Submitted by Queen Mum Donna of the Bridge City Golden Girls Red Hat Club

• 18 Sugar Cookies
• 1 teaspoon powdered cocoa
• 8 ounces heavy cream
• 1 teaspoon powdered sugar
• colored sugars for decorating or icings in a tube.

Utensils: A fork, whisk, mixing bowl, aluminum foil and a large serving plate.

Pour the heavy cream, sugar and cocoa into the bowl. Whisk cream until just stiff enough to stand up in peaks. Using about half of the prepared chocolate cream, spread the whipped cream onto the cookies and sandwich them together to form a long roll.

Wrap the roll of cream and cookies up in some aluminum foil and close up the ends.

Place the Yule Log into the refrigerator to set for 12-24 hours; cover and save the other half of the cream there as well.

Carefully unwrap the roll the next day and place the roll onto the plate and cover it with the rest of the cream.

Draw the fork tines across the cream to make the cream look like bark.

Sprinkle it with colored sugar and form snow and holly on top and cut servings between the cookies.