County commissioners said this week there had been no word from Magnum Producing of Corpus Christi regarding a drilling site in Claiborne West Park.

Company representative Alan Prigge gave a presentation to the court Oct. 13, saying Magnum wanted to build a road to the site in a heavily wooded area of the park.

Prigge proposed Magnum foot the cost of widening the existing public park entrance, however, Judge Carl Thibodeaux and Precinct 4 Commissioner Beamon Minton said such a project would cause a security issue as well as disrupt use of county facilities.

Prigge agreed to return to Magnum with a plan to build the county a new public entrance. The company would then be able to use the existing entrance.

In this week’s meeting, Thibodeaux said the company hasn’t been heard from.

“There’s nothing,” he said. “They haven’t contacted us back and haven’t been in the park.” 

He received the information from Park Director Donna Scales, he said.

“Maybe they don’t want to build the road,” said Precinct 2 Commissioner Owen Burton, adding, “That area – last time I was there – I-10 is a terrible mess right there.”

Thibodeaux and Minton agreed, saying the feeder road was closed, which only adds to the problems caused by roadwork.
Minton added that most Vidorians who travel east, including himself, usually take Texas 12 to Texas 62 to save time.

Financial report ‘competitive’

County Treasurer Vergie Moreland, in her first report of the new fiscal year, said she’d recently received from FEMA about $2.5 million – monies she plans to invest soon. 

Commissioners approved Moreland’s report of about $2.2 million in investments from TexPool, Super Investments-General and various certificates of deposit. 

Moreland said a $95,000 CD with Park Cities in Dallas is set to mature in about six months. 

The county’s interest rates she described as competitive – as some investments were made prior to the present U.S. economic downturn.