Bridge City Middle School competed in the District 21-AAA UIL Academic and Literary Meet on Dec. 8 and Dec. 10 at Hamshire-Fannett Middle School.

The following students earned medals at the event:

Maps, Graphs, and Charts: Sixth Grade: Julia Barton, fifth. Seventh Grade: Third Place Team: Macey Arnett, Bree Newsom, and Shelby Turbeville. Eighth Grade: Colten Huebel, second; Colton Robbins, third; Cameron Hogan, sixth. First Place Team: Colten Huebel, Colton Robbins, and Cameron Hogan.

Number Sense: Sixth Grade: Steve Nguyen, sixth. Seventh Grade: Christian Seal, sixth.

Spelling: Sixth Grade: Sarah Kidder, second. Seventh Grade: Ariel Scogin, second. Eighth Grade: Brooke Bertles, fourth. Second Place Team: Brooke Bertles, Karley Worthington, and Sidney Schubarth.

Poetry: Seventh Grade: Chassadi Decker, third and Sydni Beuhler, fifth.

Calculator: Sixth Grade: Jordan Curl, first and Cody Prouse, third. First Place Team: Jordan Curl, Cody Prouse, and Seth Hartman. Eighth Grade: Kevin Nguyen, second. Second Place Team: Kevin Nguyen, Christian Wall, and Karley Worthington.

Science: Eighth Grade: Cameron Hogan, fifth.

Prose: Seventh Grade: Sydni Beuhler, second; Chassadi Decker, fifth and Shayla Bratton, sixth. Eighth Grade: Destiny Hollis, fifth and Samantha Ayre, sixth.

Coaches for the events are George Fleming, Suzanne Miller, Rene Newsom, Ashley Peltier, Beverly Raymer, Marty Taylor, and Lisa Walker.