Area post offices get letters
From Bridge City: the best we can tell this kid’s name is Roen. His “Chrimslist” includes a gas dirtbike, an LSU picture, a paintball gun, “a pet robub, BC rob and BC blackkit.” Just in case Santa can’t fit the dirtbike under the tree, he provides a diagram.

Colt was thinking big this year and wants $10,000, but if he can’t get that he’ll settle for a Pocket Rocket. Seth invited Rudolph to his house, and Billy provided a Family Dollar circular just in case Santa needs to know where to get Hot Wheels.

It was a variety of requests, some very hard to read. But The Record staff persevered to bring them to you. Letters were provided by postal workers in Bridge City, Orange and Vidor and returned to postal officials so Santa’s Helpers may answer them.

At the Orange post office, this is the second year the decorated mailbox has not been in the drop-off area; a casualty of Hurricane Ike in 2008. Children can leave them at the counter or mail them from their homes.

Bridge City Postmaster Rose Ouzts says a special Santa mailbox is available there, but input has been light since this is only the third year the office has had the box. She hopes more will participate as word gets out. Envelopes should include return addresses, she says. Children have until Dec. 21 to drop-off letters in Bridge City. 

In Vidor, Postmaster Woodrow Reese says there is not a special mailbox, however, kids can drop-off their letters at the counter.

“They can also send them from their mailboxes,” he says.

In letters from the Orange area, our staff deserves an award for deciphering young Alyssa’s requests, which appear to be “a train sett, doll howls, barbes, bayb doll, sauft Ehlmos, Swipper Faux (Fox?) and Acrabats with magnas” (magnets?). 

Colt reminds Santa, “Tell all the raindeer they rock!” His wish list includes a “peadel car, 10,000 dollars and just a motor cart and Pocket Rocket. But on the other hand I really want a peadel car and a Pocket Rocket. PS. Tell Mrs. Claus that her cookies that she bake’s for you are good with choclate cover on it and milk!”

Seth asks, “Dear Rudolf, can you come to my house tonight? And we can eat at my house and we can play magic Rudolf games. Then you can let me fly on your back. Then you can go back to the North Pole.”

Bryce wants Godzilla vs. Megaelon, the Godzilla “Pack of Destruction” and a “molder Titanc” (model Titanic?). He also asks “how iS Rudolph?” and says, “Merry Crichmasu.”

Jared asks Santa, “How have you been. I’ve been a good boy. May I have an I touch phone, go-cart, flat screen, T.V., golf cart, legos, train track set like my friend Nick’s set.”

Zeke wants “Star Wars” popper guns and “Pickels,” a cartoon on Nickelodeon based on the popular “Rugrats” series.

Billy writes, “Dear Santa, I’ve been a good boy all year and this is my Christmas wish list.” He then pasted four coupons from Family Dollar indicating Hot Wheels’ classic playset, Radical Roadway, Turbo Talkers and Blaze Crash. On the back, a parent helped him with requests for New Land Before Time, remote control car, the old-school Play-Do and Hungry Hungry Hippos, plus “Dinosaur Things.”

In the Bridge City area, Caitlin says, “Dear Santa, I (Heart) your job. I hope you keep doing the same one. Number 1, I want a Splatster (44 dollars); 2 barbi digital nail printer. Well that’s all I’m going to put on here so lets keep talking. I helped mom and dad put up the Chrismas tree. PS I left you some cookies.”

Daniel says, “Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is Assasian’s Creed or Assasian’s Creed 2 for Playstation 3.” He adds, “PS Thank You !!”

In Vidor, Dakota wants a train and whatever these are: “a pezzle and a sote and smmites and a bog boll.”

Cheyann says, “I have tried to be good but I will straighten up. These are some things I want. Some shoes, clothes, bike, DS games and don’t tell anyone but I really want a cell phone and whatever you think I might need!”

Nathan admits that he “cussed” a few people this year and wants a Wii.

Haden wants a bike and adds, “I will live some cookies and carrots for your deer.”