart surgery last week.*****Micky McCollum is in St. Luke’s intensive care unit.*****Janet Fontenot is home recovering after surgery. Husband James attended the monthly “Gourmet Club” gathering hosted by Marty and R.J. Conway but rushed home to care for Janet. The rest of the group ventured to the Palace in Beaumont for dinner.*****Ed Lovelace, former KOGT owner, takes over radio stations KLBL-AM and KCWW-FM in Beeville. (Editor’s note: Ed passed away a few weeks ago.)*****On Nov. 23, Tony and Mary Giarratano marked their 50th wedding anniversary. A big party was held at GERA. Hosting the reception were their three sons, Bernard, Joseph and Frank. The couple have 12 grandchildren. (Editor’s note: Tony had been singing in a Kansas City night club when he met Mary Blanda while visiting in Orange. He owned the “Chat ‘N’ Chew” and “Tony’s Spaghetti House.” Tony was the waiter, Mary the cook. Their home was behind the restaurant on the corner of Second and Cypress. The “Chat ‘N’ Chew” was next door. This writer enjoyed many meals in the 1950s).


Patsy McDonald, Shirley Beaudoin, Joel Gilbert, Bobby Adams, Rebecca McLemore, Serena Simonton, Vivienne Mathews, Amber Permar, Christie Smith, Eric Andrus, Kelly Stanley, Lana McCracken, Mason Grizzaffi, Shelly Hollier, Taryn Hubbard, Wanda Ferguson, Wanda Monogue, Colby Daville, Dana Bryant, Emily Fischer, Jessica Harkness, John Kimbrough, Mark Bourgeois, Melissa Fisher, Nick Miller, Sharon Gregory, Tena Kenney, Abby Floyd, Betty Simonton, Cindy Huckebay, Don North, Georgietta Daves, Haley Barlow, Lynda Walther, Preston Shuford, Tiffany Osborn, Cappy Ricks, Cassandra Carpenter, Drew Craft, Jade Seibert, Melissa Jenkins, Sharon Evans, Troy Manuel, Abby Reynolds, Angela Harkness, Angela Webb, Carrisa Guidry, Erin Evans, Erin Tutt, Jamie Applebach, Kenneth Manuel, Leah Vogt, Tish Garrett, Brad Braus, Howard Minor, Ricky Harper, Ryan Anderson, Vance Chauvin, Frank Welch, Kelsey Dardeau, Mitchell Backer, Wesley Duncan and Amanda George.

Nov. 25, Barbara and Jenna Bush will be 28; Donovan McNabb, 33; Christina Applegate, 38 and Amy Grant, 49. Had they lived John F. Kennedy Jr. would be 49 and Joe DiMaggio, 95.*****Nov. 26, Tina Turner, 70; Rich Little, 71; and Natasha Bedingfield, 28.*****Nov. 27, Robin Givens, 45; Caroline Kennedy, 52 and Rick Rockwell, 53. Had they lived Jimi Hendrix would be 67 and Eddie Rabbit would be 68.*****Nov. 28, Jon Stewart, 47; Paul Shaffer, 60; Berry Gordy, Jr. 80 and had she lived Anna Nicole Smith would be 42.*****Nov. 29 Howie Mandel, 54; Garry Shandling, 60, Diane Ladd, 77 and Vin Scully, 82.*****Nov. 30, Clay Aiken, 31; Bo Jackson, 47; Ben Stiller, 44; Billy Idol, 54 and Dick Clark, 80.*****Dec. 1, Bette Midler, 64; John Densmore, 65; Lee Trevino, 70 and Woody Allen, 74.


Thomas D. Guilbeau is a lawyer in Sou’h Looseanna. He’s a successful attorney but he’s very arrogant and pushy. Guilbeau boarded an airplane in New Orleans with a box of frozen Gulf crabs he was bringing to a big client in New York. He axe da stewardess to take care of dem crabs for him. She took da box and promised to put dem in da refrigerator. Guilbeau advised her that he was holding her personally responsible for keeping dem crabs frozen. Den he added, in his loud, arrogant voice, I’m a lawyer me, and proceeded to rant at her about wat would happen if she let dem crabs taw out.
Da stewardess was really annoyed by Guilbeau’s behavior. Shortly before landing in New York, she got on da intercom to announce to da entire cabin, “Would the gentleman who gave me the crabs in New Orleans please raise your hand?” Not one hand want up so she took dem crabs home and ate dem.


Dec. 2 will be the first day to file for public office. I suspect we will have a couple of local races. Otherwise it will be a quite year for politics in Orange County. The March primaries won’t bring much interest in state races. The big state elections will be in November. A justice of the peace and a county commissioner’s race is all I expect. David Peck is the only J.P. candidate that has made an announcement for Pct. 1. Current judge Joe Parkhurst is retiring. I hear someone else might announce. Commissioner Beamon Minton is expected to be opposed by Percy, the same man who ran against him eight years ago. Commissioner Owen Burton or any of the justices are expected to have opponents.*****Well, they tell me I’ve got to get out of here. Thank you for your time. Good bye, good luck and God bless you and yours.