In spite of the foggy, cool, night there was a lot of hot action in the Longhorn rodeo arena Saturday night.

Rodeo Director Coleman Peveto has continued to work from the groundbreaking of the arena to make the Longhorn rodeos the best in the region. With the cooperation of owners Ray and Tina Cotton, Peveto has continued to upgrade the facility. The latest addition is the custom designed and installed sound system consisting of 14 speakers and a state of the art amplifier. No system in the area is better. A&S Music of Nederland surveyed and designed the setup. The volume was perfect and Peveto’s voice never sounded better than at the performance Saturday night.

The action started with a session of bull riding. Twelve riders were on the books to match up with 12 raunchy bulls. John Paul Reeves had a tough time with bull 437. At the opening of the gate the bull blew out hard, turned back at the gate, bucked and spun for the less than five seconds it took 437 to put Reeves on the ground.

A couple of rides later bullfighter Bubba Tacker got pinned against the fence by an angry bull that was probably mad because he was ridden by Cody Teal. As the ride ended and Teal was unhooking and dismounting, Tacker moved in to be close if Teal got into trouble. Teal got away, but the bull turned and spied Tacker going into attack mode. Tacker had a tough moment; but was able to move enough to climb the fence. Bull 625 backed off and made his way to the get-out-gate.

When the session was over the bulls had put eight riders in the dirt and four had ridden for scores.

Marcus Clowers won with 85 points, second place went to Teal with 84, Landon Cappel placed third with 83 points, and Josh Barrentine earned 80 points for the fourth slot.

Barrentine also earned a trip to the hospital. His left shoulder was dislocated at some point in his ride.

“I could have put the shoulder back in place, but Josh decided to go to the hospital and let them give him pain medication before they pop it back in place. That was a good decision,” said medic Mike Prado.

Prado serves as the medic at the bull ridings in the club and at the arena. Peveto calls Prado, “our Dr. Tandy Freeman.” Freeman is the doctor on the PBR professional bull riding tour.

Seven of the ten tie down ropers on the books made catches, but none of the times were impressive. Ron Singleton won the night with a 10.13, with the other times ranging to the slowest time at 28.41.

The calves were out of a good pen and ran straight with no surprise moves. It was just a night of slow ropers. Those nights happen.

Steer wrestling, or bulldogging with the “old timers” is always an exciting event. It is like seeing someone setting on the fender of a truck going 30 miles an hour and leaning off and grabbing a mailbox off the post.

Peveto and Cotton have put together a fine herd of steers to be used at the Longhorn rodeos. Peveto had worked the steers and “educated” them so that they know where the exit gate is for them after they make their runs. The steers run straight with no veering.

Saturday night showed how good the steers are. Seven of the 10 wrestlers either missed or could not catch the steers. There were seven no scores with three catches.

Sterling won the big bucks with a time of 5.80, followed by Lloyd Goodman with a 5.81 and Brandon Harris trailing with an 8.1.

Open breakaway was another embarrassing night for ropers. Twelve of the calves got away with no rope on the neck, with three being caught. Colby Johnson caught in a time of 3.80; Joe Lee was next with 4.20 and Caleb Coghill ending at third with a 4.44 time.

Those who caught did so with respectable times, as for the others, a little time in the practice pen would be well spent. Better luck next time.

The junior breakaway was not much better. The ropers are younger in age than the open category, being under 18 years old. They have good form for the most part, but just need a little more practice.

There were six junior ropers, but only Hunter Frisbee made a catch. Hunter had a good time for a junior, 5.20 seconds.

Kace Hatch was the fastest “can turner”, winning the open barrel category with a good time of 15.723 seconds. She was well ahead of the second fastest time of 19.768 by Jamie Richards. Linda Hammond had a time of 16.583, but turned over the second barrel for a five second penalty, ending with a time of 21.583. Shawnee Pierce had worse luck, bumping two to the ground for a ten second penalty and taking a time of 25.100.

Five young ladies entered the junior barrel category. These gals are talent to watch. Jacie Young won the night with a time of 17.570. Dallas Hammond trailed her close with a 17.665 and Emmi Lummus stopping the watch at 18.471. Kaylee Burk scored 21.205 and Sadie Statum closed the event with a 28.275. She had to eat five seconds when her horse hit a barrel and sent it to the ground costing the penalty.

The last rider of the night was Do Do Arvant riding pee wee barrels. Do Do is just starting out and had his horse balk a time or two on the turns. An application of the spurs and a tug on the reins in each case let the horse know who was boss. Do Do Arvant is a cowboy to watch, in the future, with his ability at this young age to work his horse he will only get better as time goes by.

There is a full slate of events at the Longhorn. Dec. 18 will be another session of open bull riding in the indoor arena in the club. The bull riding will start at 9:00 p.m. followed by a concert by Eddie Money. The concert will be another of the great music events brought to you by the Longhorn staff.

Saturday, Dec. 19 will be an open team roping in the outdoor covered arena. These team ropings attract upwards of 100 teams and bring some of the best ropers in the area to “twirl the twine.”

Whether your interest is in rodeo or music a great way to end the day or night is in the restaurant. Showing your armband earns a 10% discount on your meal.