Reconnecting Texans with their unclaimed property
You may own part of a $2 billion treasure trove held by the Texas Comptroller’s office. That’s the estimated value of unclaimed property–including overpayments, co-op dividents, abondoned bank accounts, royalties and the contents of safe-deposit boxes–that state law requires the Comptroller to hold for its rightful owners.

You may have unclaimed property if you ever:
• Had a bank account, safe deposit box, trust fund or escrow account.
• Received dividend, payroll or cashier’s checks.
• Made court deposits.
• Had mineral interests or royalty payments.
• Overpaid on insurance, utility or other bills.
• Received rebates on purchases, such as a cell phone or computer.
• Held stocks, bonds or mutual funds.
• Made utility deposits.

Simple Search Steps:
1. Go to and select the “Search Unclaimed Property” link.
2. Search for you name. You can narrow your search by entering a city or leave it blank to search statewide. Remember to try nicknames and maiden and married last names.
3. View the results and if any listing matches your name and address (current or past), select the listing to start a claim.
4. Enter the required information and then download the claim form or have the form mailed to you.
5. Provide the requested identification documents and mail the claim form to:

Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
Unclaimed Property Claims Section
Post Office Box 12019
Austin, Texas 78711-2019