The water came rushing
    in the middle of
        the night.
Those that stayed wanted
    to run or
        take flight.
Even though,
    there was nowhere
        to go,
The people hung on and
    waited for daylight.
With the sunrise brought
    the little town a
        horrible sight!
Water was everywhere
    it didn’t seem right!
How could this have happened?
    they couldn’t figure it out
         try as they might.
Help soon came as quick
    as it could.
The people had been waiting and
    hoping it would.
Each family has its own
    storm story to tell,
 And how this little town
    stumbled and fell.
But even though this little town
    was brought to its knees,
Don’t count them out, if you please.
For if you’re from Bridge City
    it’s understood,
We are the Little Town That Could!
        by Regina Bowers Burch

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