New riders came to the last session of bull riding at the Longhorn Friday night and it was a whole new show.

Trey Broussard came out on a black bull that meant business and when the buzzer sounded, Broussard had set the bar for the night. The bull was a hard spinner and kept up the fast moves for the entire eight seconds. Broussard stayed in the seat, matched the bull’s moves and made an 82-point score and went home in second with $228.

Keagan Labray’s ride was over almost before it started. When the gate opened Labray was in trouble and stayed that way for a short ride. Jace Coleman made a better show than his score showed. The judges only awarded him 70 points, but Coleman made a good ride in a difficult situation. Coleman’s bull moved into the arena and then moved to his right. That move put him into the trouble spot of the arena.

The area in front of the exit gate is a tight corner. A bull that goes there puts the rider in a tough spot. The bull fills up the spot and the rider stands a good chance of being drug off by the fence that forms the triangle in that area. Coleman avoided all that could happen and hung tough as the bull moved back into open country. More experienced judges would have seen what the rider accomplished and scored the ride higher. Coleman picked up fourth on a night that only paid three places.

Nathan Dupry, one of the toughest riders ever to mount a bull, had the toughest buckoff ever seen at the Longhorn. Dupry got into trouble and slid off after about four seconds. Somehow he got in front of a mad, bad bull who hooked Dupry mid-body and tossed him about 10 feet into the air. As Dupry came down he hooked the top bar of the fence, about eight feet above the dirt. Dupry folded across the bar like a dirty shirt and hung there for two seconds or so. He unfolded and slid to the ground in the “no man’s area” between the fences. He was only slightly dazed and a little out of air. “Doc” Mike Prado checked him out and in a moment Dupry had the familiar grin on his face.

Jacob Constance’s bull bucked at the three-second mark and came so high on his hind legs that it looked for a moment that he may go over backwards. It was a rare move to see in a bull ride. The move caused Constance to just hang for a while. It was lucky he did not slide off. While impressive to see the ride was not all that great. Constance did not command the ride as much as just hang on. He went off at the buzzer. The judges gave him the ride and awarded him a very generous 83 points. That was good for first place and $380.

Time on a  ride starts as the bull’s front feet contact the ground as he exits the chute and the ride ends at eight second on the watch or whenever the rider bucks off. Possibly the judge was early on the watch. The judges this night are bull riders that have a little time on the lower PBR tours. Being a rider is not an automatic qualification for a judge. This night the judges were not furnishing the scores to the announcer and secretary in a timely manner and seemed to be getting together after the show to confer about the points system.

The most honest score of the night seemed to go to Josh Barrentine. Barrentine had a good ride on a hard turning black bull that went into a series of spins in the arena. Barrentine stayed in the seat, matched the bull move for move and when the buzzer sounded was scored 75 points for third and $152. The remaining riders had trouble and each bucked off between four/six seconds into their rides.

Newcomer Pepe Herra made the trip from Houston to make his first appearance at the Longhorn. Herra is a good rider that gave a good account of himself, until one of the things happen that happen. Late into his ride, he lost his seat and then his grip. As he went to the ground the bull moved slightly. Herra was then in the bull’s gun sight. As Herra was trying to get to his feet the bull hooked him, rolled him, stepped on him, and then stomped him. Herra was dazed on the ground as the bull moved off and out of the arena. Prado was there in a flash and checked Herra out. After a few moments all was well and Herra got to his feet and was able to leave not too much worse for the experience.

Rodeo action at the Longhorn is off for the holidays. The bulls will be back on Jan. 15 and a full rodeo in the outdoor pen will be Jan. 30.