A 33-year tradition continues.
All past and present Mauriceville residents 55 and older are invited to the Mauriceville Senior Citizen Supper will be at 6 p.m. Dec. 4 at Mauriceville Elementary School. 

Features include Christmas dinner with all the trimmings and gifts/visits from Santa and his elves. Music will be provided by the Martin Family, an area gospel group; and Judge Derry Dunn will be master of ceremonies. 

“Get there early to reminisce with old friends over coffee,” says co-organizer Nelda Burton. 

Burton, Mary Jane Johnson, Johnson’s sister Patsy Viator and Patsy’s husband Roger are just a few of the many volunteers who have kept up the idea of “Cha Cha” Holsomback.

“She just wanted to do something for the senior citizens of Mauriceville as a gesture of gratitude,” Johnson says. “She was going to have it at her house, then the guest list grew and she was going to move it to Kids’ Cafe, but it got too big for that and it was moved to the school.”

The first year, about 68 senior citizens showed up. 

The year “Cha Cha” died it was more than 230.

“We made a promise to her that we would continue with the supper, help get donations and volunteers,” Johnson says.

Donations are always needed since organizers plan for 250 gifts each year at a cost of $2,000 and sometimes as much as $3,000. 

Any funds left go to the “Cha Cha” Memorial Scholarship, given to a deserving Little Cypress-Mauriceville student.

“She (“Cha Cha”) was the best person you could ever think of,” Johnson says. “She drove a school bus and worked for Gulf States Utilities as a meter-reader. She was a good person and always looked out for children, the needy and senior citizens.”

Most of the food is made in volunteers’ households then transferred to cafeteria personnel, who prepare it for the guests.

Prizes are given to the oldest woman, oldest man, person who traveled the farthest and the oldest graduate from Mauriceville.

There is also a “Good Samaritan” prize.

For more information, call Johnson, 745-1357, Viator at 745-1308 or Burton at 746-3700.