At one time, several Pearl Harbor survivors lived in the Orange-Bridge City area. Today, I just know one, Cedric Stout, who served on the Utah. Mr. Brody and others have either moved or passed away. Pearl Harbor is a day like 9-11 that should never be forgotten.******This month will be a “Blue Moon” month with two full moons, one on Dec. 2 and one Dec. 31. Even though the weather the last few days has been funky, there’s better days ahead beginning Wednesday evening. It will be cold and some showers but I look for better weather than what is being predicted on the five-day forecast. In order to have snow on Saturday morning, everything would have to line up just right. The odds are against that, however, north of I-10 could get some sleet. I look for our lows to be near freezing but we will dodge the bullet. My guess is as good as all those folks who get paid to get it wrong most of the time. Saturday evening will be a great bundle-up, holiday, wintertime, seasonal evening. It’s going to feel a lot like Christmas without the snow. *****I’ve gotta move on. Please come along, it won’t do you no harm.

Two big Christmas parades will be held locally this week. In Orange on Friday the 61st annual Jaycees’ parade will start at MacArthur Shopping Center and travel all the way down to Fourth Street. Parade marshal will be Skipper Thrailkille Free, a fun lady and one of our few remaining characters. Skipper was born at Shangri La in a house owned by Lutcher Stark. Since that birth, in the early 1930s, Skipper has seen many changes, from World War II to the present. She also knew many of the great pioneers, now deceased, that built Orange into what it is today. As a youngster, she and lifetime friend Gordon Baxter, entertained throughout the area. Many of the places had chicken wire in front of the bandstand to stop the flying beer bottles. Skipper is a collector of history and her mind is filled with stories of a life filled with fun. Her joyful personality is geared to being forever young. She’s a great choice for marshal; she has seen the many faces of Orange and knows so much of its history. *****Bridge City kicks off holiday season on Saturday with a day filled with activities, bargains from local participating merchants and a “Parade of Lights.” Food booths will be offering links, boudain and many other goodies. The community, devastated by Hurricane Ike, is going all out for a big 50th celebration. According to chairwoman Donna Scales, it will be a holiday shopping spree throughout the city. Activities will go on all day. Everybody loves a parade and some of Orange’s parade floats are expected to come over and participate. The parade starts at 6 p.m. at First Baptist Church and will proceed down Roundbunch to the intermediate school. Mark Dunn, chamber president, invites the entire community and it’s neighbors to come join in the spirit of Christmas.

It was with deep sadness we learned of the passing of Brian Patrick Bergeron, 43, on Thanksgiving Day. We had known Brian since he was born in 1966. Services were Saturday. Our sympathies go out to his mom Janie, a longtime friend, son Joshua Lawrance, named after Brian’s late father, and brothers David, Gary, Mike and their families. May he rest in peace. Please see obit.


We were saddened to learn about the death of Billy Nelms, 48, who lost his life in an automobile accident near Rayne, La., Nov. 29.. Funeral arrangements are expected to be released Thursday by Claybar Funeral Home-Orange. Bill had spent Thanksgiving with his aunt Mary Stanton and her family in Bridge City. Ironically, he had prepared a dish for the Thanksgiving dinner and Mary had sent us his recipe of the dish the day before he was killed. The recipe appears inside this paper. Billy lost his life in a five-car pileup when a car crossed the medium causing the accident. To Mary and her family we send our sincere condolences. Bill meant a lot to her. He was the son of her deceased sister.

35 Years Ago-1974

Basketball season opens for local high schools. Little Cypress-Mauriceville will feature Clint Plant, Dale McCall, Buck Roberts, C.E. Roth and Gary Mikschion on the court. The Stark High Tigers will spotlight Donald Mosby, Michael Davis, Gerald Antoine, Robert Kelly and Marcus Floyd. *****The Dolly family all celebrates birthdays in December. Mama Vera, on the 5th, Jerry, 7th, Kenny, 10th, Kathy, 11th and papa Gerald, on the 12th. (Editor’s note: I wonder what became of those people. Gerald and Vera’s handle on their C.B. radios were Dagwood and Blondie. Good folks.)*****Peggy Smitherman is the only person on the P.S. Tire hunting trip that bagged a deer. A 6-pointer. *****Used car dealer Cecil Scales, also a bail bondsman, is running a used car special, “If you buy a car from him in December, he will bail you out of jail FREE during the holidays.” You can booze it up and not have to worry about the hoosegow. *****If you were to ask who is the nicest police officer you know, a majority would say, without hesitation, officer Charles Frederick, Orange P.D. (Editor’s note: I agree, he was a great guy in or out of uniform. I knew him well.)

30 Years Ago-979

The West Orange-Stark Mustangs lose hard fought game, 12-7, to Baytown Lee in the Astrodome. Coach Steve McCathy’s Mustang 22-AAAA champions lost the bi-district contest but have a lot to build on next year. David Richard is upset at the dentist who made his dentures too big. He says it makes his lips so tight he can’t pucker up. Then he added, “A coonass who can’t pucker is out of business.”*****Students honored by the Optimist Club are Bill Fort, LC-M, Nancy Bulovas, Ray Rogers and Norma Roberts of WO-S and Arnal Miller of Orangefield.. *****Randy Lynch and Kirk Guidry are recovering after being involved in an auto accident. *****We received an invitation that states at midnight on January 1, at Brown Center, Vicki Drake Curtis will become Mrs. Frank Brown. She is the daughter of Betty and Earl Drake. (Editor’s note: They have been married for coming on 30 years and make their home in Kansas. Frank is the son of the late Edgar Brown III. I haven’t heard much about Betty and Earl in the last few years and assume they still live in Orange. *****Pretty Nelda Ainsworth celebrates another birthday.

We always get to meet interesting folks who come through these doors but last week several interesting characters all came in at the same time. Patti Hanks was in from her school job in Vegas. She was visiting her mom and dad, Lucy and Rene’, the mayor of Starks and also daughter Jimi. Son Jimmy, now 15 and daughter Erin and the grandkids made the drive of 27 hours. In the office at the same time was the outlandish Skip Free and JP candidate David Peck. The crew had just missed Ron Sigler who had been on a pheasant hunt in Kansas with Lynwood Sanders and a group of hunters. Ron was in town settling his late dad’s estate. Also stopping by was Robert Carpenter, a very talented guy. He bought in his guitar and sang his new song he will record called “Losing My Mind Over You.” It could be his best yet. *****Most mornings when the guys around here gather someone will bring doughnuts or goodies to go with the fresh brewed coffee. When Preston Fuller brings doughnuts you have to listen to one of his stories before you can have one. Ray Craven says we should record the story and just play it so Preston doesn’t have to repeat it each time. Fuller is now a certified lawn manicurist. If you need an expert to get your yard in shape before the holidays give him a call. *****Promoter Don Ball tells us the Gulf Coast Music Hall of Fame show, formerly the Janis Joplin Birthday Bash, will be Jan. 23. He will announce the star performers in the next few weeks. The headliner will be a showstopper and the best show ever is expected. *****Our buddy Hubert “Sprad” Spradling is recovering, but has a long way to go after a fall at his boat store. He fell through the second floor of his business. The 14-foot fall shattered his hip. A specialist has been called in to repair or replace the hip. A lucky thing he wasn’t paralyzed. Before going to the hospital Sprad insisted a customer be waited on. Taking care of business first. We wish old Sprad the best. *****Area high schools still have Newton 41-29 winner over Linden and Kirbyville, 27-15 winner over ARP in the class 2-A semifinals. Central and Westbrook, in Beaumont, both ended their football playoff run with loses to Friendswood and Katy Cinco Ranch. Benny Johnson, Wanda and coach Les Johnson’s son, is longtime athletic trainer at Cinco Ranch. His folks came down for the game played at Rice stadium. *****The Aggies, behind quarterback Jerrod Johnson, gave the Longhorns all they could handle. A&M has a very young team and will have to be reckoned with in the future and next year might just be “The Wait Until Next Year” season. Texas’ Colt McCoy and Jordan Shipley are the best quarterback-receiver combination in the country. It seems a shame they will be separated in the pros. It will take a bad game against Nebraska to knock Colt out of the Heisman trophy. It will be a nationally-televised game with more McCoy exposure. *****We’ve lost our list of birthdays to Ike but here’s a few special ones. Richard Briggs celebrates this week. Also Buddy Sheppard. Whatever became of him anyway? We haven’t heard from him since the sheriff’s election.*****Randy Philpott has a birthday, also Eddie Robertson, Lois Boehme, John Garrison, Patty Gilliam and Shea Bolton.*****Do you know this about leather dresses? When a woman wears leather a man’s heartbeat quickens, his throat gets dry, he gets weak in the knees and he begins to think irrationally. Ever wonder why? It’s because she smells like a new truck. *****Corky and Betty Harmon spent Thanksgiving week with daughter Debbie in Denver. Corky said it was beautiful under a bed of snow. The altitude didn’t bother him but it was too darn cold. He was glad to get back to Southeast Texas but was just in time to welcome a cold front. Take it from me; older guys don’t like the cold. *****We lost track of what became of some of our longtime Bridge City residents. Last week, we asked what had become of Gene and Flo Edgerly. Well, we were told they have built a beautiful home off of I-10 on Shadowdale with a lake in their backyard. The longtime Cow Bayou residents had to be near water. *****We also found out that Rita and Lester Morris, 50-year residents of Bridge City, have moved to the Cove area with daughter and son-in-law Linda and Jarvis Buckley. They enjoy watching the Canadian geese that visit everyday in the Buckley’s pond. See photo inside. *****If you know where any longtime residents have moved to after Hurricane Ike let us know. We are missing many of them. *****Attention: Sharon Bearden has been trying to peddle some kittens around the courthouse. He is pimping for his Siamese mama cat and taking orders for her next litter. I’m surprised Judge Pat hasn’t let me know about Bearden’s latest venture; peddling pussycats. *****An Internet question asked what Creaux and I believed is the biggest mistake our country has made in the past 20 years. Oh God, there are so many, Iraq, the economy etc. No doubt the voters made a huge mistake in 2000 by not electing Al Gore. I believe if they had most of the bad things that have driven the country down wouldn’t have happened. No J.C., I don’t consider the election of Obama a bad thing. The country needs the change. Time might prove me wrong but I don’t think so. It’s far too soon to judge him. *****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Van Choate’s’ Tuffy’s this week on seafood gumbo and great seafood dishes. Next week, the Bunch will be back at Robert’s restaurant for great chicken fried steaks or the buffet loaded with goodies. Everybody always welcome. *****Television talking heads have been wondering out loud who Oprah would choose to replace herself. There is no such a thing. You can’t transfer talent and loyalty: “The Tonight Show” and candidates endorsing other candidates are perfect examples. Oprah said, “Twenty-five years feels good in my bones.” Don’t kid yourself; it’s her business bones. Network television profits are falling and growth is going to cable. She’s going to direct her attention to her OWN network which plans to launch in 2011, right when she leaves her show. She didn’t get to be the country’s richest woman by just the feel in her entertainment bones. She’s magic but she can’t stop the networks’ down skid. So that’s why it’s time to move on and she will make more billions. *****The Orange Boat Club will hold a canned goods drive for the Salvation Army’s Christmas Basket program. It will also host its annual Christmas dance on Saturday at the club. Admission is only three can goods, non-perishable food or cash donations. Our buddy Craig Stark is publicity chairman. He welcomes your attendance and help. Come pass a good time. *****The Saints stay unbeaten 11-0 with a 38-17 win over the New England Patriots. Who dat said the Saints couldn’t beat Tom Brady and Randy Moss? The Saints defense harassed Brady all night. Meanwhile, Drew Brees threw for 371 yards and five TDs, carving up Bill Belichick’s defense. The big day will be Dec. 19, when the Saints meet the Cowboys. There will be Orange County Cajuns with split loyalties. *****In a late Tuesday evening release, County Commissioner Owen Burton has announced for re-election of Precinct 2. The primary election day is March 2, with early voting Feb. 5-25. Friday, Dec. 4, is the first day to sign up for Democratic and Republican primaries. So far, we have received announcements also from Justice of the Peace Janice Menard, Precinct 3 and Judge Derry Dunn, Precinct 2. We also received an announcement from David Peck, who is seeking the office of JP Precinct 1. Judge Joe Parkhurst is not seeking re-election. It’s expected that P 4 Commissioner Beamon Minton, will file for re-election as well as a couple more candidates announcing for JP.

“Gender is between your ears, not between your legs,” said by Chaz Bono. Chaz, born a female to singer Cher and Sonny Bono, is now in the process of becoming a man. I thought you said it wasn’t between your legs. Oh well.

Lisa Walker, Vincent Hoyt, Cheryl Jones, Beverly Blalack, Edd Brown, Eddie Robertson, Marie Moran, Susan MacCammond, Todd Wilson, Trisha Anderson, Amber Franklin, Carolyn Andrus, Chris DeCuir, Sylvia Bland, Bill Force, Catherine Allen, Dick Jackson, Gwen Tallant, Stephanie Kreger, Belinda Force, Mary Bridges, Rory Piccone, Shea Bolton, Steve Hightower, Woody Carter, Lois Cornwell, Mayme Bock, Jim Keith, Richard Briggs, Emily Mangham, Tracey Gilliam, Buddy Sheppard, Lois Boehme, Randy Philpott and Samantha Peveto.


On Dec. 2, Britney Spears will be 28; Cathy Lee Crosby, 61; Nelly Furtado, 31 and Lucy Liu, 41.*****Dec. 3, Daryl Hannah, 49; Andy Williams, 82; Ozzy Osbourne, 61 and Julianne Moore, 49.*****Dec. 4, Tyra Banks, 36; Jay-Z, 39; Jeff Bridges, 60 and Marisa Tomei, 45.*****Dec. 5, Little Richard, 71; Gary Allan, 42 and Frankie Muniz, 24; Dec. 6, Andrew Cuomo, 52; Peter Buck, 53 and David Ossman, 73.*****Dec. 7, Larry Bird, 53; Ellen Burstyn, 77.*****Dec. 8, Teri Hatcher, 45; Kim Basinger, 56; Gregg Allman, 62; Sinead O’Connor, 43 and had they lived Flip Wilson would be 76; Ted Knight 86, Sammy Davis Jr. 84 and Lee J. Cobb, 98.

A Texas was driving da back way, following da Louisiana Gulf Coast. He drive through Cameron, Lake Arthur, between Gueydan and Kaplan. He sees a sign in front of an old wooden shanty-style hours, “Talking dog for sale.”
Da Texan him, knocks on da door, da owner Otis Comeaux tells da Texan da dog is in da backyard him. Da guy goes in da backyard and sees a nice looking Labrador retriever sitting dere, “You talk?” he axe.
“Yep” da Lab says. Da Texan him is nearly in shock from hearing a dog talk.
So wats your story?” he axe.
Dat old Lab looks up and says, “Well, I discovered that I could talk wen I was jus a Cajun pup. I wanted to help da government so I told da CIA. In no time dey had me jetting from country to country, sitting in rooms wit spies and world leaders. No one figured a dog would be eavesdropping. I was dere most valuable spy me, for eight years. Den I decide to come back to Cajun country to settle down. I got a job at da Lake Charles Airport doing undercover security. I uncovered some incredible dealings. I was awarded a bunch of medals, got married and had a mess of puppies. Now I’m retired, me.”
Da Texan is so amazed he can’t say nuttin. He goes to the old shack and axe Comeaux wat he’d take for dat dog.”
Comeaux says, “I’ll take ten dollar for him.”
“Ten dollars?” says da Texan, “Dat dog is amazing. Why on earth are you selling him so darn cheap?”
Comeaux said, “Because he’s a liar him, he never did any of dat crap.”


I’ve come to the end of the line. I hope you will look us over cover-to-cover, take advantage of some great bargains. Our thanks to the good folks from our advertising family who bring you this local publication free and in most cases delivered to your door. Shop them and thank them. Support your community, shop locally in Orange County when possible.*****Our good guy of the week is Johnny Montagne, who just returned from a deer hunt and remembered us. May we suggest K-Dan’s if you have a deer to be processed. Robert, in the market, does a great job of cutting out nice roast and steaks and makes great smoked and pan sausage. He also will tenderize the backstrap for you.******Well, my D-Day is approaching so I’ve got to go rest and prepare for the wonderful season ahead. Get the spirit of the season, be thankful, enjoy probably the only cold weather we will have all winter. On the other hand, we might have to take the plants and flowers in and out several times. If you love plants and flowers that’s the pain in the rear you have to pay. Thanks for your time. Let us hear from you. My time is up. Goodbye, good luck and God bless.Enter your body text here.