One of the responsibilities many of us have ignored as citizens is the questioning of our own government; we should demand to be kept informed.

Many of our congressional representatives have learned to play the political game and know how to turn the confusion to do as they wish. I’m talking about both parties. The truth is, 90 percent of both parties are giving all the others a bad name.

The biggest piece of confusion up there now is the health care mess. And now that it passed the House, it is even a worse mess.

But there is another bill that while once defeated, still remains locked away, its sponsors waiting for the right time to spring it once again on Congress. 

You’ve heard about it, the Bush-Kennedy Amnesty bill on illegal immigration.

When I mentioned it to a friend the other day, he remarked, “I thought it was shot down sometime back.”

Shot down, but not dead. Those kissy-kissy bleeding hearts who want taxpayers to support the Illegals have not gone away. They’ve simply faded into the background, like the 17-year yellow-bellied locust awaiting its time to re-emerge from underground. And the title of the bill tells you it has supporters in both parties.

America has always been more conservative than liberal. I don ‘t mean to the extremes, but rather more prudent in all things from finance to charity. We‘ll pay our bills instead of asking our children to settle them; we‘ll help those who need it but will refuse to support third and fourth generation food stamps and welfare.

That ‘s what I mean by conservative. It isn‘t a dirty word. My grandfather was a yellow dog democrat, but today, his decisions and behavior would label him conservative. He he took care of his family, paid his bills, reared his children to be God-fearing, refused any debt he couldn ‘t handle within a few years, and swore he ‘d roll over in his grave if any of his children ever took handouts from anyone, especially the government. No family around him ever went hungry for he always was there with a chicken, or a slab of pork, or a basket of green beans.

Papa Holley had no formal education, but he was not ignorant. He was wise in the way of life and living, something with which those jokers in Congress have lost touch.

That ‘s why we as citizens need to stay after them, to make sure they vote the way the majority wishes, not the way their party implores.

If this amnesty bill were ever to make it into law, you might as well prepare yourself for a tsunami of Illegals. The bill cuts out six hundred miles of fence along our southern border, and suggests no iota of security on the borders between the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.

Temporary visas will be awarded, to be renewed indefinitely! Does that sound temporary?

The bill orders courts to shut down all cases involving illegal aliens; Illegals will owe no back taxes, but they can apply for the earned income credit, the same for which hard working American citizens apply.

In addition, Illegals will be given state tuition at colleges that American students from other states can ‘t get; Illegals will cut in front of those from their own country-those who have patiently waited in line for a visa per legal guidelines; and all gang members have to do to become legal is say they want out of the gang.

Now if all of that doesn ‘t make your day, this last provision should.

The U.S. taxpayers will foot the bill for educating Mexican citizens in their own country so they will remain there.

You say, but the bill is dead. Yeah, like a sleeping vampire. Mark my words. It will rise from the grave unless we as citizens understand it is not a one party bill. From the bizarre extremes to which both parties have gravitated, I think Pogo ‘s somber remark could be paraphrased to read, “I have found the enemy, and it is Congress.”

Pay attention to your congressperson. If he doesn ‘t do as you want, vote him out.

Let ‘s take back America for Americans.